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Rajendra Keshari Pandey



What is there is there…is such a nice statement. It is a truthful saying that has always touched and impressed me. There cannot be anything simpler than this. What is there is there, and what will be there, will always be there. This is a continuous process and a law of nature.

I am not trying to be a Philosopher or a Wiseman here, I am just jotting down my thoughts in free flow as a human being, to whom this has always been an interesting statement. As a 57 year old, I have seen many ups and downs in my own life and also many upheavals in my country. Both sweet and sour experiences are there. We now have Government of Nepal NOT His Majesty’s Government of Nepal. Not somebody’s Nepal. It is Nepali’s Nepal built with Nepali’s toil. Previously it was Government of Nepal and again has now established its own identity. If you look at the currency notes, postage stamps or any government documents from 70 years ago you will find Government of Nepal printed on them. Today again you will find ditto (Nepal Sarkar) on the current currency. This is a reality. What is there is there, what should be there will be always there and what is correct is always correct and comes back to the same space spontaneously again and again.

I am neither a: Rana, Shah, Thapa, Pandey, Newar or so and so supporter. I am a person who supports humanity. What I have observed is that the Ranas understood Nepal (in this particular matter) better than the Shahs. During their autocratic regime they could have easily made Shree Teen KO Sarkar, but they did not do so. During their regime they preferred to call it Nepal Sarkar. Wiser I suppose, as without Nepali, Nepal does not exists. I support Nepal and Nepali. I support human beings, love life, love plants, trees and I love my three dogs. I am against caste, creed, colour, species, gender or any discrimination. All are equal and have their own merits in my eyes. I believe in a Sanskrit saying “Basudaiva Kutumbakam” the right word for my conviction. The meaning of the above Sanskrit sentence is: all people of the world are relatives.

The great change came to Nepal with the labour and sweat of Nepali who were so suffocated by the various discrimination, oppression, and miscellaneous political and beaurocratic games that have dominated our history, that they rebelled with people power.  Today’s state is the result of Nepali’s effort. Could you have imagined that a regime of 238 years could fall so quickly and spontaneously, like a house of cards?  The politicians and various powers fooled the people for so many years and now the people are punishing them. It is called Tit for Tat. The power of the people works, once a critical mass of dissatisfaction is reached nothing is more serious and greater than the power of people. What is there is there and what is correct will always be there.  Truth will prevail only the lies are invented.

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  1. The article is quite similar to – “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.”
    the thing is the thing it will remain the thing forever.
    Truth is ultimate, it has no definition, if we define, it might be wrong. We live in lies…..

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