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Dovan Rai


Vagina Monologues in Kathmandu

“I say vagina because I want people to respond,” says playwright Eve Ensler, creator of the hilarious, disturbing soliloquies in The Vagina Monologues. And respond they do–with horror, anger, censure, and sparks of wonder and pleasure.*

The Vagina Monologues is an Obie Award-winning episodic play based on interviews with over 200 women about their real memories and experiences …

of sexuality and gives us real stories of intimacy, vulnerability and sexual self-discovery.

Trading off between light-hearted, shocking and pit-of-the-stomach disturbing, the play covers hair, scents, masturbation, sex, orgasms, secretions, periods, birth, mutilation, rape, what we call vaginas, what they would wear if they got dressed, what they would say if they talked, etc. Acknowledging that vaginas do exist, it’s a reconnection of sorts, making us aware that vulvas are a part of women and sacred, connected to the mind and not a shameful thing.
The Vagina Monologues has been celebrated as the symbol for women generation and of their desire of speaking publicly about their sexuality. It represent a global movement to stop violence against women and girls, is a catalyst that promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations.
The Vagina Monologues grew into V-Day, an international grassroots movement to stop violence against women and girls. V-Day generates broader attention for the fight to stop violence, including rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation and sexual slavery.

The Vagina Monologues have already been performed in 80 countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Palestine, Israel and Iraq.

Through its global campaign, local volunteers perform The Vagina Monologues to focus the attention of their community on violence towards women.

This is a complete and utter celebration of being female and of female sexuality, as well as a plea to stop violence against women.

When I first read that international acclaimed The Vagina Monologues was going to be played in Nepal, I got very excited.

As the V-day came, I entered the nearly full hall with great anticipation.
The Monologues was performed at the initiation of Helpnepal, an organization working in the field of women’s rights with the help of UNDP and others.

The stage was minimally designed and a bold wooden sculpture of a women with displayed vagina was placed at the right corner .
A total of fourteen monologues were presented .
But the volunteer amateur actresses seemed ill prepared and failed to create an impact that the monologues have internationally. There was no intensity in their voice and spontaneity in body language. Some were too high, some too slow and none seemed connected with the issue they were performing.
The slouched backs and bowed head stood as antithesis of V-Day movement.
But I do really appreciate their courage to come in front of the mass and speak the lines .

I was expecting to see our local celebrities joining boldly in this global movement.But as I happened to know that they ditched at the last moment out of hesitation, I felt pity towards our closed conservative society where no prominent names dared to get their names associated with the campaign already been joined by world wide celebrities like Jane Fonda, Souad Amidou, Nadia Amiri, Cate Blanchett, Christine Boisson, Naomi Campbell , Glenn Close, Serena Dandini, Julie Depardieu, Assia El’Hannouni, Melissa Etheridge, Sabrina Ferilli, Isabella Ferrari, Calista Flockhart, Jane Fonda, Valeria Golino, Melanie Griffith, Sabina Guzzanti, Salma Haiyek, Annie Lennox , Joan Osborne, Sherri Parker Lee, Rosie Perez, Carole Pope, Romina Power, Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Catherine Spaak, Meryll Strip, Valentine Varela, Oprah Winfrey, etc.

And because our society is a such closed and conservative one, I see greater significance of this movement in our society.
Because we women are still ashamed of our sexuality, because we are made ‘untouchables’ when we menstruate, because we still are too afraid to disclose our abusive uncles, because we are too hesitant to defend against the harassing passenger, because we still remain silent over the molesting husbands, because we women are too afraid, too naive and too weak to respect , defend and celebrate our own body and sexuality, we have to talk about ‘vagina’ and celebrate ‘vagina monologue’.

Though disappointed with the quality of performance, I applaud the organizers for making an effort to break the silence.

As my support to this global campaign, I would like to add my own lines:

आजित भएर, क्रुद्द भएर ,
मेरो मनमा बाधिएका मर्यादाका पराया सांग्ला,
अनि मेरो पेवा शरिरमाथि तेर्सिएका लाजका ताल्चा,
सबै तोडेर,
मैले मेरो नया परिचय बनाएको छु,
निर्लज्ज, चरित्रहिन अनि स्वतन्त्र ॥

note: references taken from various sites *www. Amazon.com

196 thoughts on “Vagina Monologues in Kathmandu

  1. Hiya, I am really glad I’ve found this info. Today bloggers publish just about gossips and internet and this is really annoying. A good website with exciting content, that’s what I need. Thank you for keeping this site, I’ll be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Can not find it.

  2. Topic to bring out is nice.But one problem i see is the male dominated society.Female are dominated themselves from their family and the new family they can join after.V-day celebration is what i understand is a talk about the openness of women in terms of sex,that doesnt should take us to nudity.A simple way to handle it is our internal organs are so much hidden that all are shy to express their internal feelings.That applies to all men also,but one often targets a girl/women if they are found talking on those issues.Bringing such things as a simple issue and amending a correct law can be a good solution.This things are not a big deal to west countries as with the asian countries.All that depends is on our belongings and society and our perception.

  3. Good effort, Dovan!

    I can say for myself,It is clear to me, crystal clear. But one thing is for sure, this male dominated third world of ours have people poisoned from its root.

    You already are facing lots of hard nuts.Imagine What it would be like when it comes with the rest (58% of illiterate ones). It is like battling against the sea.

    It takes time for every thing, as one of the bloggers have pointed out that now the female are picking up and it is true.

    But it isn’t always wise to think that whatever made in west, when lands up in our world in first hand should make a positive impact as it had in its origin or other region which do not have the same society as ours. I think, we should also make consideration for the constrains.

    Well said with your points, and just jerk off those few idiots, they are just dust in your clothes.

    You should cheer up! Y chromosome do not have much life in this world, female are going to outlast male.

  4. M-Day,P-Day,V-Day, V2-Day, ?-Day (watever day): They are there for making people think about it. Offensive or defensive, I, personally like it. Many of us might have thought, it’s not the right time to have such -V days- but tell me, who on this earth knows when is the right time ??

    My request would be not to overUSE it. Act with purpose. Act with self discretion.

  5. आजित भएर, क्रुद्द भएर ,
    मेरो मनमा बाधिएका मर्यादाका पराया सांग्ला,
    अनि मेरो पेवा शरिरमाथि तेर्सिएका लाजका ताल्चा,
    सबै तोडेर,
    मैले मेरो नया परिचय बनाएको छु,
    निर्लज्ज, चरित्रहिन अनि स्वतन्त्र ॥

    Well done Nepali Tashlima. I appreciate your views. I don’t know when and to what point the sex revolution ends. May be it ends up with the breaking of the last chains of human sex civilization. I am afraid because i don’t have much courage to loud for breaking the last chain.

  6. Maynn … do u guys write software at all or just blog all day?? I thought D2 hired software engineers but seems like there are more politicians around … lol … miss the good old days of writing software … leave the policies to politicians and focus on creating software …. or else someone might suggest we create a M day … M for masturbation of course … lol … yeah …. just lighten up Dovan Ji. You can’t let a comment here and there dishearten you especially since you have a long way to go …

  7. monicafan and other sexist, misogynist, chauvinist idiots,

    can’t u find some better logical way to show your disapproval and difference.

    why r u guys making such nonsense, irrelevant comments.. and offensive personal remarks

    monicafan, so u find monica the role model for all girls? better than Hillary Clinton ???

    god.. height of idiocy..

  8. look at her other article where she is greedy of models their soap ads and here she shows everything in open, the inside story. She has used the term harrassment as if Monica could not impeach the world’s most powerful man after she did the thing with the president in the office. Dovan, you can be another monica!! If possible remove this article,so far so good.

  9. The thing I have noticed in this thread is TAKING OUT ALL THE SEXUAL FRUSTRATIONS specially by the LADIES.

    xMen, can u please clarify your statement ???
    if possible with facts and logic…

  10. This post should be suspended! It’s heading in sexual and the vulgar way. Only above 18 years old can read this thread.

    The thing I have noticed in this thread is TAKING OUT ALL THE SEXUAL FRUSTRATIONS specially by the LADIES.

    They are all bounded with there conservative family background and their culture.

  11. Many people say that women of Nepal do not yet have equal rights for education, and property …so, it seems too early and elitist to demand for sexual liberation..

    ” Domestic rapes, sexual harassment, abuse by relatives, teachers, …ban on widow marriage.. ”

    Why such evident serious problems do remain always under shadow??
    because the victims are too shy to take such issues in the light…

    Vagina monologue is a symbolic outrage to address such issues… (this does not imply that women should start chattering about their vagina on the streets or sleep with any guy found on the bar … )

    Regressive and Incremental people appear to be optimist and say that human civilization will gradually and automatically evolve to better future…

    But without raising voice and without struggling, is there any instance that oppressed have been liberated…

    women had to come on the streets to demand for the voting rights, they had to be labeled witch for getting education, and they are still fighting for the property and citizenship rights…

    Because our society is such sexist and conservative one, I may not enjoy the sexual freedom.
    My voice may seem to be lost in void..
    But even to grant my daughter the liberation , I have to raise these issues NOW …

  12. यो अति स्त्रीवादी दोभानलाई स्त्री लम्पट लोग्ने पर्छ अनि थाहा हुन्छ

  13. I went through the all comments and found Dovan depereate to leberat herself and all women from social boundaries like in the west.Thats good but living in Nepal, I guess she wont be able to practise her sexual freedom during her life coz it takes time to change.Things are changing day by day, if you compare now and 10 years ago, things have changed a lot that could be seen at least in kathmandu.So, thing going to be changed irrespective of V day or not.
    May be dovan’s daughter will get chance to practise such freedom.
    If You want to practice such freedom rite now,
    go to USA or west, you can have three some or 4 some or even join swingers club your wish nobody cares……

  14. Oh pawan I like when you talk about V day its so bold, its so manly.Pawan likes to talk about V day.Pawan likes to laugh.Pawan likes to cry when two of his posts were taken out.Pawan lets start a P day don’t get me wrong ‘Pawan’ day just for pawan.Where he can bash and smash his sacred thing.Don’t get me wrong you can do that and we will celebrate ‘P’ day all night long.

  15. Out of the few people that hit this page 80% dont have a clue what V-day is, and majority of the rest care less. Would it even be effective if it is practiced? would anyone even bother to understand the core as we can see here.. If there is no outcome from an action, i think it’s better to wait for the right time.. take it slow and wait for the right time.. so as to make it effective

  16. nice article…….
    but i think here should be mass of females to make this campaign powerful….

  17. Well, she post her article to SHOCK people–so she claimed. but she was totally unprepared for SHOCK AND AWE from bloggers. With little help from administrator, she prevented two of my posts no this atricles. That proves, when it come to opposint view, she is no different. its killing the spirit of blog.

  18. Dear Bloggers

    About the comment to be published or not:
    We would like to inform you all that, the author of the article has full rights over his/her article. So administrator has not much involvement but in extreme cases the administrator has rights to maintain the healthy environment in the Blog.

    FYI: There is automated system to check and balance the words whether it is categorized as a vulgar or not; and if gets categorized then can not be seen.

    Thank you
    EU Administrator

  19. Vagina Monologues is a radical attempt. So it is normal that majority of people do not find it appropriate.
    It is a good thing that people have expressed their difference in a sensible and descent way.
    We all learn and grow through views different from our own.

    One of the aim of this play is to SHOCK too. Women openly discussing about their sexuality is shocking and fearsome.
    It is understandable that some guys get so feared that they jump to offence .

    But some people have taken this play and this blog as platform to express their perverted mental state.
    So many irrelevant offensive comments were posted to the level of sexual harassment.
    Such comments do not only deviate the discussion towards wrong direction but also are disgraceful for this site.

    Such comments have thus been removed.

  20. Why loose our head over this. I have a proposition.Lets put ‘Caligula’ on show and see how many of these charitrahin hypocrite girls will
    have enough balls to show up for the show since they sooo like to break from shyness.After that we can talk about our respective private parts and whatever for many days to come, as you girls think that it liberates you. Girls, say whatever you like, boys will be boys and thats the way it is.Don’t try comparing yourself with boys.
    P.S. I wonder if any one of you can avail ‘Caligula’.

  21. It is always hard to swallow and understand why in the name of emancipiation and equlaity, women start replicating all the bad traits a men have. For example, swearing, drinking, smoking…. Instead of teching men not to do these, it is sad to see that they are once again being victim…………

  22. it was more of a ‘general’ statement.. men do talk frankly about their private parts than women.. i am no way tellin ‘each’ and everybody does… and i couldnt agree with dovan more. its fun and priviledge for men to go talk about their parts and when a female does it, it’s shame and everybody’s like ‘chyaaaaaa .. k vanya!! ‘.. cmon!!

    all these petty and silly criticisms going no where..

  23. “I don’t think they talk about their own property ;), rather than a lovely “vagina” “

    balls and penis are glorious property and ‘vagina ‘ is some lovely prey.
    Penis for men is a glorious plaything, ‘vagina’ for women is a liability. Family, society and her husband have more authority over it than herself.
    So, the main theme of ‘vagina monologues’ is to declare their claim over their own ‘vagina'(vagina here is symbol of their sexuality.)

    hyaaa… eutai kura katti vannu..

    This is a world defined by men. So u guys may find women’s issues irrational .

    but at least try to grasp the theme rather than make your own silly intepretation…

    hey guys ,sometimes think from your brain..not balls

  24. Chya!!! aajkaal ka keti haru…kasto kasto kura garna sakya hola…malai ta laaj laagyo…btw yo “balls” bhaneko ke ho..huh??

  25. Hmm, I don’t remember talking about my privates with guys that recently. I do remember when I talked about someone else’s privates (a “she” someone else) with guys though … yesterday, and the day before, and the day before, and the day before, and the day before, and the day before, and the day before …. 🙂

  26. I think now Shreeya has realized where she has turned the steering of the blog by her post.

    May be this LAW applies here:
    In every action there is equal and opposite reaction

    lolz 🙂


  27. “we are generally shy and donot talk about vaginas as much as men talk about their balls and penis..”

    I wonder how Shreeya knew that the men talk about their balls and penis? I don’t think they talk about their own property ;), rather than a lovely “vagina”

  28. well well… quite a stir isnt it!! and it has gone off in ALL the wrong tangent… from sexuality to personal attacks and to what nots.. well i had gone to watch the play myself and i was excited by the ad itself. i was curious as what it was all about as we seldom talk about vagina.. however as dovan pointed out it was very poor in performance and i hadnt even stayed for the whole play to tell the fact.

    well… its all about perspective.

    V-day holds different purposes for different people. It has been panned, derided and also praised worldwide. i think V-day holds significance in any country and nepal should be no exception to that. its not about showing your nudity, talking about vaginas or vulvas for that matter. for me it was not even about ‘women liberation’ or sexual liberation.. it was all about breaking the ‘shyness’. we are generally shy and donot talk about vaginas as much as men talk about their balls and penis.. no one can deny that.. that is the reason why instances of phrases like ‘playing with balls..’ or giving penis an ‘alias’ is so common and everybody knows it and i think no one can deny that.
    having said that, i no way mean i want to go jabbering about vaginas and all.. the main essence of Vagina monologue was breaking the shyness and monologues of women who had something to say about it.. though few of them were quite weird and funny as well..

  29. malai thaha cha ‘d2 ko keti’ ko ho vanera..
    tara ma vandina… kasailai ni navannu vaneko cha 😀

  30. Anjana, I told you that just to provoke you to participate in this EU as I know you have a very good writing skill. I read some of you articles before. Good job and don’t take it otherwise.

  31. Btw, this comment is particularly for Nilesh ji with very little relation to the main article.
    I do not understand why you think that I am ‘d2koketi’. There I see what you think of me.

    I think I have enough guts to use my real name instead of hiding myself behind a pseudo name .

    Ani besides, d2koketi may not really imply: “gal from d2”.

  32. Atleast, here it is getting the deserved attention.

    I have not seen this monologue, however by reading this blog and discussion, one thing is clear to me; one can not run without learning to crawl. Here we are talking about taking a giant leap. No wonder we are going to fall and break our neck. In order to crawl, it is better to find or produce some stories in Nepalese context, since we are dealing with sensitive cultural issues.

    Paradoxically, no one including grannies hesitates to go to temples where there are many nude statues. In my mind this should be capitalized to achieve the desired results, instead of borrowing western ideas in vanilla form.
    It is entirely possible that I am totally out of context here.

  33. Now she needs encouragement from some ‘dai’. This is a hypocracy at its best.

    They expect man’s shoulder when they are in sorrow, want their man to protect them when they are in trouble, they want their man in bed at time, ask man to prove they are good at bed. they want their man to take them out for dinner every weekend and yet they talk male chauvinism rest of of time. This is nothing but female chauvinism invented by arrogant female nudists.

    There is no harm discussing female sexuality or displaying it. But what if then liberation left women without femininity all together.

  34. I totally agree that Nepal needs to break out of this “closed and conservative” society as pointed by the author. But I don’t agree that a stage show having a presumptuous name such as a “Vagina Day” will be help in liberating Nepalese women from these chains of gender discrimination. The initiative taken by the organizers of V-Day is commendable, but I do not feel that talking publicly about the female sex will help in making our society more open and non-conservative towards the fairer sex. We need to eradicate bias social practices of women and we need to build up the courage to fight against injustice such as rape, sexual abuse or even a verbal abuse. If V-day was moving for a social cause, was it really necessary to discuss vagina and vulva?? And let’s say, sexual education IS also necessary to aid its motive, then was the sexual orientation of males also discussed? I did not attend the function, but I doubt its effectiveness in Nepal or would I have known better if I had attended?

    This campaign may have been successful elsewhere, but I doubt its bold content to be of any significance in a country like Nepal. Certain cultural and social practices in Nepal need to be modified while also safeguarding its very essence that we Nepalese identify with. I feel that campaigns to increase literacy and education for ALL, irrespective of the gender, would be of more value in our country. Education, whether formal or vocational, will help make people capable enough to analyze what is justice and what is not and then all they need is the courage to fight it. Literacy would certainly bring about the change needed, though time will have to be the compromising factor. My point is, while we need to get freed from the social injustice together with getting educated on sex, we need to respect our social and cultural values that prevent us from publicly discussing sex. Call me a typical conservative Nepalese female, but I was definitely not comfortable seeing the so called “V-Day” advertisement in the daily newspaper. And I am not just talking about “women liberation” here, I would feel the same if I had seen some other “P-Day”. I bet there are many men out there who feel the same.

    Commenting on the low participation of women in the “limelight”, let us carry a positive attitude. If we were considering few years back, I don’t think we would have a Dovan writing this article and we would have had to hunt to find a Mohana Lohani. You can simply consider the growing number of females at D2 itself. The ratio of female participation is less but is definitely on the rise.

  35. Nilesh dai, thank you for the encouragement. 🙂

    “Last time we went to NEC and I found three rows of boys and only four girls. After the session, few boys came to talk to us but no girls. You girls really need to speak up.”

    Why? Why women, the natural conversationalists do not speak up and choose to be always away from limelight.Why they appear unsure and unconfident?

    Biologically, Women are less keen on affirming their individuality and have less combative instinct.
    Besides this, there are many social and psychological factors.

    ’a girl should be like this, should act like this , feel like this, think like this……’
    Being bound within such exhausting strict set of disciplines(too much discipline makes u dull), being cringed to fit in the suffocating standard of femininity, being set in the delusive role of the ‘other’, their exploratory and adventurous spirit withers away and the bright extrovert little girls grow up to be dull shy ones.

    Deep down, the problem lies in the acceptance of female sexuality which ‘vagina monologues’ has tried to address.
    Any attempt of ‘women liberation’ is insufficient and hypocritical without their ‘sexual liberation’.

  36. Ooophs!! As things are going off the track, I must say something here.

    1. It is good to come up with your ideas and demand for rights. Every individual has right to ask for rights. So asking for women rights is acceptable and encouraged to do so.
    2. V-Day is controversial not only in conservative society like ours, but also in the west, where you find all the catholic church circles trying and banning from performing this monologues. As I read in the net, I came to know that some students even tried to celebrate P-Day and they were badly discouraged. As I said before that we are allowing this only because some of us are ignorant and some of us want to raise fund and some of us think that this is the right way to do it. All are not equal.
    3. Let us all be very polite in responding to articles. We are discussing and debating here, but mind, we are not quarrelling.
    4. Girls are different form Boys. Yes that is true. Most of them are socially abused and they need an extra hand to come out. For that women also need to walk an extra step to be equally competing with men. If you do that, then I am sure you will find many more Mohana Lohanis in D2 and probably the headcount will also be more. Last time we went to NEC and I found three rows of boys and only four girls. After the session, few boys came to talk to us but no girls. You girls really need to speak up.This is my answer to Dovan’s question.
    5. Lastly I appreciate Dovan for posting this article and encourage all others to be as bold. Not using a nickname while posting replies might just a breakthrough in the fight against women rights.

  37. Celebrating the female nudity can not go unnoticed and unappriciated. Many poems were written and many sculptures were created in appriciation of female nudity. This is nothing to do with male chauvinism or oedipus complex and definately not recist.

    The comment by ‘anonymous’ is sounds like an arrogant nudist.

  38. In Dovan’s defense, the MCP thing was justified. I was being an MCP when I wrote that comment about feminists being ugly. Everyone needs to lighten up, really. And by the way, UTERUSFallopioanTuBE, what are you writing? I can’t understand a single word you’re saying in any of your comments. Could you at least punctuate?

  39. Dear Dovan, you used MCP above it can FCP, because FCP can write MCP, otherwise, it is direct attack to gender. Without Males whom you hate so much, I could not have gave birth to you..I forgot, You can change your organ and produce more generations without males..I am in London and have seen many of those kinds..UN is always correct? if it participates somewhere. if UN organized a program on telling good males, dovan would have got a male buddy who worships her sacred part.Regarding other daughter Anonymous,read dovan’s top comments on vulva and decide what it harms in being sexist. It looks Dovan hates males so much if she is my daughter that if she/he gets a male buddy she will kill him/her for supporting male. Watch out! do not blame my feminist activist daughter if some male is physically hurt.

  40. well, let us not fall into fighting with each other and missing the whole point. i think the point is that vagina monologues is an important play (and if you don’t agree, you have some serious issues – perhaps unresolved odepial issues or childhood abuse – for god’s sake, even the UN was part of the organizing team). as for some utterly sexists comments, particularly by lpk, search deeper into your soul. lastly, do not jump into making comments without knowing what the play is about. it is NOT about being naked in public or on stage, though it is about celebration the female form i.e. nudity.

    with bigots like you making up the Nepali middle-class, little wonder our country is so screwed, racist and sexist.

  41. The word “feminist” is a synonym for “ugly” for those:

    – who do not know what ‘feminism’ is
    – proud MCPs (Male chauvinist pigs)
    – who think female beauty lies in their ‘weakness’ and ‘submission’

  42. I do not see anybody putting offensive comments here other than the shameless disposition of the original writer which modified the theme of monologue : monologue did not want women to be shameless, characterless as the monologue writer agreed, but, the monoluge Narrator has modified the theme of Monologue to support own want i.e. to become characterless and shameless by breaking away all covers, chains…as originator of poem describes it.It truly reflects the writer’s identity and expectations by modifying original Monologue theme for his/her own physical benefit to breakthorugh the chains of society.

  43. Nope, i am not Pawan Shrestha(Sorry to disappoint you) and neither am sweat. Well, i was just trying to appriciate ‘the wooden sculpture of a women with displayed…’ no affend.

    About ten thousand years ago, she ruled the earth, men used to worship her … you know what.(am just trying to avoid the ‘UN-CENSORSHIP’ here). Just google ‘Catala Hayek’ you will know what i mean. She can rule it again.
    mantra is:
    यत्र तत्र सर्बत्र
    निर्लज्ज, निर्वस्त्र अनि सतन्त्र ।

  44. I have no intention to personally identifying anybody.

    I am sorry in case personally kasialai kei parna gayo vane.

    My reference to Pawan of D2 was just to make clarification on behalf of him. He is far too sensible and responsible to post the above offensive comment.

    UTERUSFallopioanTuBE , I have no interest in replying u (‘coz i couldnot get your jumbled fumbled words) . But I sugget u to go through vagina monologues to find out that it has different mission than to ‘show internal things in public ‘.

    paayo vandaima, haawama guff hanna ta vayena ni…

  45. Hey, I have an idea. How about an off-broadway play about nice, sensitive guys in Kathmandu who get jerked around by stuck up, cold, reptilian girls who love to tease but never put out?

  46. Dovan, you seem to be personally identifying Bloggers in your personal terms instead of replying my first comment. I think that you were worried that none of the women showed your sacred thing including you during the show. Reply me first as I was the first commenter appreciating the internal beauty of the pious thing. I myself is a women but I do not show my internal things in public I do show showable things in Beaches in Bikini suits that cost me $1000. I gave you the vagina/vulva (unless we women have Vaginigitis, and vulvangitis in , so, we need to show in public to get rid of disease) to be proud of and I gave you birth. Pious things are best kept covered and secure.

  47. Pawanji,
    I forgot to mention that in the play , there were some guys giggling, whistling and passing offensive comments.
    For so many guys, vagina monologues is also some porno stuff. Khai k huncha ho uniharuko dimaagma ‘woman’ vannu bittikai ‘tyahi’ bujhnu parne ‘tyasari’ nai sochnu parne.

    Tapailai thaha nai cha hola ni ‘naari durgako pani roop ho’ . Hosh garnus hai ; )

    Btw, u r not our sweet Pawan of D2, r u?

  48. Dovan’s “But why do you think there are only about 20 girls in this office comprised of about 150 employees?
    And Why not a single female manager?
    Why we have no woman prime minister? ” is a good question to ask.
    Out of 5 billion World population and say 170 countries, Why all 170 Head of State, their 170*20 Ministers/Secretaries, and ALL Top Level Staff say 10% of 5 billion could not be all Women? Is it because that the Organ is responsible in determining Somebody’s Position?Is it because ALL 5 billion People do not know Vagina thing and naked ness? I am not naked but through hard work and less worldly affairs/relationships…I feel that i can succeed.
    Even in Democratic countries in Europe/US not all behave like in English/Hindi/Nepali we call blue Films, if they show nakedness they are/and should be sent behind the bars because whole Global legal System does not allow nakedness showing Genitals to everybody although everybody knows it. We all are naked in our clothes.
    Why Jesus is different from Virgin Mary? Why Adam and Eve thing still persists? Why Mother Lion Protects her children from other animals, and so do all other Mother Animals?
    Who Created TopMost Position Peoples whoever they are? We Males or you females who want to be naked to demonstrate their rights?

  49. Nilesh dai, I am sorry if u get offended by my poem.
    But I feel that u got misinterpretation of the poem. (i too agree that the words are ambiguous)

    Being ‘charitrahin’ is not about undressing and acting shamelessly.
    I agree that there are certain social and moral codes that every human being should follow.
    We need some discipline to create a sane and comfortable society.
    I myself would get disgusted if any guy or girl comes nude in front of me.
    I also agree that as women are biologically more vulnerable , they need to be more careful.

    But I am referring to those ‘moral values’ that are created ‘just for women’.
    ‘charitra’ , ‘laaj’ , ‘maryaada’ all these values are in fact created/ modified to restrict, burden and strangle women.
    As you are a man , you may not realize the pain .
    But why do you think there are only about 20 girls in this office comprised of about 150 employees?
    And Why not a single female manager?
    Why we have no woman prime minister?

    Because women have smaller brains ?

    Because they have to make that journey carrying the baggage of those ‘moral values’.
    They are made too insecure, unconfident, inefficient and finally made appear incompetent.
    The root of all these lies in being ‘women’ and not having ‘a smaller brain’ but having ‘vagina’.

    Not in the sense of shedding off my clothes but in the sense of shedding off the biased chains of ‘charitra’, I am a ‘charitrahin’ .

  50. I agree that talking about sexuality openly is a giant leap for convervative society like ours. You are right. The comment I have made “undress and act shamelessly” is directed to Dovan’s poem not to the monologues. I am not criticizing on the need of sexual liberation. We do need that. I am crticizing those perverted monologes and based on which funds are being raised. These are just disgusting. Please find out what these monologues are comprised of …

    Just for curiosity, why the nickname ‘unifem’ instead of a real name? We are talking about openness here.

  51. the body is very important to women and defines how they think about themselves, more so than men. to make some part of the body (or the word for it) seem inappropriate and vulgar is a subtle form of violence too. even in the comments here, the very mention of ‘vagina’ is equated with “undress and act shameless”. for women to feel comfortable about their bodies it is important to break this taboo. and ‘the vagina monologues’ does just that.

    furthermore, unless women are liberated sexually, they cannot have an equal status to men. sexuality is the key to how we look at gender relations. it has always been assumed that women are “loyal”, have single partners etc, i.e. they are sexually more restricted then men are. while in the west some changes have happened, in the developing world, things remain the same. this was evident in the nervous acting of the play staged in nepal. talking about sexuality openly is a giant leap for places like nepal.

    while the play itself sucked, the very fact that it was staged is a significant moment in nepali history.

  52. V-Day has raised millions of dollars and helped women and girls victimized by domestic violence, but there are many ways of raising funds and helping the needed ones.

    I believe in gendar equality and doing so, I criticize Eve Ensler who thinks that women can be superior to men and can be dominant only because of vagina. This is simply a disgrace to girls and women who can conquer the world based on their knowledge, leadership and affection. Aung San Suu Kyi
    , Condaliza Rice, Hillary clinton, Margarett Thatcher, Melinda Gates and Mother Teresa are just few to name.

    The “V” in V-Day stands for Vagina, Valentine and Victory. This has even tried to intermingle sex with love. All these countries allow such program to raise funds but as I said there are many ways of helping victims of sex than these perverted Monologues. We should give a second thought to this v-day to keep girls and women reputation intact. One cannot be emancipated by isolating from socienty, the true emancipation is to become a part of the society and be free, similary one doesn’t need to undress and act shameless to be free.

  53. Agree and disagree. Why do women think the way they think. Many men, I mean many, think women to be equal or even better half their lives. Men’s life is inccomplete without women and similar is the case for women. No need to practice extra march to be assured of such rights. It is understood and women have right to be remarried, right to quit their husbands and right to slap men if they misbehave. Please pracrtice your rights. Men won’t be teaching you that.


  54. WOW! Dovan you are Superb! I really appreciate your courage. You are the spirit of new woman ‘Nirlaza charitrahin and free’!
    You say मैले मेरो नया परिचय बनाएको छु,
    निर्लज्ज, चरित्रहिन अनि स्वतन्त्र ॥ I say this is the only right path.

  55. I am Uterus combined with fallopian tube, the vital part for creating human beings like you by keeping in me for nine months by nutriting with my blood, and you forgot me.When is V-DAY? you forgot the date. What did you do on the program?
    You said,”But the volunteer amateur actresses seemed ill prepared and failed to create an impact that the monologues have internationally. There was no intensity in their voice and spontaneity in body language. Some were too high, some too slow and none seemed connected with the issue they were performing”. Did they invite you on the stage as these actresses were ill-formed in Presentation? Voilence in any form should be stopped, it is good to raise voices.
    I could not understand what is open non-conservative society? what it wants? Why you want to be shameless when talking about the thing?Where was the program hosted? Was there any advertisement for all to join the ceremony?
    Why they as well as you forgot the uterus more sacred than your thing that you say, you cannot hide, as you want to break free.

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