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When hands can see

When hands can see

526. When hands can see
Photo By: Manish Man Singh
Posted Date: 11th January, 2013

Photo Description:
They say that one does not need eyes to see things; I cannot make it more relevant than the picture above. This picture was taken in Sauraha. Here a blind man is seen making Nepali mats, feeling his way through the fabrics that binds and constitutes his work. Life may be harsh but he does not seem to complain. Just knitting his way through life with the belief that his creations are as perfect to the eyes of the ones who buy them, as it is to his touch when he makes them.

Camera Specifications:
Camera:Canon EOS 550D
F-stop: f/4
Exposure time: 1/250 sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 50 mm

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