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Who are true leaders?

This is a billion dollar question with no straight forward answer. If it had a straight forward answer, the world today would be a much better, safer, and desirable place. The answer is ambiguous and we get different answers from different people. Internally, every individual thinks he/she is a leader or at least has the capacity to be a leader if given a chance. Everyone has the desire to lead at some point in life. Some give up, while others continue to pursue till the last minute. If the answer to the question was clear, many would probably never try to be a leader following their self-assessment. I would like to try to search for an answer to this question. The answer is again my version – I am sure many of you may disagree with it or may appreciate it. There is no single quality that makes someone a leader. That would be like trying to simplify the answer by saying “someone with leadership quality is a leader.”

I believe the following attributes are essential in a good leader:

1. Decision Making

Making decision requires the guts and readiness to bear with failures. Many people stay with the status quo worrying about the consequences the changes they introduce can bring. Those people never learn and never grow. Leaders who make decisions (and all decision cannot always be good) make the environment around them vibrant and active. Lack of decision making brings passiveness and makes working place unattractive and unexciting. Decision makers will have the opportunity to learn from bad decisions and excel from good ones. Such leaders are considered as strong leaders and they will have many supporters when they need them. Leaders have to be ready for the consequence that one bad decision might sink their company / institution / nation or they might even be fired. Therefore, enough home work and thorough thinking is mandated prior to making any decision.

2. Not giving up

For many people, the easiest thing is to give up. Perseverance is a common trait among people we meet everyday. Many of us simply give up and get to doing new things. That’s why only a few of us get to the top and get to lead others. When we try new stuff, we first meet resistance against it from our near and dear ones. Our spouses will be against us when we try new things and will ask us to give up if something seems to be not working to them. Not to quit is very difficult. True leaders want to get to the bottom of something they have started before giving up. Getting to the bottom and all the way to the end makes us smarter and seasoned for future undertakings. People like leaders who believe in something they (leaders) have started and do not show frequent on and off mentality. In brief, determination and not giving up makes someone a strong leader.

3. Fairness

A leader runs a business or a nation. In other words, he/she needs to be fair – being kind is easy but being fair is difficult. True leaders can’t promise everything to everyone. Reward has to be based on performance and output. Otherwise, there is no difference between a Mao and a truly capitalist leader who cares for outputs and results. A fair leader is not one who treats everyone equally but rather who treats all fairly. Free riders must be warned and even punished if they fail to comply.

4. Politeness

Wow, I love this one. This is a teaching from my grandfather – the most beautiful thing is to be polite to all. Politeness always wins. This is the most powerful tool of a leader. A polite person is appreciated by everyone. It is so easy to be polite. Still, many of us do not pay attention to it. I want all who read this blog to try to be polite. Many leaders turn arrogant and dismissive and forget their very roots. They may win – but such victories will be temporary. If we as a leader want to have a long lasting positive impact, we must be polite. I always remember a saying from my grandfather that “a hundred years from this moment, everyone in this earth with will be dead, why don’t we try to be polite?” A good leader has to make a lot of harsh decisions. They can do so being polite and humble. Impolite and rude people can’t be a successful leader.

4. Flexibility vs. Rigidity

There needs to be a balance between flexibility and rigidity. A leader needs to be able to exhibit flexibility and show rigidity based on circumstances and needs. Too flexible leaders may be perceived as weak and too rigid leaders may be perceived as autocratic and not being down to earth. As perception is reality, leaders must learn to create a balance between flexibility and rigidity. This is a very delicate balance. I remember my mother here. I appreciate how beautifully she played a balanced role when I was kid. She had no formal education, but she knew how to be balanced. I learned from her that letting others feel that they are winning is the most powerful thing. This is the desired balance between flexibility and rigidity. I apply this even with my four old daughter Mahika and it works. I make her feel that she wins every time she has an argument or discussion. Only people who know how to create a balance between rigidity and flexibility can do this. I am not perfect in this either. I have seen people way better than me on this. Please try – we all can do this.

5. Listening to others

A person who dismisses others and does not listen can’t be a successful leader. The ability to listen to others criticizing you is very powerful. Also, the ability to take appreciation gracefully is required too. Many people feel shy and can’t maintain eye contact when they are appreciated and praised. A good leader can say “thank you, I am honored” for deserving appreciation and can deny undeserving praise by saying “thank you, but I do not deserve that.” Those who do not listen to others can hardly get better. Listening makes one wiser and helps one rid of arrogance if one has any. It is difficult for arrogant people to listen to others. I want you all try to listen to others. It is a very difficult job. Let others open up which we can make only by listening to them. We all appreciate when we are heard with interest. True leaders must have ability to listen no matter how junk it may be.

6. Respect and care

More satisfying than getting respect is giving others the respect they deserve. Those who do not respect others cannot be trusted to lead. Leaders need to feel others’ pain and have willingness to respect and care for others. True leaders do not expect respect; they rather give respect and care to others. I would like to quote a personal story here. After my high school graduation, a close family friend of mine (then police inspector and current Assistant Inspector General), Amar Singh Shah offered me an opportunity to tutor the son of the then home minister, Nain Bahadur Swanr. Amar took me to the minister’s home. We reached there and waited in the corridor for a while. The minister came our. Amar introduced me as a sharp student capable of tutoring his son. The minister looked at me up and down. I obviously look young, thin and poor. He dismissed me and Amar. His remark was “my son will never listen to this village boy (pakhe).” That was one of the days that I was humiliated the most. That minister had no respect for others. I would be interested to know about what Nain Bahadur and his son are doing now. God bless Nepal that we were being led by such leaders and we are still.

7. Taking Responsibility and Giving Credit

Very few people can openly accept their mistakes and say “I screwed up.” Those of us who can say “I screwed up” will always gain respect and further empower ourselves and be ready for more challenges. Only those who have the courage to accept mistakes and defeats can take challenges. It is by accepting defeats and mistakes that we become more mature. True leaders always try to find someone else to give credit to when successes happen. Bad leaders take all the credit and never mention others who contributed to the success. Good leaders look into the mirror and take responsibility when there are failures. Bad leaders look out to the window and try to find somebody else to blame in case of failures. In case of success, good leaders look to the past and try to find the person to give credit to. Good leaders never try to take credit when there is success.

8. Sense of Humor

Those who can’t laugh and who can’t make others laugh will have difficulty leading. People with a sense of humor can ease difficult situations. Life is too short. I remember my mother saying to me “do not take it to seriously, have some fun. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Your father died when he was 35.” I try to be funny every minute. I suggest those of who want to lead to cultivate a sense of humor. People love those who can make them laugh and help them forget day-to-day phenomenon – which is bread and butter for most of us.

9. Mixing up and Extrovert
Good leaders can mix up with all kinds of people and can be among themselves. You cannot lead unless you are open and make others feel that you are one of them. No human being wants to be led by an animal. Those who stay aloof and treat themselves as if they are from a different class should not even dream of being a leader.

10. Thank you
This is the last but the most powerful of all. True leaders must thank all involved every day and every minute. Please remember that you are a leader because of others – not because of what you are. Alone you are nothing – I mean – nothing at all. A leader is a leader because of others. A leader must be thankful to those who make them leader. Gratitude is the most essential quality of a good leader.

This is my very rudimentary thinking. You all know that I am not yet a true leader. I make mistakes everyday. I am a follower. I love to get feedback from my fellow bloggers. I appreciate your feedback. I want to learn from you all.

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  1. According to me, The above 10 points are just symptoms of leadership. But, the most important thing to be leader is be leader of oneself i.e. able to control oneself. The one who can control ones own emotion, behaviour will always smile, be happy n make others happy n lead other people

  2. We need new leadership like rudra pandey, rajendra khetan leading new nepal from business sector whereas we need ne leadership of Gagan thapa(looked Kantipur television interview fireside with bhushan dahal?) perfect. Yogesh Bhattari of other and Ram Kumari jhakri too not bad.
    Ramesh cannot be a leader as he follows others.
    Barac Obama did not become US president by reading books or following others. George Bush the same. By wearing shoes of others you cannot reach the top.
    follow your own unique model ideas.
    Rudra Pandey has shown best leadership qualities in management and he can do the same in nepal like Rajendra Khetan.
    Well studied , well cultured duo.

  3. Nepal is going to have naother civil war soon because of that so-called-useless leader who cannot enforce stopping unruly activities, looting, dacoits, murders, criminal activity increase, financial downturn everywhere, expenses on top, corrupion at large increment, neapl going to be doomed very soon.

  4. Rudra Pandey – you lie to Bibash. I know you do.

    MERI BHAINS KO DANDA KYON MARA…….. (Why did you bit my buffalo?)


  5. Anyways I am not the man to be discussed and even I am not very recognised face but in my friends only.And plz reconsider reading my previous post again.It seems to be either I’d written it confusingly or you misinterpretted that MKN is according to above post is not example of ideal leader but he is example of just the reverse.

    Anyways, Your name is (I am not sure if you are the same) very recognised in nepalese literature world.

  6. Bibash – whoever and whereever you are. I do not try to consider myself even close to a true leader. I do not have so many qualities. I am not near to that. I just wrote what I thought. I am not lecturing anyone. I am sorry that you took it that way. It would be better if you would come forward and write a bit about your great persoanlity. I sort of can figure it out as you consider Madhav K Nepal as your ideal leader.

    Thanks for the comments.


  7. Really ,the feelings that are growing upon you are admirable and can be expected something good from you.But the main problem arises in the cases like this only becouse lecturing has been the trend of bad leaders , i take Madhab k.Nepal as the most prominant example in context of nepal.

  8. Unifem2 great!, I admire your well thought comments to Nileshji especially on Hitler. I liked your sentence “a great (or good leader) transcends time rather than being trapped by it”.

    Until I became familiar with the Second World War in great details, I also used to regard Hitler as a Hero. Unfortunately this image is pretty prevalent in Nepal. I keep on hearing this concept from many people.

    Nevertheless, I would like to point out that Hitler in his initial phase didn’t use state power, because he didn’t have one. Instead, in my view, he used leadership quality. Even during the war with Soviet Union he inspired his solders by saying that they are going to liberate Russians from Communism. It was very pesuasive.

  9. Leaders. We have many kind of leaders. Saddam, Hitler, Mao, Khomeini. And there are Leaders like Kennedy, Neru, and Churchill. All of them changed the history. There are people out there who believe Bin Laden is their true leader. During WWII, most of German believed true leader Hilter lead them to victory. So true political leader meaning is relative. But my all time favorite is Kennedy.

    Business leader are different. All of them share same characteristics: dream, vision, ‘readiness to bear with failures’, ‘not giving up’. But vision and ‘readiness to bear with failures’ are must characteristics for any true business leaders.

  10. Judges!Look at Dovan writing that “Pawan you are an idiot” in her own article and judge if it was not personal. Dovan is proving that she has political leadership skills and not the corporate skills. You should join some Fronts in your place. Shame on you Dovan: you scolded so personally to pawan in your own title and say you have humane ethics? You say”If even accidentally, u make an inappropriate or ambiguous remark, u are faced with the hurling stones.” and claim that you have corporate ethics? You may not have read the new legislations that is passed in favor of an employee and an office. I guess that you should start working somewhere as you should not be working now apparent from your rude remarks, show leadership skills instead of wasting your time in writing/ commenting on this blog site by destroying its harmony with your utterly fanatic ideas that scolds true leadership.

  11. unifem2, let me defend myself.

    Deep down , like most of u I prefer to be untamed.

    But I know the constraints. As long as I am paid for my job, As long as my company provides me the financial security, as long as I enjoy the credibility I get from my post, as long as I get chance to grow my tiny inexperienced wings in the magnificence of a leading company , I present my full faithfulness and obedience to the company and authority.

    We are living in an interdependent world. As long as I feed on somebody’s hard-earned biscuits , I am ready to wag . But of course, company interest is more important than personal ego. : )

    But case with politicians is different. We create them. For us.

    I very confidently declare that I do have human ethics and corporate ethics.

    p.s. is it your writer’s ethics to make irrelevant personal attacks.

  12. Dovan has never known any corporate culture, it looks. If she is working somewhere, she must have broken a lot of rules and discipline of her job, it looks. i do not know you are male of fem,or any other. I being a female feel that I do not wag my tail before my boss just to save my back. I would turn my back away as there are many other chairs to hold my back than to misjudge and misinterpret leadership skills anywhere either political or private. i read your new comment in other article where you have quoted “idiot” to the person who spoke for women like me. You have no human ethics. You just want to show you are great by copying novel vocabs and show hatred when others do not agree to you. You want to become autocrat.

  13. I enjoyed reading the thought provoking comment by Nilesh Shrestha .

    But I felt the need to make my points clear.

    About Hitler, george bush and prachanda, I never said that they are small leaders.
    They are big leaders and very influential. But I had just expressed my preference that I do not respect them.

    Corporate and political leadership may be same in many respects but they differ in some fundamental aspects.
    I agree with unifem that one is meant to be democratic while other is always autocratic.
    A company is established by someone with his/her interest and dreams whereas political leaders must realize dreams and carry the mandate of people.
    ‘उत्तरदायित्व’ अनि ‘जवाफदेहिता’ : these things make all this leadership scenario different.

    A corporate leader is the master. He establishes company, hires employees and pays them. The subordinates are meant to be faithful.They should respect every decision from their boss, should laugh at his/her every joke and should follow every command. He / she is at the mercy of his/her employer. The corporate leader like any autocratic leader has an extra weapon of ‘fear’.

    Whereas, a political leader is the slave of the people.

    Political leadership is not as easy as walking majestically amongst the wagging subordinates.
    If even accidentally, u make an inappropriate or ambiguous remark, u are faced with the hurling stones.

  14. nileshji, first of all i am once again not going to use my real name. and i think that doesnt make any difference to what i say. if anything, having my name might, as we have seen name-calling and personal quarrels come up many times (i wouldn’t want to jeopardize my carrer by offending someone of your post now, would i?).

    but what i found really disturbing is your terming hitler a good leader. a good leader is not someone who can convince everyone. on the contrary, a good leader may have few followers. besides, hitler did not ‘convince’ the german people, nor did g w bush. they fed fear, they used the state mechanism to make docile compliers of german (and american) citizens. a good leader does not need to exploit fear (for example, if you don’t do this right, you will be fired). but they inspire. gandhi, mandela, king jr., these were good leaders. they inspired people.

    second, for a conservative, i am surprised by your relativistic thoughts. no, if hitler would have ruled the world, i wouldn’t have called him great, just as when gyanendra was ruling i didn’t support him either. there are morals, ethics, rights and wrongs. even if people believed the earth was flat centuries ago, it REALLY was round, whatever the beliefs of the time. a great (or good leader) transcends time rather than being trapped by it.

    and lastly, corporate leadership and political leadership are different. one requires ethics, the other the lack thereof. one is democratic, the other autocratic. (i will leave it up to you to figure out which is what).

  15. Dear lpk, as Rudra has pointed out I admire your enthusiasm. My comments are as follows:

    First, to read a book doesn’t necessarily mean to follow the book. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that apart from fictional book, most of the authentic non-fictional books require lots of research. Before writing the books I mentioned, the author along with his team conducted an extensive research for a long period. In my view, in order to write very good non-fictional books, first one needs to find suitable topics (something to say), perform extensive research, and then present the conclusion. The first thing the research should find out is what other people have already written regarding the subject. So, reading others book and article is one of the task you cannot avoaid.

    It might become clearer if we take any sport as an example. Even if I have an intense desire to win Olympic, at this stage it is impossible. World out there is way ahead than us. Therefore, first we have to learn from others. We have to swallow our false ego and pride. If you look around (plastic,radio, TV, building, bridge, computer, car, roads, you name it) most of the thing you touch (man made) are the product of western inventors, scientists and business men. As a society what is our portion of contribution: almost zero. In my view, if we want to make progress, we should be thankful to these people, and read what they have already found out. Luckily, unlike our ancestors (except for a few), these people from generations have codified their knowledge in the form of books and article.

  16. Dovan, who leads is a leader. Leadership is the quality a leader has and Rudra tried to list them up and up to this age this seems realistic for us. Very simple!! Hitler is a great leader. He convinced or forced to convince the whole Germany in believing that the German race is the supreme race. I would like to point out that, only after convincing a group of people, you will be in a position to force others to get convinced. Now, you will ask me a question. How can you force someone to get convinced? Actually you can. Those who didn’t believe in Hitler initially later started believing in him, when they gained the hi-fi life. Prachanda is a great leader. He convinced or forced to convince sizable and diverse group of Nepalese in social, economic, sexual and religious liberation. George Bush is a great leader that is why he won the election twice. All American cannot be wrong to choose him again and again. All of them had vision or have vision and all of them are ready to sacrifice themselves and one actually already did in Berlin.

    Now you will say to me that all of them eventually failed. The success and failure are relative terms. And the relativity is not between success and failure but with time. Things that we perceive today as correct might be incorrect tomorrow and incorrect today as correct tomorrow. Had Hitler occupied the whole world and his very race had been ruling the universe, then you wouldn’t have born to point out that he is wrong. Tomorrow (this tomorrow might be a long one, but there is possibility) there might be the same race ruling this planet and hailing the Hitler. Forget about other two, they are still alive and we are still alive to witness.

    Corporate leadership is no different than politics, and I totally agree with you that leadership skill depends on time, place and need. It is a good idea to list out leadership skills as we all need directions. Many years ago, the Earth was taught as a flat object. It was good at that time because people needed to know the shape on which they are. It made them believe that all the events around that time are simply because the Earth was flat. They could walk for ages and the land was still straight. They could be as right at that time as we are now in believing the leadership. Leadership is a vague subject as you have said and defining a vague subject is just like defining God.

  17. Hey Ramesh – I read the book “good to great” twice and I still stick to my arguments. A leader with so many qualities that I have listed above cannot be thought of having no vision. Very rear! And I believe in exception. I do not discount “vision”. Next time I write, I will make vision #1. Thank you all for comments. I am learning everyday and I respect input from you all.

    I like LPK’s hot blood too. He seems to be young energetic fellow. LPK will win.


  18. Ramesh, why we read books written by others?Can’t we create our own books? Can’t we be better off and be in position to lead than Jim Collins and blah blah…? Nepalese always lagged because we always followed others: India China, Politicians, Authors.. not having own in any thing..always begging others for ideas, not being creative.

  19. Rudra, my ‘instinct’ used to say the same thing regarding ‘vision’. However, the book “Built to Last” by Jim Collins has changed my views. If you have not read I urge you to read. ‘Good to Great’ by the same author is also a must read book. “Amar” in another blog also has referred to these books.

  20. Your style of pouring thoughts is really great. I really appreciate your life experiences and even appreciate your remembrances of past with live feelings.

  21. I agree with you on these to the fullest. A leader should obtain qualities that show others that following them is a great idea.
    “In a World of Followers Dare to be a Leader”

    ♥The Hobo♥

  22. Leaders are people that never think of the outcome of their deeds. However, one can have all the points of a leader as mentioned, but, is NO leader without followers… so a leader should be able to LEAD… Lead to fulfill the vision – either in the corporation or in a Nation… lead to success…

  23. Thank you all for comments. I, on purpose, excluded the “vision” because this is over-used and kind of soft. You can’t have top 10 qualities that I have outlined and not have the vision.


  24. I recieved this from my teacher/Friend regarding quality attributes:

    “People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;
    Forgive them anyway.

    If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
    Be kind anyway.

    If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
    Succeed anyway.

    If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
    Be honest and frank anyway.

    What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
    Build anyway.

    If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
    Be happy anyway.

    The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
    Do good anyway.

    Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;
    Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.

    You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God;
    It never was between you and them anyway.”

    – Mother Teresa

    Prem P Guragain
    (866)453-7128 Toll Free

  25. Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther and Ho chi Minh are my favorite leaders.
    They have a vision, a dream for which they were ready to sacrifice themselves.
    Unlike Hitler, George Bush and Prachanda’s face that reflect arrogance, I see humility in their face.
    I will never follow anybody who put themselves above their dreams and mission.
    I think it is the idea not the people that should lead.

    Leadership is a vague concept and leadership skill depends upon time , place and demand.
    But I guess this article is focused on corporate leadership or rather say management.
    (people have forgotten to lead their lives between the hectic rush for management)

    I agree with most of the points and esp like the personal references that writer has shared.

    But for me, besides aptitudes and skill, the most imp qualities for a leader are vision, faith, risk taking spirit,, genuineness and concern and respect for others.
    His/her every action of politeness should be genuine. If one is truly respectful from inside,
    one neednot put extra effort to say thank you.
    It will be just natural ;
    But if somebody says good morning and thank you just to practice his/her leadership skill, he/she will be nothing more than a wannabe-manipulative-manager.

  26. It is a very good article on leadership; however, as pointed earlier the most important attributes that a true leader should exhibit is the VISION, which the leader should transformed into a SHARED VISION. A leader then should be able to communicate and to keep this shared vision alive by ‘not giving up’.
    In my opinion, many people had/have possess these qualities, but whether they had a vision to build or destroy that is a different story.

    And, Rudra knowing you personally-you are being very modest- I don’t want to put you under the category of a follower.

  27. Hi Yestai Ho,

    Do you really have to Gautam Buddha to say thank you? Well, If so, then everyone I know happens to be Gautam Buddha. In my opinion, these are qualitie a leader should have, but may not have. I do see your point, though.


  28. Leadership started from the moment a living being was created in deep lagoon of the ocean. The First Leader among the Water-beings came out of the water to the Land. Among living things on Land, the First leader learned to move from one place to another.Another leader searched for a place to stay everyday,say, a nest.The other one looked for a friend. As time passed by, many Animal leaders emerged: staying in groups, leading the groups, protecting the groups, helping the groups for shelter and food, and tranfering the group from unsafe areas to the safe areas where risk of getting trouble is lesser. Later on, Humans emerged and there is story of ADAM and EVE to verify that they were first leaders symbolically who attempted newer risks.Gautam buddha, Gandhi, Nehru,Prithivi Narayan Shah,Columbus, Aristotle, Newton, Einstein,Laxmi Devkota, King Tribhuwan, BP Koirala, Prachanda, King Gyanendra, GP Koirala, Baburam, Badal, Clinton,George Bush, Bin Laden, Aishworya Rai, Amitabh bacchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Maddona, Maradona, PELE, The LAKHAN THAPA and Four Sahihds during Nepal’s rana regime, Kalu Pandey, Bhimsen Thapa, AmarShingh Thapa, Lekhnath Paoudel, Gagan thapa, Mao Tse Tung, perverej Musharaf,… can be named a few leaders because they took some kind of RISK during some time which normal people could not. Similarly, we know: Turing, Charles Babbage, Marie/piere Curie, Lady ADA Lovelace, Dijkstra, Taylor, Nagle…were great leaders. Likewise, Shakespeare, Russoe, Karl marx, Shelly, Alexendar Fleming, Winston Churchill,Hitler,HOover, Roosevelt, Abraham lincoln, JF Kennedy were all great for their time and societies.

    Among The leaders listed here, some were/are too good, and some were/are too bad. Still, the basic qualities referred by The Writer still existed with them inside. We know Darwin’s Natural Selection phenomenon.Only best live and let others live. To become best we need some good natural qualities to succeed. There is only a single place for the best and a single living being can emerge as a winner, the Leader.
    Nepal has never seen, felt, and reckoned a single true leader till now, shameless to say.So, our future is totally uncertain, formidable, and we are downgrading instead of uplifiting.
    The time has come that we try to possess good qualities as the writer has expressed, so we can change the fate and future of Nepal and we Nepalese.

    GOD!!! please fill all possible good qualities within the Nepalese people, schools, universities, and society, so We can see some true leader one day who can sacrifice to the ultimate level, and take the impossible risk: Being a real Nepali leader…..

    The narration by the Writer about the Minister is just an example of rudiment Nepali Leadership Thinking that still has the OLD,uneducated,uncivilized, and autocratic animalism that has been ruling Nepalese for centuries. It hurts me when I read those remarks from then Minister, who is so harsh and inhumane. May God never create such minister, Prime minister, king, or president, in any country of the universe.

  29. Article — Who are true leaders? — by Mr. Rudra Pandey is worth reading. This article has indicated the basic qualities a leader (I would say) Statesman should possess. Mr. Pandey may have missed some points there, which is natural, everybody missess something somewhere. Nobody is perfect. At least a good vision has been presented in the form of an article. Thanks Mr. Pandey, please keep it up.

  30. In Nepal, the only person that comes to my mind is Gagan Thapa. He mixes in with the people as no leader I have seen. But then he is a little bit fiery. But perhaps in Nepal, we need fiery leaders.

    Internationally thinking, with the US elections coming, Barack Obama come to mind. And as far as i know, he seems to have all these ‘human’ qualities in him. Watch out for him in the next presidential elections.

  31. I think you have highlighted the personal qualities of a leader. In my view, VISION is the foremost quality of a leader. He should be visionary, knowledgeable and daring. We don’t need to quote examples from countries from west, let’s just ponder over Nehru’s vision to build IITs in India and see what has resulted so far.

  32. Well, its still confusing. You are looking for a Gautam Budhha or a leader? I have not seen anyone with so many virtues. To me it seems almost impossible. I would like other bloggers to comment too.

    Yestai Ho

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