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Walk Steady

284. Walk Steady
Photo By: Araleya
Date:20th October 2008

Apart from canoe ride to see crocodile in the afternoon, it’s apppreciated to be able to see daily life of Tharu, local tribal in the Terai plain, south of Nepal.

She maynot know that her daily life is beautfiul and admiring and she is great woman. She walked from the river bank to another bank crossing river gently with steady rythm. Looks like difficlut walk but actually I could take only 2 shots then she was already crossing the river.. No mud in the river as she walked, and only little lovely waves and sound along her walk.

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-LIN Editor

49 thoughts on “Walk Steady

  1. Great capture. Could be better with little bit of more opening on the background. I mean you could captture little wider landscape.

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