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Vote for EU Photo of the month – September 2010

EU Life in Nepal team has nominated following six photographs for “EU Photo of the month, September 2010”.

God Bless you all - Lord - Pashupatinath
God Bless you all – Lord – Pashupatinath
Photo By: Ravi Sharma
Indrajatra - Lord Bhairab
Indrajatra – Lord Bhairab
Photo By: Dijup Tuladhar
Holy Woman
Photo By: Clandestino (Flickr)
Boudha - Panorama
Boudha – Panorama
Photo By: Ravi Sharma
Assignment Ason
Assignment Ason
Photo By: Shutterbug (Flickr)
Akash Bhairav
Akash Bhairav
Photo By: Bhanu Chalise

* ‘God Bless you all – Lord – Pashupatinath’ by Ravi Sharma has been declared as the final winner by the Public voting.


Voting is open till November 5, 2010 @ 10:00 am.
For more information and guidelines about Life in Nepal can be found here..

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0 thoughts on “Vote for EU Photo of the month – September 2010

  1. Dear Sangesh,

    Our apology for this delay and not informing you regarding your prize ‘Photo of the Month’ (souvenir as a token of appreciation from EU) which is still in store ready to be collected in your convenience. We also would like to request not to take this procrastination other way round but due to our work pressure which kept us and still keeping us occupied. We are doing our best to continue LIN: Photo of the Month series, and we are happy that we are able to resume it here in EU once again after few months break. Please feel free to contact LIN Editor (lin@everestuncensored.org) for when and where you prefer to receive your long waited prize.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    LIN Editor

  2. I was very happy to see this type of competition going on and I gave one vote from my end too, but I was surprised reading this.

    I think it is the responsibility of the organizer to distribute the prize to the winner.

    What is the prize for the winner?

  3. @ admin of LIN
    are you guys still giving away your souvenir to “photo of the month” it had been almost 2 yrs i have been waiting for mine. never got a response. for the first time in my life i thought ohh i have own, but …… i had email correspondence with rina ji, but i have not yet got that tshirt and photo frame.
    Any way it really discourage me to particiapte in this website but i still love to visit the site

    it is just a complain, hope NU guys will not let this happen again in later years

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