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Who is to blame – Junior or senior?

Today’s world and its scenario can be judged differently. The changing phenomenon of the world has been going on in the rapidity of different moments and so it has been happening as accordingly in music field also. So, our Nepali music has also been pacing its impetus within the changed atmosphere. Now in our Nepali music field, we can also see the different patterns in songs and musical beats. And in the mean time the new generation has come to make a payment in music field and it is apparent that the future of our music and its recognition will depend upon the tenderfoots and their hardworking in music.

In reference to it, our culture, civilization has been going onward in the pace of electronic development of the world. Our Nepali music should be introduced in the premises of world in different patterns and it has to be changed and updated in the inclination of changing world’s demand and its momentum. And in today’s ultra-modernized age, the younger generations have to appreciate their elders’ heart-touching songs through their thorough listening and contemplation. Now, here it is a scenario as if the younger generation has been forgetting the elders and their creations. And it is a recent need that there should be a musical environment within the elders and the youngers so that they can make their creation hand in hand. Through such initiations, on one hand the juniors can get the opportunity for having the musical experiences of the elders and on other hand the elders can get the opportunity to know the present demand of the songs with its finesse and electronic advancements. There is a vast different in between of today’s songs and the past songs and understanding this phenomena, neither we accuse the juniors nor we applaud the seniors. So, that is what the reason behind that we- juniors and the seniors should create a musical environment and by creating such environment we will be able to understand the experiences of past and we can use such experiences in contemporary needs and it is obvious that the musical environment will be there forever and ever.

In the musical surge, now the Nepali music milieu is far from the elders and the seniors’ musical creations and vocal contributions. Now, the situation is even more mocking that there is not worth mentioning representation of the seniors’ songs and musical creation in the electronic media. The seniors are far from creating their own creations also and here a question comes whether it is due to their own busy schedule or they have been trying to go away from their own music surroundings or it is due to the feelings that they have been secluded from today’s musical market and the demands. It is even more ironic that the today’s new generations even don’t know the name of senior singers and the musicians. And it is obvious that they don’t listen up the songs either because of their unknown recognition. On such muzzy situation, what is the opinion of the senior singers and the musicians and even the senior music lovers? Who bear responsiveness for creating such situation- today’s generations, junior music artists, or the senior music artists?

Worth-hearing songs are always hit and there is no doubt about it but such old songs have only been limited within the old arrangements, old recording styles and even been limited on cassettes and that could be the reason behind that such old songs are not in the retrospect of new generations. Today’s generations need today’s mode and is obvious that if one does not get the chance to amend on his own mode then we could not expect him to be accustomed beyond his mode. So, in today’s modern age the old songs should be arranged in new arrangements and new recordings so that the new generations could get the chance to listen up the old songs in new phenomena and such phenomena would definitely generate the generations’ understanding to the old songs and they can learn something from such old conceptions. In the real sense, the new generations would be able to get the core part of the songs and they would be acquainted with such songs feelings and in due course they would get their copy of such reloaded old songs. If that will happen in reality then our senior music artists would hit the market forever and ever and they will definitely be the choice of our younger generations.

Similarly, the consistency and continuity play a vital role in the popularity of each and every artist. In our perspective, most of the senior music artists do not bother to continue their doings. Their music creations come in a long gap and such gap creates their own backwardness. The audiences might forget the artists because everybody knows time does not wait for anyone. On one part, the audiences become tired off waiting for the album and on other part, the new talents even don’t contribute to the old songs and ultimately the old singers/artists become isolated from the premises of audience and they would become limited on their names only. So, the artists should hub their creations on their regularity and consistency. And the senior artists must understand that the creations should not come as their preferred time but their creations should come in a continuous basis. Otherwise, in today’s ultra-modernized age the senior music artists’ songs and music would be secluded and they would even be ostracized by the audience. And on such case, there would be the supremacy of junior music artists (singers, musicians) and at that time the seniors could not point the finger at the junior music artists and if they accuse then it is their thoughtlessness.

Lastly, our main concern is for having a musical environment forever and ever. For that, the seniors and the juniors should come under the same umbrella and they should create their creations as accordingly the choices of audiences and they should focus on their consistency and continuity. Then only we can generate our own musical environment and in the world music too we would be able to show our talents through our own approach.

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