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Uma Maheshwor Temple of Kirtipur

Uma Maheshwor Temple of Kirtipur

554. Uma Maheshwor Temple of Kirtipur
Photo By: Sumit Shakya
Posted Date: 2nd September, 2013

Photo Description:
This picture was taken in Kirtipur. It has an old man leaning on the pillars on which stands the great Uma Maheshwor Temple. The bell is as heavy as the sound it permeates, ringing through the hearts of the innumerable devotees. Kirtipur has a rich history manifested by the numerous temples that were built here; and Uma Maheshwar, a temple dedicated to Shiva and his consort, is one of the most famous of them. One can see a clear vista of Kirtipur and Kathmandu from the footsteps of the temple, a fitting homage to Lord Shiva who watches over his worshippers that reside in the cities.

Camera Specifications:
Camera : Nikon D200
ISO 400
Exposure 1/160
f-stop 4.5
Focal Length 18mm

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  1. Yes Rudra dai i agree with you, that is why we need the new generation to have a mentality where we are moving ahead with the modern world and maintaining our culture and traditions along side, so that we can pass it to the new generations.

  2. Imagine the value of this photo 100 year from now…people will be amazed to see the man sitting next to the bell as the the dress he is on will not be seen in use then.

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