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When snow falls on the mountain.

Every night the mountain thinks snow is mine, it will remain with me forever. But those bunds do not last long. As soon as the first ray sun falls, snow melts. And it starts new journey making towards a complete new world.
That is the snow and mountain…. One is steady and one is moving. Although they have spent some time together thinking they will remain together forever but that is not going to happen. No bound in this world can hold them together….. If snow or mountains try to break this …

……rule….only disaster gets invited… To be together mountain has to flow inch by inch and mix up with snow to so that they will stay together….

If we consider mountain and snow as two human beings, we can say that neither of them can be together if there would be difference in attitude, their approach towards life and lacking some thing called trust. That has happened in most of the love story if the two ends behave as mountain and snow whatever the two fellows would think and plan are bound to break.

Some people think they can over come this basic law of nature. Whatever the difference might be between them they are going to fill it up by something called “true love”. Some people are even more smarter who would just try to fool his partner by hiding up emotions inside them , not showing there real face or just crying in front of him/her to build some trust. But these dudes don’t know we all have limited supply of tears which is ultimately going to end. How can we hide our every emotion inside ourselves every time. Even if we succeed in doing that, and our conscious brain would not allow us to do it , but some where inside our brain sub-consciously searching for things that are missing out and ultimately things ends up saying “Perhaps it was right to dissemble our love, But why did you kick me downstairs? “

The search for the fittest match is never ending. Not only in case of life but every where things get old and people try to change. A relational stability can only be achieved if both of the partners have almost same thoughts and feelings towards life. Just hiding up the things will never help in making a true relationship.
For me we can have good relations if we trust each others above all. Involving third person’s thoughts can only work as ingredients but never complete the relationship or make it a perfect match. And yes, if the relationship would not match then it would be like one is as melting as snow and other is as rigid as mountain …….. ………… nothing much to say. According to my friends “We must be open to accept new relationships, something called making “X”, as variable if we are not happy with the present relationship, others wise relationship could end with the first ray of light.

6 thoughts on “When snow falls on the mountain.

  1. Awesome post. I am a regular visitor of your blog and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the nice site. I’ll be a regular visitor for a long time.

  2. Hello there. I found your site by the use of Google while looking for a related subject, your site came up. It looks great. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks to come back then.

  3. X=-X, believe,Hey Hey Saurav Shreeya, Shreya has displayed explicit philosophy that is in her brainy ways and ideas.Saurav is searching for many many true loves and so you will be some love leader some day, don’t worry, time is plenty and your easy-to-go attribute will encourage others to love you, feel closer to you, and share friendship. X=-X always works and my mathematician friend always proved it. If you are fat your good friends tend to be thin, and vice versa. If you are devil, he/she close to you will be godly and vice-versa. Science teaches us: -ve attracts positive.
    I do not like anything in this universe.I need another universe to fulfill all my desires. How is it possible? I need to start building the new conceptual universe that fits me in properly if Ihave power, capacity, and resources for that, else, I should try changing the universe I am in.
    Unhappy with Microsoft, linux was born and now Google, which are vivid examples, and C,C++ Vs Java is well known and so does SQL Versus Oracle.
    Regard to love, your true love cannot hide anything even if he/she is false, because you can see through people if you love them. They need not reveal everything byt hemselves. You can read through them like JK.Rowling fantasized Harry potter’s Lord Volmert.. (who should not be named, and I don’t want to be harry followed by him for ever running after my life)who could know everything of enemies and friends in any shapes. So, love fellowmen/fellowwomen and you will surely get true identity.

  4. making ‘X’ a variable i must say is highly debated. at first moment, it would seem an enticing option… u have disagreements and u think ‘hell… i dont like this guy/grl.. we are too different.. we shudnt be together..’ and u go ahead with your life and find somebody who thinks as you do and acts as you do.. if u look at it the other way, i think, if you go looking for somebody better.. u will always find a better person than the person you are with.. disagreements are bound to happen . they are inevitable. and u will always find somebody with whom ur thoughts match on the same issue on which you had probably disagreements with others. Those times you feel , yes X should be a variable.. But till when ?? that way you are just running away from something called commitment. a rational way would be to make the best out of what you have ther than concentrating on the other. it is true that grass is greener on the other side always but then again.. its the ‘other’ side. and snow wanting to be with mountain and vice versa is absurd because they are ‘never meant’ to be together. having said that, i’m not tryin to assert that we shud stick to one person even if the person is a devil. it all depends on you, your conscience, judgment and the other person.

  5. yup u r right……..but relation is very sencitive …..each step one should be careful..i dont agree with ur X must be varialble concept…….instead this PROBLEM must be sort out and find the right way …….HOINA ta what say???

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