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Village Woman

village Woman
222. Village Woman
Photo By: Milan Lamichhane
Posted Date: 25th June 2008

This photo was taken during one of the hiking trips. It is very common in village that most of the women have a smoking habit without knowing the consequences. In this picture an old lady is smoking a cigarette while resting after collecting grass for her domestic animals.

Camera: Olympus C765UZ @ 26.4mm and f3.2

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0 thoughts on “Village Woman

  1. I don’t agree that women in villages have a smoking habit without knowing its consequences. All of us know Smoking is bad, and actual people who know that are the smokers themselves. In the cities also, these days u can see plenty of women with smoking habits despite have a good knowledge and understanding of its effects. And Cancer is such word that has reached each and everyone’s ear, so i can say everyone is aware of it, but…

  2. Such a nice shot!!! Very well captured.

    May be she was trying to blow away her exhaustion into smoke ❗

  3. I can even feel the gentle breeze that’s teasing the smoke of her cigarette. It’s a beautiful picture that portrayed lush green environment of village during monsoon (August 2006) and life of village women. Playful smile on her face add energy to this picture. I would like to know name of this village. Hiking where ??

    Technically this picture is perfect… exposure and depth of field (sharpness). However, I feel that including the other woman at right whose legs can be seen in the picture with a bundle of grass in doko would make this picture even stronger to support its description. Both of them are the main subject. Just moving little to the left could cover both women within the frame and more importantly Milan can capture ‘expression’ on their faces as well.

    Anyway, Good shot! Milan. Keep it up.

  4. Wow !
    nice shot for the nice Life In Nepal index (a palindrome number – 222) 🙂

    Smoke feather is telling us a lot about the mild wind blow… ehe i just felt it.

    Why is she smiling is mysterious but more than that … is that a leech at her feet? 😯

  5. Well captured! Smoke of the cigarette stand-out on green background very interestingly.
    Nice Shot!

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