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Water Woes

Water Woes
223. Water Woes
Photo By: Rina Maharjan
Posted Date: 26th June 2008

As summer approaches scarcity of drinking water hit the cities and dwellers depend on ancient stone spouts for temporary relief.

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55 thoughts on “Water Woes

  1. Girl in front who is giving a shy look at the photographer is nice stroke in this picture. I guess she must be feeling little embarrass when Rina took this picture. Color contrast of girl’s cloths helped accentuate its focus attention on them and the task they were doing.

    No doubt scene like this can get slipped almost everyone but the most observant. Rina caught this fleeting moment nicely not giving much emphasis on its composition. Otherwise it sure would be better shot, if taken in vertical composition.

    Over all it’s a good shot of a fleeting moment. Well done Rina!

  2. Nice catch of action and nice composition with that ‘Golden Gaagri’ perfectly in the center, considering those moving gals… or was it cropped?

    Btw, wherdu capture them?

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