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Vote for EU Photo of the month – January 2009

EU Life in Nepal team has nominated following six photographs for “EU Photo of the month, January 2009”.

Morning Silhouette
Morning Silhouette
Photo By: Digital Monk
Platoon’s March - Guruju ko Paltan
Platoon’s March – Guruju ko Paltan
Photo By: Abishesh Joshi
First Republican Ghodejatra
First Republican Ghodejatra
Photo By: Kishor K. Sharma
Janai Purnima
Janai Purnima
Photo By: Sangesh Shrestha
Postcard from Poonhill
Postcard from Poonhill
Photo By: Shutterbug
On the Go
On the Go
Photo By: Sangharsha Bhattarai

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0 thoughts on “Vote for EU Photo of the month – January 2009

  1. Thank You guys. I hope this applause from you guys will give me more energy to capture more special moments to share with you. i’ll Carry on with click click. thank you all for voting me

  2. I must say I don’t agree with the nominations everytime but this time all the pics are really outstanding. Great collection, I’m caught between Morning Silhouette and Janai Purnima.

  3. may be coz its everest UNCENSORED! lol .. but ya I hate to read spam comments.. they are waste of time.

  4. The people behing EU looks like spammers. Do not take me as your anti or ur support also.

    why do you have to name yourselves like that instead commenting from the main name of EU. why do you guys support yourselves in different names and not comment form your main id? why do you not filter spam comments?

    we do not get it. if a comment is a spam, just delete it. why show it here and waste your and our precious time?

  5. “Barking dogs seldom bites” and I find it very true when people/commentators who have so much to bark, to complain, to criticize…this is no good, that is no good, yo bhayena .. tyo bhayena.. blah bhah. But before being judgmental please try to understand the real scenario behind the whole process of Life in Nepal (LIN) and this announcement to vote for selecting winner of EU: Photo of the Month.

    EU: Photo of the Month is not like various Photo contest where you can see your pictures straight away after you submit on certain theme as per contest’s criteria. I know people have tons of award winning pictures in hand and thousand of best photographers around but to get qualified for the ‘EU: Photo of the Month’ one must submit their pictures through lin@everestuncensored.org and once pictures get featured in LIN then those pictures are eligible under judging for LIN Team (8 LIN Members or more).

    Any photo selection process in the world has some set of rules and guidelines in judging pictures. Much alike, LIN Team judge according to different aspects like technical aspect of photography, social message picture has for viewers, creativity (just few to mention) and so on. And after judging LIN Team nominee six best pictures among all pictures which has been posted in LIN within a month and later announced here as “Vote for EU Photo of the month”

    Let me remind this to all who loves to bark:
    If YOU want to see your work featured here in Life in Nepal photography series, please send us your work at lin@everestuncensored.org. Click here for more information.

  6. Life in Nepal is a series of ‘photographs’ that reflect different forms of lives in Nepal. This is definitely not a series of ‘photographers’ and anyone may contribute to the series. We see ppl voting and discussing biased on photographers which I think is a natural human tendency. But let us also learn to appreciate the photograph and its content regardless of its photographer.

  7. We are all biased one way or the other, my fren. Here at EU, we try our best not to be so. The short-listing of piks goes through a rigorous process. The voting is ‘yours’ (biased or not is your call).

  8. I agree with Spammer,

    We see only same of photographer here in EverestUncensored.

    Monk re, Shutterbug re, Sangesh re…

    also look at the Comments..

    1) Tooltip typo
    2) subha
    3) mustang
    4) Lahure dai
    5) Curious one
    6) samir_insurer

    everyone is supporting this website..

    ani k baal… all are biased… like elephant teeth…

    showing one teeth… chewing another teeth.

  9. Mr./Mrs./MS. WFT & Spammer,
    I strongly agree with Curious one!!!. This is a Platform to Show your Creations. For your kind remembrance, here in LIN digitol mcnk (Digital Monk) and shntterbngM (Shutterbug) are not only the Winners. Another Skillful-Creative- Photographers have also been the Winners. There is NO Sign of any BIASNESS. Lets all keep Clicking & we will also be a part of being a Winner.

    Lets be Positive & Optimistic. This is the Spirit.

  10. Mr. Spammer and WFT,
    What makes you say that.. only digital Monk and Shutterbug .. will WIN this??
    Please bother yourself if you have some GOOD logic or reason if not .. ignore this comment.

  11. no matter what…

    only people from LIN will win this Voting.

    only digitol mcnk and shntterbngM

  12. Was trying to relate photos to its tooltip … but couldn’t … it was fun though 🙂
    Morning Silhouette -> The Dark side of Urabn Life
    Janai Purnima -> City of Contrast
    First Republican Ghodejatra -> Peace Peace & only Peace …
    Postcard from Poonhill -> Supari Dine
    Platoon’s March – Guruju ko Paltan -> Karma’s Karma
    On the Go -> Daily work

  13. Another typo … as we are HUMAN 🙂 … the tooltip of each message is wrong … probably related to different past LIN photos.

  14. LIN Editor,

    What a BLUNDER MISTAKE happened here. But, personally I understand only We Human Beings 🙂 make mistake. It is better that Mr. Sangesh alerted to LIN Editor & the clumsy mistake got CORRECTED in time.


  15. Hello Sangesh,

    The photographer of ‘Janai Purnima’ has been edited. Thank you for your mail and comment. Wish you all the best for the nominees.

    LIN Editor.

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