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When I would feel sick again????

Finally I had a different Friday. Not as every Fridays when I used to be excited about weekend… rather I was planning to take rest this time. I was not sure but something seemed to be wrong with me after a sleep less night with fever.

Woke up early morning around 8:30. I could not stop myself from driving my New 135 CC, MERCEDES, which knows my destination. I was driving and reached office around 9:15am. At the first glance my seniors noticed that I am not at my best. Everyone started …

asking “you don’t look fine”. Go and take rest.

Well it all sounds different to me. In our office discussing the disease of some unknown, located at thousands of km apart is regular business. But today they are discussing about me… I was not sure if I was feeling sick until every one starts asking me ‘you don’t look fine’. ‘Go and take rest’. Hearing all these would make me believe that I am finally sick. It all take less then hour believing me that I was sick and I was again with my Mercedes driving to my home.

Probably this was also new experience to her as well… Driving back home in sun light with no head light on. It took almost half an hour more to reach then usual time. Finally I was in my room …. Even my own room would look different in sun light. Switched on the TV and lay down the bed. I really don’t know what would one do when the person does not feel well but for me best thing to do when I don’t feel good is to watch TV.
At around 2pm my elder cousin arrives who is a Doctor by profession. With surprise he asked why you are here. I have never seen you during day time…. With smile I replied “every one in office says I don’t look well so I am here to take rest”.. “You don’t look like sick at all, Nepalese don’t smile when they are sick…” he replied. He started checking me.. After a while he says “My instrument shows some problem … high fever… I am not sure whether it was problem with the instruments or with you”. After a couple of conversions, he makes me sure that I am absolutely fine its jus that I look sick. All the problems lies with the eye of people and instruments which is showing that I am not fine.

I was convinced. Everything is fine and all my instruments are running fine. Now its time to celebrate the weekend. So what’s the plan.. We both sit together and start planning for Friday evening. What else A good gulp of hot whisky at Friday evening -it’s not very scientific, but it helps So without any delay he got some bottles and we are again discussing but in some different topic. That continues till late evenings till whiskey reaches out of stock.

Probably it was a complete different Friday, feeling sick in the morning and enjoying at the evening.. I think most of the time we think we’re sick; it’s all in the mind. But finally before I went to sleep I was afraid of loosing my job. If people could get fine with couple of page of whisky and without any medicine… What would I have to analyze from tomorrow if there is no medical records… no doctors to be any doctors….Thinking of a Condition when doctors encourages to take one more page instead of medicine…. But any way after a long time I had different Friday… Most of the time as in case of my most of friends; Work is much more fun than what I call fun, but sometime to live life in different way then usual one gives different experience.

3 thoughts on “When I would feel sick again????

  1. You must not agree to what other say. If you had faith in yourself, you would have stayed in office and would have completed your task, your office too would earn your time’s worth. Now, prove to your seniors whoever they are that they intentionally made you feel well so you are deprived of working on that fateful day. Now, time to curse them and your folly. Prove them they are no good doctors than your real doctor Cousin. Even, teach them the new civilized world order: Even if you have AIDS you must not be biased for anything, let alone be mentioning that you are an AIDS patient, which is violation of all international norms and Humanity. You did not have flu, diarrohea, epilepsy, malaria, typhiod or any other transmissible disease STDs included to stop you from working, so they must be penalized and brought before court of justice if there is one for you.I have never got chance to get to ride 135 CC merz, though.

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