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What is wrong with these Bhandaris?

After a couple of centuries long ridiculous custom of appointing indian pundit (aka Bhatta) as Pujaris of Pashupati Nath temple at the heart of Nepal, finally the King is out and elected representatives of Nepal decided to nominate Nepali  pundits instead of Indian. That made perfect sense to me and I was cheering for those who made this decision. I was thinking that finally the govt is doing sth that  we all can appreciate. But, not to my surprise,  these Bhandaris who have been co-conspiring with Indian Bhattas for years and looitng properties of Pahupati Nath temple are on relay strike.  We should give credit to their courage. If I were them, I would stay quiet and keep the property I have amassed for my generation to come and never return to the temple ever again. Please give me a break. Pashupati Nath is tired of them. Govt should start investiagtion and prosecute them. Even the ox in-front of the main gate does not want to see their faces any more. I remember when I was kid, these Bhandaris and Bhattas used to ignore people like me and give all attention to those who could give then 100’s of rupees in a silver plate. Access to the god should be eual to all – poor or rich, tall or short, male or female, Brahmin or Shudra, black or white.  That was not the case at Pashupati during those Bhattas’ Raj. Hopefully that is over now. Let us wait and see.

The bad custums and practices must be left behind and recorded somewhere in the history book so that future genration can learn and can avoid kinds of mistake done in the past. Nepalese kings did not even consider Nepalis worthy of being chosen as Pujaris of Pashupati temple. What more we could expect from those short-sighted, narrow-minded and arrogant royals? Thanks god they are gone for good.

33 thoughts on “What is wrong with these Bhandaris?

  1. Naresh Ji,

    Before you attribute China’s success to Maoists, would you be so kind as to review your history?
    The Chinese Renaissance, so to speak never began until dumped Maoist Ideologies.
    Mao Contributed something to the modern day China – it was nto its development.
    Please check the historical facts before you go off sprouting ideas of development to impressionable young minds.

    China developed after they masked Capitalism with Communism.
    Please read before you write

  2. Many of us know during their so called people’s war, the Maoists killed cows and forced Hindus teat the meat. They urinated at temples and forced people have sex with their relatives because Hinduism barred marriage among relatives. They would do anything prohibited in Hinduism. These pundits nominated by such idiots could not be Hindus. The Maoists do not have any religion and they do not have any respect for our holiest shrine. Shame on Prachanda and his followers who change color every day.

  3. Oye people, why are you not supporitng the Maoists here? this may be the first thing they have done right for the country. it would have been great to have nepali priests there, but could not happen so. shame on those politicians who move around by Indian orders.

    If not Nepali priest, at least they should introduce audit so that Pashupati Bhetis can go to a trust 100%. There should be daily weekly and monthly audit.

    What a shame! Prachanda can’t take any stand. He gives up so easily. He does not know how to run a coalition goverment. No wonder he is a dictator.

  4. जहिले नि पशुपतिनाथ लाई चढाको पैसा कई पछि लाग्ने? के तपाई आफ्नो घर मा पूजा गर्न अको पुरेतबाजे संग दक्षिणा/पैसा को लेखा माग्ने गरेको छ? अनि के फिर्ता पनि माग्ने गरेको छ की? गरेन भने कुटपिट गर्ने गरेको छ? के हो यो सब? वाहियात| अब के नेपालीहरु सबै पुरेतबाजे को दान/दक्षिणा आदि को पछि लाग्ने? अलि लाज सरम गर नेपाली हो!

    ओए नेपाली हो पशुपति को दर्शन गर्ने आउने विश्व भर का हिंदू पर्यटक को आम्दानी बढाउने तिर नलागी उल्टो सुन को फूल पर्ने कुखुरा लाई नै मर्ने तिर पो लाग्दो रहेछ लाछी मोराहरु|

  5. Vatican was created by roman empire that destroyed Israel many times. The Romans gathered there for spiritual upliftment and it is extremely strict. The rules in vatican cannot bematched with Hinduism, Protestants, Islam, Buddhism in any way Rajesh.
    Bhatta being nepali has problem because Indians could not get control over Nepal in other ways, wealth, diamonds, cash… free income

  6. Pawan

    I agree with you but do you think all the roman catholics in the world have any say in appointing the Pope? Or does any country influence its decision as regards to Pope-making? Vatican is a sovereign state and Pashupatinath is also in a sovereign state. I believe we can appoint or modify the process of Bhattas without interference, but could we? Dr. Dahal’s appointment should be stuck to if we are sovereign and independent. What’s wrong with a Bhatta being a Nepali?

  7. Well Rajesh tell us one right thing about this Dr. Bishnu Prasad Dahal that you are so disgraced by this back-tracking. The place of Lord Pashupati Nath it self is a sovereign premise. It transcend all boundary…This is like Vatican of all Hindu.

  8. We have again proved ceremonio-stupidly how capable, independent, and totally pathetic we are through this back-tracking fiasco of taking back the decision. Bharat Mahan Hein.

  9. हैन बरु देश चलाऊन पनि ईण्डियन पोलिटिसियन पाँच सालको लागि अनुबान्धित गरे कसो होला।

    न त पुजारी नियिक्ती प्रकरण् नै ठिक लाग्यो न त नेपाली पुजारीहरु हताएर ईण्डियन भत्टहरुलाई पुन नियुक्ती गर्नुमा नै।

    जे होस् श्री पशुपतिनाथले यिनीहरुलाई बेलैमा सुबुद्धी दिउन।

  10. All religious gentle men,
    Here our discussion ends or not? Although goverment have revoked it’s decision and now on same indians will be goverming on Pashupati Nath and Sovereign Nepali people . So all so called democratic parties and people hav got success on getting back to one step. Just cheer up, You are getting governed religiously by Indians. Congratulation for your one step back success…!!!!!!!!!!!!. And now you have free time to find out some other doings of government. Keep it up and go back to stone age..!!

  11. what when bhattas have 5 star hotels and rajbhandaris there have nothing? Daily income 1 lakh Vs Bhatta claimed yearly income 1 lakh

  12. Gaunle has a great point. Different perspective. I never thought of. Very good point. I was wondering too why are Maoists worrying about Bhattas of Pashupati instead of so many other national issues.

  13. धर्मको बिरोधी माओबादिले धर्मको भलोको लागि यस्तो निर्णय गरेको हुनैसक्दैन। माओबादीले क्रिस्चियन समुहबाट पैसा पाउँछन् भन्ने कुरा अमेरिकामा रहेका धेरै नेपालीलाई थाहा भएको कुरा हो। त्यही कारणले नै अमेरिकामा प्रकाशित हुने माओबादी समर्थक लेखहरु वासिंङ्गटन टाइम्स जस्ता कट्टरबादी क्रिस्चियन समुहकै पत्रिकामा मात्र हुने गर्दछ।

  14. pawan,welcome back ni EU. We needed you for all radical thinking. Nepalese do not want to earn by hard earning . They want cash for free. they want less work and more money. So, Eating all money in Gods name with 5 star hotels for old Saadhu.. and showing yearly income of 1 lakh, currently transparency started and we see 1 lakh per day.

  15. I seems that most of Nepalese’s’ only interest on Lord Pashupati is that ‘HE’ has lots of money, I am sorry, but not surprised.

  16. What’s wrong with appointing Nepali pundits? Do we need to depend on performing puja on Indians too?
    Can’t Neplese do this? Define the process of appointing pujaris, make the bhetis transparent, and stop the stone-age Stalinistic crap. Why are the Indians so interested? because it is about Pashupatinath or because it was done by the CPN-M? Would it have the same impact if done by the NC? or the Ex-King for that matter?

    Pashupatinath resides here. We are Hindus even if secular. We can decide.

    May PPNath protect all !!!

  17. I strongly disagree with Pawan ji.
    For the first time when those priests were appointed by King when he was ruling (active in politics that why he overthrown the elected government ) what would you say about that?? Wasnt that politics?? why didnt he pick nepali people as priest???.
    Some mischievous guys mainly NC and others are provoking this issue . Dont go behind logic like it is tradition. Before you could have been saying King is also tradition for Hindus or something like that , why we needed to put that tradition to end.
    Dont compare Priests here with Pannas in Banarus. Priest is far authority holding position. At this point we have to think about Pashupati Monetory Fund as well.
    Have they (NCs and others) ever talked or protested about corruption in Pashupati…???? They are just collecting people’s support to make this government unstable and to achieve their political aim.
    Wrong traditions must be abolished as like monarchy. Also ex king was making his remarks, does his remark suits ??? what is the value of his remark, he is just a people, better he needs to think about his accommodation rather than giving controversial remark over this provoked issue.
    At this anarchical situation government should try its best and i think we need to be . Lets see what they can do for this nation. Lets let them work.
    Dont always compare CPN-Maoist ideology with past communist ideology ,even that wasn’t wrong itself.
    You say cultural revolution was brutal to Chinese culture. Look where is China now. Where china is now is only because of Mao’s guideline and that Cultural Revolution only. If we still follow the guidline of democrats like NC and others, We cant leap froward as properious nation. Since previous rulers have already failed so their ideology should nt be followed at this moment as well.
    Lets be positive about governments move and support government in it’s right endeavor. No alternative to this government in current situation.
    Sorry for time consuming write up.

  18. They have now joined the Maoists and have started doing politics on the religion. NC CA members – 100 of those losers – marched to Pashupati to support those Bhandaris. NC should have settled with Prachanda through dialogue. He would have listened to them. This shows that NC is even worse than the Maoists. The Maoists have strong point as they have shown courage of replacing Indian priests with Nepali ones. Lord Shiva does not care as he is just a “feeling and thought” of ours. The god does not exist anywhere. What are these fools fighting for? Tell them that lord shiva is just a fiction written by some wise persons who had hobby of writing fiction pieces.

  19. Maoists are exploiting exactly such half thought-out notions to impose their ways. The issue is not Indian vs Nepali .. the issue is following procedure including order of the supreme court. And having an accountable financial process in place. Do you think somehow that Maoists pundits will be better with the money of the temple? Keep wishing that, not going to happen. If a process of accountability is in place and enforced, no need to change the priests.

    Now, that the cultural bridge with south India is such lightly broken is almost blatant ignorance. Imagine creating such bridge today and what it’ll take. This is clearly throwing baby with the bath water! Even from touristic point of view, maintaining the priests are advantageous.

  20. I strongly agree with what Pawan says. Maoists are constantly making attacks over the religious and cultural faiths and traditions. I don’t see any point in encroaching over the religious issue by making appointments crossing over the law as running from 300 years back.

    I listened to Gopal Kirati arguing that they are going to create New Pashupatinath like as creating New Nepal. What a shame to spell out such non-sense things.

    With this event, I am afraid many of the Nepali Pujaris will be kicked out from many Indian Temples.

  21. I beg to differ your argument. To be clear, the point is not to oppose Nepali priest but to oppose the communist hand-picked priest for Lord Pashupati. To remind the readers that these are the people who believe that \’religion is opium\’ and that the Mao\’s brutal Cultural Revolution ransacked the monasteries in Lhasa, we should be extra careful that they do not puff out the spiritual feelings of all Hindu. This is pure religious matter (to select the priest), nothing to do with government of Nepal (this is not government\’s job at all).

    I would also like to draw attention of readers that the comrade Gopal Kirati has been flash point of many controversies like fund slashing for Kumari Jatra and he is the one to introduce the idea of 8000 district in nepal and propose the Gregorian calendar to replace Bikram Sambat. Watch out, they are experimenting a \’Cultural Revolution\’ in new look. I also believe here that there people here who like to think \’Das Kapital\’ is the fifth Veda and this will going to complicate the matter worse.

  22. The concept is good to make nepali Pugari as Bhatt But we shouldn’t be throwing Indian pujari as such. What If Nepali Pandas are thrown out from Banaras. And More over this is not just a changing pujari, Government has made it political issues. For now People from Moiast has become Bhatt and Bhandaris, If congress govn come they certainly change Pujari after all these people just want money. There should be someone who really care for Pashupati..

  23. Indians should not be in Nepalese soil. I do not understand why all these fuss everywhere. I do not understand what is the base of court decision not ot have Nepalese priest in Pashupatinath Temple. The priests should be Nepalese in Nepalese Temple in Nepal.

  24. I appreciate the decision of restoring the Nepali pundits in PashupatiNath. Doesn’t matter whether they eat meat or go to bhatti or whatever (who is that pure in his/her duty anyway).
    At least they are Nepalis.
    At least the God is worshiped by Nepalis (What is left here which is not run by Indians?)

  25. all lies. we are there to support our culture. nepali pundits eat meat and go to bhatti and drink alcohol. one day one of the maoist comrades will be there as a bhatta.

  26. no doubt they have been amassing huge sums of money from temple. that why, fearing the ring would break and all their wrongdoings might come to public, they are doing such things. note that the temple is huge source of money. it’s not only the pujaris but a complete ring is involved.

  27. thikka paryo mora bhandari haru lai. dekhauna ko lagi dhoti laune and rati rati bar ra casino tir dhaune. khaiski mora haru.

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