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Who are you?

I was busy working with my stuffs in the morning and heard knocking on the door.

knock!!! knock!!! knock!!!

With some hesitation, I reached to the door to see an old fellow. He asked me “Who are you?”. I was almost puzzled.  “You are coming to my residence and yourself asking who are you?”, I replied. He was neither moving nor taking his question back. He was repeatedly asking the same question. With much reluctant, I replied “I am …. at … company”. He smiled and questioned again ” Who are you?”. This time, I was really fed up and shut the door. He did not move and was continuously knocking at the door.

After a long pause, I calmed down myself and opened the door again. This time he explained ” You said what you do these days as your major profession. But, you did not answer my question. Who are you really?”. I thought I understood what he was asking and detailed out ” My name is …., the son of … from … and currently working as … at … company. Are you satisfied?”. He smiled but did not accept my answer. He remained at the door waiting for my next answer. I could not answer any more and shut the door.

After a while I went to the door to see whether he was there or not. He was still there. He explained “You just added your name and name of some of your relatives to your profession. Is that you?.” I screamed  “Oh my god!!! What a puzzle. I could not answer. I give up, you answer me who I am.”  He calmly staid there for a minute or so and went away saying ” Find out who you are. Is your career really you or your links with the relatives or with your name is you or you have something different to say who you are….”.

I could not really answer the question and even do not like to answer this psycho. Will you try?

15 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. simple question, thought the answer could also be simple in the beginning but it reached to a different level when I finished reading (user)Happiness’s comment above.
    Ten years ago, I was a kid who loved to watch movies, listen to radio and play all day with my friends. Today I am a different person because I have grown from what I used to be. Everyday I learn something and everyday I work on being a better person. So my identity to me is changing everyday.
    An old lady is struggling to survive in a small bed of hospital. She has nobody that would come visit her and show some love. I went in there one evening. I asked if she needs anything. She said she hasn’t eaten for four days. I went to a grocery store and brought her some fruits. Her bed was too small and uncomfortable. I called the ward in-charge and requested a new comfortable bed for her. It’s been three weeks now that I go visit her every single evening, no matter how tired I am from my all day long work. She is feeling much better now and will be released from hospital tomorrow to join a small care center, next block to me. If you go ask her “who I am” she will tell you that I am a ‘god’.
    You are defined by your work! NOT the work that you do to get paid or get something in return or just as a hubby!! as a HUMAN!!!

    ___ bipin.tripathi@gmail.com

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  3. I am a child of life. I am where I need to be and I am doing what I need to be doing. I’m am creative and analytical. Sunshine gives me joy. What a hard question. thanks for asking it.

  4. Good Lekhnath!!!..
    Had heard a similar story in childhood…
    Where is myself in body.. is this hand me??…. definitely not…
    Are these legs me??… obviously not…
    Is this Head me..?? no not ……..
    Is this body me….ooh no………….
    then where is me out of these body parts……….
    Definitely we don’t know who we are and where we are…………..else will be Bhudha…:)………
    Keep finding …(y)……..

  5. Some of the habits I’ve observed, in networking situations and in public as well, include staying with the small group of people that you know (comfort zone issues), not even going to an event because just the thought of it is ‘too much to handle’, lack of eye contact, standing with arms crossed (not very welcoming!), etc.

  6. That’s a very vague question. After so many iterations, you must have understood he was just trying to fool you up, was it April 1?

    However, the fact is, in this world, a person cannot be defined by what he does or where he belong. S/He have different aspects of life and different dimension to define it, and I guess each one of your answer were correct. Most of the time, people think that the right answer is the one which comes from your heart or which defines you as a whole. But believe me, it’s not worth finding about “who are you?” rather it might be more useful to find out, what are you abilities, what you can do…

  7. @Bishal This is not a simple question directly answerable. When you think, you will not be able to answer then…
    @Happiness Equation, yes of course. In this question if we say something that will create argument then we have not answered correctly. So, question to your own answer too. If it is questionable to yourself your answer needs to be refined.
    @Rudra Thanks for your appreciation. I will try your suggestion and hope others will do too. I Hope you already have the answer to this question and is not questionable to yourself.

  8. Who am I?
    I’m Spiderman.. Great Power comes with Great Responsibility.
    I’m Superman.. Up up and Awayyyyyyyy
    I’m Batman.. Tana na nana tananana Batman…

  9. Great piece, Lekhnath. We all should ask this question to ourselves. We usually have no answer. But, we should keep on working until we can define ourselves. Some of us may not ever be able to answer the very question. Let us have a session next time I am at Kathmandu. By the time, you better know who you are!

  10. Anonymous, The person asked you a very good and genuine question, but, instead of knowing your self identity, you called him psycho. Every body is Bourne’s Identity. If you say you are evil, he may say you are devil, if you say you are animal he may say you a human, if you say yourself a God , he may ask you to prove it. So, You did not know your Identity, thus You are anonymous.

  11. The behavior the unknown man showed was really abstruse, but the small cameo of the old man really punches some of the questions in my senses ? I haven’t really faced such a condition before and surely wont react differently than what you actually did ! surely for now I am puzzled what should i answer at conditions as such when someone asks Who am i ?

    Got a question for you though , Have you really thought about the answer to the old mans question thenafter or did you let it go thinking that his question was just an outcome of pshyco behavior he showed to you ?

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