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USA vs Nepal

In our culture we greet each others with Namaste to show respect. Even though I was born and raised in the same culture, I practically had no idea of its literal meaning, until I saw this video.

NAMASTE : which means “I bow to the common spiritual divinity in you!!”

Sarah, a middle class Californian teenage girl traveled to Nepal in Spring of 2008 with documentary team to film, “Human Right Victim Searching for Justice.” In this journey she happened to travel through my Country Nepal and meet my fellow countrymen.

So here comes the video made by Sarah which has captured simple yet intrinsic difference between Developed Nation like USA and Developing nation like Nepal. Watch this video and tell me what she learned from her travel to Nepal.

I personally feel she saw the world with her own eyes, away from the Shadow and Curtain of Media!!

VIDEO on :http://blog.sajilonepal.com/2008/12/namaste-comparing-usa-vs-nepal.html

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