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Vote for EU Photo of the month – June 2008 (Closed)

EU Life in Nepal team has nominated following six photographs for “EU Photo of the month, June 2008”.

Need no TV Game
Photo By: Monbetsu Hokkaido
Niche of nine
Niche of Nine
Photo By: DreamSky
Village Woman
Village Woman
Photo By: Milan Lamichhane
Catching up with Rhino
Catching up with Rhino
Photo By: Bertrand Linet
Nepalese Children
Nepalese Children
Photo By: Lako1
Asatoma Sadgamaye
Asatoma Sadgamaye
Photo By: BlueFox

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0 thoughts on “Vote for EU Photo of the month – June 2008 (Closed)

  1. yeuta ramro photo chhaina kasari vote garnu ? Laaz saram pacheka haru…. dhaaat.. khuru khuru kaam gara na.

  2. Thanks You are back. Your opinion of putting only best pics or not changing EU photo everyday must be considered by EverestUncensored Admin positively think.

  3. Hello and welcome back Geeta, thanks for your constructive comments, we do have a set of criteria and guidelines regarding the selection of photographs for the series of LIN.
    Well, it was really tough to decide top six photographs since most of them were so good and there was cut throat competition as well. A set of standard parameters like: originality, subject, overall impact, Composition, Presentation, Technique and Difficulty were considered while nominating the photographs. Now, above 6 nominees are open for public voting because EU-LIN team encourages unbiased selection through public voting such that “Photo of the Month” be fairly judged and honoured by public.

    LIN Editor

  4. There are many other photos posted in the month of June 2008 better than these six nominated here. Nominating body – what is going on? Next time, you guys should expose all photos from the list to voting and do not allow any biased selection prior to the voting. Voters can select from 30 photos instead of sjust six. The bad ones should not even come to the positng to start with. You do not need to change the posting on daily basis if you do nto find a good photo.

    BTW – I was busy with my ……….. for the last several month – I am back again.

    Geetea – the Geeta Lover!

  5. I love the picture catching up with rhino by Bertrand Linet, love that beautiful girl with piercing eyes who got to play with rhino aint she lucky?

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