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Victorious Candidates of CA Polls

 Yes…our first ever historic constituent assembly poll has happened productively on April 10 (Chaitra 28) across the country in encouraging and credible manner. However, the debates are going on whether or not the election has happened peacefully fearlessly and fairly. It is for sure that the polls could not free from some intimidations, threats and malpractices in different booths resulting the cancellation of more than 100 booth centers of some districts. By and large, we can sum up that the election was happened peacefully, fairly and fearlessly judging the scenario of Election Day.

It is believed that an encouraging number of women or more than 50 per cent women voters had gone to cast their votes in CA polls. An encouraging number of voters from marginalized groups, suppressed areas, ethnic groups, dalits etc. have used their ballots for choosing their right candidates and they have meticulously shown their maturity in casting their votes.  For making our historic first ever people’s constitution, Nepali people have sent their chosen candidates as their representatives and they are hopeful that from now on the country will not suffer again with social, economic, cultural and political injustices, inequality and inhumane behaviors.

With the great hopes and expectations, people have given their  verdict to CPN- Maoist and there are positive challenges ahead as CPN- Maoist chairperson Prachanda said on the shoulder of CPN- Maoist to make it happen as expected by the people of Nepal. No matter which party has won the elections, the whole Nepali People have won in real sense. All other political parties have to look the election results through this perspective and they must be happy with the happening of our most awaited CA polls in the name of people’s victory over tyranny and atrocity.  Thus, all political parties must work together to make our people’s constitution more meaningful. And, the people verdict has also directed the political parties to do as accordingly.

Elected Women Candidates in CA Polls:

For the first time in the history of Nepal, 180-196 elected women candidates (result yet to come) will be there in our first ever constituent assembly, which may ensure 33% women representation in constituent assembly. Out of 240 candidates in FPTP electoral system, a total of 29 (12.08%) women candidates have been elected from CPN- Maoist, Nepali Congress, CPN- UML, Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) and Terai Madhes Democratic Party (TMDP) and there is an election provision of at least 50 per cent  assured-women from PR based electoral system. For the first time, Muslim woman has won the election.

Out of total 29 elected women candidates, 23 are from CPN- Maoist, 2/2 each are from Nepali congress and MPRF and 1/1 each are from CPN- UML and TMDP.  Meanwhile, CPN- Maoist, Nepali Congress, CPN- UML, MPRF and TMDP had given 42, 26, 27, 3 and 4 women candidacies in FPTP electoral system.  Out of 42 women candidates of CPN- Maoist, 23 (54.76%) women are elected, that means 9.58 % in a total of 240 candidates.

In CA polls, 26 women have defeated the male contenders and 3 women have defeated the female contenders. Similarly, 296 women candidates could not secure a seat for constituent assembly from 54 political parties. No Women independent candidates have secured a seat in CA Polls.

Congratulations to all the victories women of CA polls who have proved that if they are given the opportunity they can compete with anyone for the establishment of their rights. We all are honored with the victory of women candidates. Their participation in Constituent Assembly will definitely bring meaningful and remarkable contribution for establishing equal and just society. We are hopeful that the victorious women will take part meaningfully in making our People’s Constitution through gender perspective considerations.

Party-wise Descriptions:                              

For this CA polls, 54 political parties had contested and out of them only 9 political parties have secured seats in FPTP electoral system and 45 political parties remained vacant in securing a seat.  Previous parliamentary parties- Rastriya Prajatantra Party, CPN-Unified, CPN- ML, CPN-United and Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Anandadevi) could not secure a seat in FPTP electoral system.  However, these all parties are going to represent in constituent assembly through PR electoral system.  Securing a total of 120 seats in FPTP, CPN- Maoist became the first largest party. Similarly, Nepali Congress became the second largest and CPN- UML became the third largest parties by securing 37 and 33 seats respectively in FPTP. Likewise, two Madhesi parties- MPRF and TMDP have secured 30 and 9 seats respectively in FPTP.  Other political parties- Sadbhawana Party (SP), People’s Front Nepal (PFN), Nepal Workers’ Peasants Party (NWPP) and National People’s Front (NPF) have secured the seats of 4, 2, 2 and 1 respectively. There are 2 independent winning candidates in FPTP electoral system.

Inclusion View Point:

This CA poll became successful in maintaining inclusion phenomena. 76 ethnic minorities (indigenous nationals) have won the election in a total of 240 seats.  Out of 76 winners, CPN- Maoist has 53, CPN- UML has 11, Nepali Congress has 9, NWPP has 2 and PFN has 1 ethnic minority candidates. From Bramim and Chhetri 100 candidates have won the election on which CPN- Maoist has 56, Nepali Congress has 21, CPN- UML has 20, PFN has 1, NPF has 1 and MPRF has 1 candidate.  From Hilly region, 5 dalit candidates have won the election belonging to CPN- Maoist.

There will be a remarkable representation of Madhes communities in constituent assembly. A total of 59 Madhes-community-candidates have won the election from different political parties in FPTP on which 6 candidates belong to Muslim community.

Out of a total 29 winners of MPRF from Madhes, there are 3 Muslim, 1 hilly based and 25 Madhesi candidates. All the winners of TMDP and SP are Madhesi candidates. In Terai region, CPN- Maoist, Nepali Congress and CPN- UML could not secure good results. Including 1 dalit, CPN- Maoist has 6 Madhesi, including 1 Muslim, CPN- UML has 2 Madhesi and including 1 Muslim, Nepali Congress has 7 Madhesi winning candidates.  Both independent winners are from Madhes Community on which 1 candidate is Muslim.

 Finally, congratulations to  all the victories candidates of different political parties. People have expected a lot from you and are hopeful that you all will never let down the spirit and the verdict of people in making our first ever people’s constitution. We are hopeful that in constitution making process, you all will act and participate actively with the spirit and verdict of people through people centered aspirations under social, economic, cultural and political justices.  

All the Best to All of You and the Nepali People for Making New Nepal !

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