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One Day Vipassana Meditation Session

Route Kathmandu >> Mahadevbesi >> Kathmandu
Date 19th December, 2015
Outing Duration 3 hours
Coordinator Lekhnath Bhusal
Participants Aakash Guragai, Abhinayak Swar, Ayush Mishra, Gautam Acharya, Lekhnath Bhusal, Mohan Thapa, Prasanna Pandey, Santosh Prajapati, Suraj Nepal
Report By Ayush Mishra, Suraj Nepal
Photos By Suraj Nepal, Aakash Guragai, Gautam Acharya
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey
Edited by Prasanna Pandey

Ayush MishraAyush Mishra

Day started with the most difficult task, waking up early in winter morning. We had to dig in deep to overcome this and our journey began with twisting roads of Thankot and Nagdhunga.
We landed our wheels in Mahadevi Besi early, following our shoe traces to the top of the hill in a journey which totaled to about an hour and a half.

The first thing that captured our minds was the scenic view of the place. The hospitality shown by the residents after arriving to the destination was simply heart-warming. A breakfast diet of brown rice pudding and fried potato warmed us into the world of meditation. Silently we entered the meditation room which was perfectly secluded from the humdrum of day to day life.

Concentration – a powerful element of meditation was soaking into me but as I was new to this, that element resembled potholes in Kathmandu roads (not stable). But somehow I managed to concentrate my effort on this purely divine feeling.

Our soul is like a wild elephant, it travels wherever it wants, but it needs to be tamed to see the real joys of life.

This initial session was followed by a homely cooked lunch, which was delicious. We then had our interactions with Lekhnath. I found his wisdom regarding human nature to be really enlightening. One of the most powerful words of him was, “Our soul is like a wild elephant, it travels wherever it wants, but it needs to be tamed to see the real joys of life”.

We again reconnected with the spiritual world of concentration without allowing our thoughts to diverge. But the sad thing I came to realize was that thoughts have a way of showing their presence thus making me vulnerable to web of random issues (in deerwalk talk).

Our session concluded with the words of spiritual words of a Guru (prabachan). While returning from this heavenly place to Kathmandu something reminded me that we have to take care of our mind in the same way we take care of our body. From this experience, I started the journey to realize why meditation is getting so popular these days. As the day ended I came to realize that the way to true joys of life is through our divine soul and which can only be known through meditation.

Suraj NepalSuraj Nepal

I assume that no one wants to get up at 5 in this winter season, but I did as I like to enjoy novelty. I have not been to any meditation sessions but I am also not totally oblivious. I have read and watched several videos on meditation and I am fascinated by it.

Our Journey began from my home as I was the first candidate to get into van. We picked up rest of the participants on the way and left Kathmandu around 8 am and headed toward our destination point, Bhikkhu Sadhana Sthal located on the way to Ranibari from Mahadevbesi. On reaching Mahadevbesi we hiked uphill for around 30 minutes with some groceries. Aakash, another participant, added fun to the outing by cracking jokes intermittently. Gautam was another participant who didn’t want to get captured by the camera but shared his previous experience of the place. Prasanna was another participant who appeared reticent and devoted to meditation.

Our schedule consisted of about 3 hours of mediation with an hour and a half long break in between for lunch. In the time that I was meditating, I had a different feeling. I was finding it very hard to observe inhalation and exhalation from the pores of my nose. The few moments that I was able to fully concentrate are inexplicable. A sense of tranquility, peace of mind and a funny amiable feeling that I have never experienced before were the worthwhile gifts for me that day.

A sense of tranquility, peace of mind and a funny amiable feeling that I have never experienced before were the worthwhile gifts for me that day.

Among a few remarkable things for me that day, one was an inspiring speech from Lekhnath, our co-ordinator for the session who appeared like an ascetic but was mostly altruistic. Entire day was peaceful and pleasant. The ambiance complemented our state of mind and inspired us to meditate.

For me, mediation is a perfect way to achieve control over mind, cynic thoughts and get rid of other mental overheads. If practiced correctly, it can bring positive and motivating vibes within a small time frame. Being in software business, we are required to concentrate mentally for extended periods of time and meditation also helps in this regard. I want to thank the organizers who gave me this opportunity to experience an almost divine feeling and be devoid of selfishness.

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