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What do you think?

My life is filled with controversies, contradictions and abnegation. People I’ve met, places I’ve been and things that I’ve done still tinkles on my head. Life has gone very far than I’d supposed; surrounded into the web of lies and deceit, mingled with some plausible stories and engulfed in useless tittle-tattle. Thinking for a moment, I start laughing recalling them.

Reminiscence of the past makes me so much obsessed that at times I wish there could be some time machine to take us back into time and fix things that went wrong. And I’m not the only person in the world who thinks that way. If there were such apparatus that could fix things of the past and undo the misdeeds, then there would be a world with happiness and joys all around. Everyone would live happily with cheers and spend a life without worries.

Where on the counter, there would be no learning, no improvements, no mistakes and no failure. Our life becomes messed up with unplanned decisions, chaotic and hazards; thinking that they can be undone going back into time. There are certain things in the world where we’ve got to learn by mistakes and failure. We learn by failure and mistakes and that becomes the road map for our life ahead. What if fixing the past we overlooked the future ahead? What if going back in time we never come back?

I don’t mean here to stop recalling the past, our life is ought to be lived to its fullest, enjoying every moment that comes by. But stop for a moment once in your life and memorize the things that were done, you’ll get what I mean. So, what do you think?

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  1. @Suk- ya you got it right this time..at least now u agree that there’s no present at all. Learn whatever comes on the way, overlook whatever other say about you, you know who u are and wat u’re upto …. and live your life to its fullest enjoy every second of it.

    @DreamSky – “yesterday’s answers has nothing to do with today’s questions” 🙂

    thanks for sharing the song …

  2. I think there is present but can not realize; so be good and do good, think good abt future using your past and live your life…that’s it 😀

  3. that is reason why i asked you all what do you think? don’t u all feel like to go pack and fix things that went wrong …
    but it can never be fixed what a misery .. 😛

  4. Biteka Kura le Dherai dukha lagchha…timi tada hunda….I understand BRO!!! Don’t memorize the things that were done..ponder upon what you can achieve in the future…Jaha pugdaina Kavi tyaha pugchha Ravi….

  5. sometimes its good to lost in our imaginary world, gathering all our past n fixing those mistakes we’d done.But this does not exist for real right?so why do we waste our time thining abt this coz we all knw life has to be moved on….hoinara?

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