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Wake Shutterbug in YOU

If you lack spirit to spark shutterbug in you here is BBC announcing various ‘themes’ weekly to tickle your visual sense. Grab your digital camera (dSLR or just point & shoot) and click pictures and upload them in BBC News to share viewers from around the globe. Personally I believe, having ‘themes’ in mind before you go out and press the shutter, is the right approach to improve your photography talent.


For more follow the link:

Post Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/

5 thoughts on “Wake Shutterbug in YOU

  1. Dear congrats Shutterbug for representing Nepali in BBC News Says,
    You misunderstood me. I have just shared a link from BBC News Web which I found very interesting. Announcing ‘theme’, is a good idea to encourage people to take photos and help them improve their photography. And I am not representing Nepali in BBC News.

    sick_of_Shutterbug! What makes you say this ‘Shutterbug’ is ‘self promoting’ here in EU? Please make your accusation clear and help me not to make you sick anymore.

    BTW, thanks sick_of_Shutterbug, I get to learn new word: dweeb. But I swear to God, I won’t use it unless I mean it.

    dweeb / Ñ dwi;b; NAmE Ñ / noun(slang, especially NAmE) a person, especially a boy or a man, who does not have good social skills and is not fashionable.

  2. Oh my God I am so SICK of this guy self-promoting on EU. Get a life, you dweeb!!

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