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I would like to begin my today’s topic with my favourite Khalil Gibran, one of the most mystic writer of this world ever. What he says ; “life without freedom is just like a body without soul”. But, I say “love without freedom, love without total freedom, love without liberty is just like a possession, like owning things. Love and liberty, love and entire freedom should go hand in hand, altogether, in a harmonious way. You love. I see people loving others and as a result, frustrated, tired, sad. I have never ever seen any one person telling me “I’ have risen in love”. What a shame ! All say “We are fallen in love”. But, have you ever seen a people saying “I am risen in love”. I think – No one ! Love is never a relationship. In fact, it is relating. I mean to say, love is like rivering. But, still not a river. It is flowing.

People fall in love because they take their lovers as things and not as humans. Yes, they say they’re loving but actually they are owning their beloved ones. That is the route of all your tragedy. If you love someone, it is good. It is very good in fact. But, don’t make it possession. Give your dear total freedom that if he/she wants to live with you, Okay ! Otherwise, don’t bother it at all. Rejoice everything. Never be serious about love. As you know ‘seriousness’ is one kind of sickness. Seriousness is one kind of spiritual sickness. Never be sick of love. Never be serious about love.
Give liberty to all, to your beloved ones. I think the happiest person in this world is one who announces his liberty & respect others ‘freedom’ too. He never tries to own persons like things, as almost all the people do. Even in love, they ‘possess’. Love is not possession. It is liberty.

It is total freedom.
On the contrary, sympathy is not love, why ? Sympathy simply means you are the master and other is a slave. Sympathy is never love because sympathy means fulfilling your ‘ego’. Why do you have sympathy upon people because you think you are better than him or her, or you think only you are happy and other is miserable. Love is totally different- Love is equalizer-the relationship beyond or beneath the love is not love. And addiction to something is also not love. Because in both the cases, you are either becoming a slave or making others slave, either you kneel down to others or make others kneel down to you. Love is love and nothing else.

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  1. Well in my opinion, with all due respect, love is not about freedom or liberty but it is all about understanding. U never ask for freedom in love, but rather u understand what the other person wants. If u start looking for freedom then u are compromising in your love life. Besides when someone says that i’ve fallen in love then it means that they love them for who they are. U always fall in love at first then u rise like a phoenix out of nothing to stand tall and to enjoy the moment with your loved one, to take pride in their love. We always start from scratch. Everything starts from scratch. So in the beginning you “fall” then u start to make your love more solid, more concrete.
    Probably that’s why they all say I’ve “fallen” in Love. 💡

  2. Love has no definition and no limit.It is completely independent thing.What people think themselves they express that.Problem i also see is as ravi expressed,many assume liberty and freedom should exist in love.But what is liberty that should make sense.A girl often want to be in touch with her bf did that means she is affecting his freedom.That is in a sense a caring,thats all.We often feel like they are being too much private towards our own life.Main thing is in love two people should have that much of understanding that beside their private love,they also have each other private life.And no one should dare and try to encroach other private life.

  3. 😎 Well, pasa! It’s a really nice piece of love… I loved reading your whole essay. I am telling you, you have to parallel your essay ok… there’s no sequence. And I am confused how you compared love to a thing? What kind of thing and for what reason? I don’t get it…Anyways, it’s really 😎 . The best part I enjoyed reading your relating love with freedom. I got a saying in my mind it goes like this: If you love someonne, let it free; if it comes to you, then, it’s your’s and if it doesn’t then it never was… how’s it? Ok keep up the good work and would like to read some more…

  4. The terms love, affection, and many other abstract phenomona, are quite difficult to define or explain in words. They are like liquid, which does not have shape of its own. Anyone can define them in his/her own way, and noone is right or wrong, as is Ravi in expressing his thoughts about love. Ravi, you are right in your own way and anyone can agree or disagree with you.

  5. You fall in love to see ur loved one risen.

    It is still a debate thing that how much is too much being possessive about someone you love. But why do tears come in your eyes when ur loved one gets hurt? Its coz of the sense of possession. Its coz of the sense that he/she is part of you. Possessing a thing and possessing a person are not the same. Its different. Things may become yours but person you possess becomes part of you. Actually the thrill of the fear of losing someone tells you much you care. You cant lose something you dont own.

    You can suppress jealousy for the sack of freedom. Its like learning to cry without tears. But if you dont feel jealousy at all, if you dont feel the sense of possession at all, if you dont feel the fear of losing ur love at all, then i am sure my fren u r not in love. If you dont feel the burning void, the emptiness inside you when they are gone, then you were not in love.

  6. i have nothing to say to this man. the things i expressed here are not the things of frustration. the points you stated are good enough for anyone. thanks.

    cheers to life!!

  7. When u fall in love, what is the use of the reason? how can u use ur reason while falling in love? That’s why reason says it is a fall: “Falling in love”. Why not rising in love? Reason has condemned love; reason says it is a fall. And in a way it is, because from the head u fal to the heart, you start functioning from a different center. But how can u use ur reason in love? IS there any way to use it? If u use it, you will destroy the whole phenomenon. The first thing reason will say is ‘doubt’ The first thing reason will say is, ‘Is there anything like love? Dissect it.’ And if u disect, love disappears.

    Love is unity, and a very delicate harmony. It cannot be dissected. It is easy to love humanity, to love the nation, to love buddhism. To love hinduism, to love mankind. It is just like what Charlse Brown have said “I love mankind; it is the people that i can’t stand”.You will not find mankind anywhere. It is very difficult to love the real person, because for the real person heart will be needed.

    “freedom in love means that you do not expect anything in return of your feelings” if u expect something in return then thats not a love. Love is never give and take and it can never be. The starting has become futile when u expect something in return. See how a mother loves her child, she do not expect something in return form her child, if she expect something in return then she cannot love totally, the love has become a kind of like contract between mother and her child; “i’ll complete my love for u and u have to complete your love to me.” Whole thing goes absurd. Love is love and nothing else.

    I mean to say, love is like rivering. But, still not a river. It is flowing

    Bishwa — from the generation and centuries what we have been taught and what we have been doing and thinking is that love is blind, love is fall, people fall in love. But we see lots of people in frustration, in disease, in suicide and so on. With same old concept of love, how far have we reached till now?.. nowhere I guess!!!
    So don’t ponder much in the theologies and ideologies of love, think of a bit higher, here I don’t mean to fly higher. Here I mean to look at the things in broader sense. Love the nature, love the trees, grass, sea, ocean …….. love the whole, love the existence. Love yourself….. If u start loving urself how can u fall in urself ?? it can not be.. u have to risen in love to love the whole…..and to love urself.

  8. Something conflicting is that first of all you said that i have never seen people saying I have risen in love. Secondly u yourself is using “fall in love”. And I think every one defines love in different way coz different people have different perspective.

  9. u got me wrong bishwa… i meant in love.. there is possessiveness and selfishness of its own kind. we shouldnot over do it. meant we should not be over possessive and over selfish.. the trick here bro!! wasnt meant like the trick college profs teach you .. the trick here means .. knowing the way how you and your loved one being happy… everyone deserves to be happy is all i am trying to say.. for that there are and will be times when you need to give back the person the love he / she gave to you.. its easy to understand .. just imagine the times when you were there for your loved one when she really needed you.. its just that.. you would expect the same from her .. simple as that. and yes that is giving and taking..

    its getting interesting here.. 😛

  10. (…) “Give and Take” huh? i loathe the sound of that ❗ Youe are being materialistic here. “Give and take”, and “the trick of knowing how to overdo…” 😕 what can i say? you sound like a college professor that teaches us the “trick” of passing the exams rather than understanding the subject being taught. how about bargaining for love then? does that sound good to you? i’m sorry, i don’t mean to offend anyone here, but we need to feel love, just knowing the “trick” won’t bring you love.

    I would say “Give and learn to take”. love comes in any form, you just need to understand that. and yes, we need to be serious about love.

  11. complete agree with Gyan.. love as everything else in life is ‘Give and Take’.. want to believe it or not. its like comparing with diyos we light … the more you want that diyo to glow the more oil u need to add to it.. the more you do for your loved ones just to make them feel good. you would want the same thing to happen to you.. get the happiness you want and from the person who can actually give it you.. who is your loved one.. isnt it.. in the end,, its about feeling good … and it is really not possible to be not selfish or not possessive in love.. the trick is knowing how to not overdo the both.

    if it hadnt been so.. then why do people go to extremes just to hear or make that person say ‘I love you ‘too’ ‘ for your ‘I love you’ to them. we are selfish.. we want to hear the same we say to others.. and we are possesive cos we dont want that person to go on saying that to just abt anyone else.. i do agree there’s actually a very thin line that separates love from possession and a thinner one between freedom and falling out of love. as i said the trick is knowing how to not overdo the both.

    ‘Never be serious about love’ is something i totally disagree with.. how can you not be serious about love and your loved one.. !! i just cant imagine my boy/grl fren not being serious about me. ( i canot believe there is actually a person called Saurav who agrees with it !! ) and Seriosness is one kind of spiritual sickness.. i dont agree with this either.. then most of must be sick then. those at least who r serious abt theri work, career or loved ones.. doesnt make any sense … 🙄

  12. “the relationship beyond or beneath the love is not love”. hhmmm… seems really very complicated to make sense. Well analyzed about love and possession.

  13. love is not above, love is under – deep within our hearts, deep within our souls, where we have to plunge into. we fall in love. we don’t rise or fly, we get lost that way!

  14. Nice one Ravi..from one perspective but what about the other way..u do certain things to make ur beloved happy..this does not mean ur beloved owns u 😀

  15. Nice comment about love. But I do not agree with comparision of love with total freedom. In my opinion, Love without the feeling of ownness is incomplete in the sense that , freedom in love means that you do not expect anything in return of your feelings. You love one but you do not want to be loved by your beloved one. Such love is impossible. Love is actually the relation of ‘Give and Take’. You expect the equal amount of love from your beloved one.

  16. Yes, Ravi i do agree with you, agree in an aspect of being freedom, there is a saying also “Set it free, if it comes back to u, it’s yrs, if it won’t then it was never meant for u”.
    But I don’t belive in ur saying that one shouldn’t be serious in love, well i think here u misinterpret the thing, serious meand deep down inlove , head over hill in love…….coz when someone in love they don’t know the deapth of it, so they keep in falling & falling, n they falls so deeply and truely that they name it as serious, but where as it’s not serious in real it’s tRUE indeed.

  17. Nice post, I like your notion of “Seriousness is one kind of spiritual sickness. Never be sick of love. Never be serious about love”. Ya I absolutely agree with you love is total freedom.

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