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Waterfall at Tatopani

262. Waterfall at Tatopani
Photo By: Digital Monk
Posted Date: 1st September

Tatopani – means hot-water, literally. The place got it’s name because of a natural hot water spring(not this fall) which flows all year long. After buying a ticket anyone can enter the spring and take a nice warm (natural) shower. There’s even a 4 feet pool for those who care for a hot swim.

First time I touched the water, I got more than what I had bargained for. The water was hot. I mean HOT!

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-LIN Editor

0 thoughts on “Waterfall at Tatopani

  1. Very scenic shot of waterfall but it desperately lack a ‘point of interest’. No doubt anyone who views this picture would love to get transported to the spot to enjoy such a splendid bliss of nature. It would have been a wonderful landscape shot if Digital Monk could include some human figure or any prop to show the scale of this water fall. Seem like this is a cropped picture to make its ‘subject’ (waterfall) stand out prominently. I would have preferred some portion of sky to make it feel more natural and Earthy.

    Well Digital Monk is a very creative Photographer and I am very fond of his creations in Photography.

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