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What really happened at BICC (& in my mind) on the Evening of November 21, 2006

(Here goes my first attempt at Political Commentary, albeit Personal and somewhat Fabricated)

Girija Prasad and Pushpa Kamal, flanked by other peacemakers, solemnly sat on the dais as Krishna Prasad thirstily read out the contents of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA).

At times, during the narration, Girija Prasad and Pushpa Kamal whispered to each other and let out restrained smiles. I wondered at the remarks they were possibly making and, at one instance, it appeared to me as if Pushpa Kamal was suggesting Girija Prasad that Krishna Prasad should have brought a cassette player and played a taped version of the CPA instead of going through the pains of croaking.

Anyways, let’s leave behind the speculation of the whispers and move on to the feat of signing the document.

As soon as the copies of the CPA were handed over to Girija Prasad and Pushpa Kamal, Pushpa Kamal swiftly signed every pages of his copy and leaned back on his chair with a puffed chest and peeked at the fumbling Girija Prasad, as if to say ‘Hooray! I finished first!’

In the meantime, Girija Prasad was struggling with every page and Sher Bahadur was trying to help him turn them and it was making the ordeal more difficult since the pages were being turned from the last page down and Girija Prasad was writing with his right hand and Sher Bahadur was towards the right of Girija Prasad. And it was during these few minutes that a sudden deluge of fears overwhelmed me, namely:

– What if Girija Prasad dropped dead then and there?
– What if a bomb planted by certain regressive elements blew up the entire congregation?
– What if the pen ran out of ink?

However, thankfully, none of my fears were realized and the signing up of the CPA did take place successfully; at last, after ten years, after 13000 deaths.

Then Pushpa Kamal gave a thunderous (well, more or less) speech on the miraculous achievements, with ample thanks to his party.

Then Girija Prasad softly expressed his gratitude to all the major players in the peace process and enlightened everybody on his personal voyage, “Many friends of mine used to warn me against trusting terrorists but, being a democrat, it was my duty to bring non-democrats into the framework of democracy.’ That was nicely said and Pushpa Kamal let out a smile (But I am not sure how to interpret that smile, just yet).

Girija Prasad, in his speech, tossed some humor as well and eased the somber environment:

– Remember how we used to portray Pushpa Kamal’s bushy mustache when he was an elusive fellow?
– I have always been in a hurry to fulfill my commitments since you never know what will happen when I’ll turn into a ghost.

And there was yet another affair that day which impressed me very much. The huge mufflers wrapped around the necks of the likes of Baburam, Pradeep and Krishna Bahadur looked so awesome that I’ve decided to buy one for myself for the upcoming winter.

Anyways, I slept well last night, full of hopes and prayers, despite having virtually killed a multitude of Nazis and creepy monsters in the Return to Castle Wolfenstein just before going to bed.

Lastly, I might have seemed to have made a mockery of the peace process in this article here but I insist on my respect towards the CPA and the peacemakers and I am indeed ever hopeful of Nepal’s progress. Let’s all pray for a sound enactment of the CPA and the fulfillment of other promises they’ve made. And with this note, I take my leave for now, open to interpretation and misinterpretation.

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  1. Well said Mr. Ghale. I give some credit to the maoists for the JA II victory. But the people of Nepal and SPA led by Girija get the real credit. Prachanda was hiding behind the the bushes. Prachanda and his cronies will have to pay for 13,000 deaths sooner or later as we are making royals pay now. They can’t walk away clean. Someone who lost their close relatives will kill them. Take my words. This will happen. They will be killed like dogs.


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