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What is Romance?

There are some men who will never understand the importance of romance. They may be lazy or don’t feel like investing any of their time for something silly like romance. They’re the foolish ones who are wasting time and energy trying to get what they want the hard way.

Then there are the men who know the secrets of romance. For example, on the reality shows such as the Bachelor and Who Wants to Marry (whatever), it’s pretty obvious the men who are the most romantic stick …

around the longest and are chosen in the end.
Why? Not because their rich, good looking, have great jobs, or any of the obvious reasons. They know romance is very powerful. And what do these romantic guys do? Simple things like:
• light candles
• pick flowers
• look at the stars
• have a picnic or romantic dinner nothing you can’t do with ease.

Whether you want to believe it or not, it is the small things that matter most to a woman when it comes to romance.

Romance is the creation of an atmosphere where she feels unconditional love and appreciation. You can turn down the lights, turn on the radio, take her by the hand and ask her to dance in the kitchen. That’s romance.

Hand her a wild flower, ask her to go on a stroll with you and hold hands. That’s romance. Get it? What is she feeling; at that moment she is the most important woman in the world, she feels appreciated and loved. Romance can even produce the butterflies in her stomach.

The passion and excitement she will be feeling for you not only manifest itself in sex but will also spill over into other aspects of the relationship. Sometimes it takes a few romantic encounters to get the best results, she may not be used to it, she may have been hurt by you and think you’re only doing it for sex. Hang in there, the payoff is within reach.

Above all, you will have a fulfilling relationship where you will have fun discovering each other.

One thought on “What is Romance?

  1. Sweet Description!VIVID| Married or Unmarried everybody should follow these romantic steps. Not only with Human Beings but also with computer hardware software we can have plenty of romance: Turnoff without shutting down properly. Stop somebody from typing when somebody is busy. Plug off the monitor cord. Put some good virus in Operating System that gets activated from time to time and funny things are seen, heard. Change the keys of keyboard and randomly jumble to see if somebody is proficient in typing. When there is no electricity try to turn on PC and Monitor by lighting a candle. Everyday offer the PC a bundle of fresh roses as if to Gods and Deceased. Jingle the bell when computer is booting up. Put messy things by many hacks or Operating System so word opens by excel and similar. Somebody asked me to put a real monkey for testing programs who types randomly as monkey-QC is popularly known and others suggested more humble dog using its nose to recognize letters provided that we put different scent into different keys. GO to picnic by carrying Monitors ad CPU boxes together with all accessories up 3000 metres, use a dynamo, generate electricity and run PCs by munching cheese and burgers, and, since PC might feel cold, have a bonfire nearby. Other Real Romance is opening all programs in any operating Systems at once and keep on clicknig all keys and mouse.

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