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Unabsorbed Energy

When I complete my assignment,
When I impress others with my skills,
When I work hard and get nice rewards,
A new energetic wave travels inside me,
Happily unstabilizing my normal emotions.

At such time,
I desperately feel like –
If I had my betterhalf here,
How much I would hug her!
How tight I would hold her with my arms!
How much heavenly I would feel being with her!!!!

I live distance too far away.
Sad I feel,
Missing her in sharing this energy.
How beautiful my mind would have been,
Had I my Juliet here to radiate my energy upon!

God! Please help me make my mind beautiful.
Bringing to me my sweartheart-
For the sake of my unabsorbed energy.
For the sake of fixing a bug residing in a beautiful mind.

79 thoughts on “Unabsorbed Energy

  1. Thank you Shamesh for your comment. Hope you are doing great in D2…. am really missing those D2 days. Hello “pleasechange Spelling”, thank you for your participation in this discussion, but somewhere, you mis-interpreted me. This entry is written in the form of what-would-you-call-it “Sringarik Ras”, the trend introduced by our honourable Yugkabi Motiram Bhatta. Again, I wont get surprised coming across anyone commenting like “Writing in English, but MotiramPath?” This writing talks about my boiling happiness- a feeling of undefined pleasure germinated through a collection of one/many nice events.
    Release of Dopamine, also called pleasure hormone, in brain causes feelings of satisfaction, euphoria etc. So, transforming what was in my mind that time into everestuncensored.org is the aftermath of this event triggered by good things happening with and around me at that time, please don’t take it the other way. At last, I am the priest of individuality-independence; whatever u think and express about an event or person without creating any problem to others, please go for it. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. please change Spelling if Unabsorped should be Unabsorbed in this International site. HaHa, too much of …ual characteristics in you when you succeed, you want to do all things to her. Is she some play tool who agrees to give her body to you just you need. Even wives do not allow their husbands to touch them unless they want. In some cases they have chopped the touching arms of their husbands as we read in news. When you fail, you do not want her. what a nuisance?
    You want to feel her warmth when sleeping, as you do not know even a wife does not sleep with her husband unless she wants it and the husband is deserving one. Are you such husband, such romeo? Else … is not for you.

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