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Himalayan Times reports: Judge suspended for promiscuity
(THT, Oct. 26, 2010 Page 1)
Himalayan News Service
KATHMANDU; The Judicial Council today suspended Pokhara Appellate Court Judge Om Prasad Subedi ………
This is a recent story of a serving Pokhara Appellate Court judge. The main factor behind this news is not his personal affairs as stated but in my opinion, this gentleman has been penalised for speaking the truth. Many people of this world have affairs, some visible and some invisible. In Nepal anything visible is criticised, but the same thing hidden or covered up is accepted. There could be two factors that made this story news. One — on October 10, he criticised CA members when he spoke bluntly, directly and fearlessly in Pokhara. This was his opinion and the voice of the individual must be respected and heard not discouraged. This is what democracy is all about. You can listen to many interaction programmes on FM radio about CA members. There you will hear the people’s voice and their feelings are mostly negative opinions about them. It seems many people do not have good feelings about these members. Subedi said the lawmakers had betrayed their commitment to peace and the constitution and were misusing taxpayer’s money. That is absolutely correct, the whole scenario is chaotic. He said exactly what he felt and saw happening. If there is truly freedom of speech, and a right to expression, then this man should be allowed to speak. A judge is also a citizen of Nepal and a free man. I do not know whether our present judicial system allows judges to use their right as a free person or not. If not then it is biasness and discrimination. So in this scenario CA members not being happy with his statement could have impressed the Judicial Council to suspend this judge.

Point two — This man’s next promotion takes him to Supreme Court as a Justice. Maybe some people got the right opportunity to defame him. This is a total abuse of somebody’s career development and an act of framing a person unnecessarily. This is not surprising though as it happens in Nepal frequently. We talk democracy, but while implementing it we forget what it means. If possible we misuse democracy and it appears to be defined as suits you.

In Nepal these days to speak the truth is very dangerous. An aware, and truthful person is threat to many. People speak half-truth that is worse than a lie. As such, Nepal has been a growing ground for false statement, fake personalities and a place for an untrue bunch of species. There used to be a unique person, Prof. Rajanish (a.k.a. Osho) he was persecuted due to his plain speech, revelation about religion, faces of politicians and their politics, and the truth. His crime was very simple. He used to explain to people clearly and reveal life’s essences. Speculation is, that he was murdered for this. The whole world knows Jesus was crucified for his truth and love of human kind. One must wipe out the truth to cover up a lie. Therefore many people prefer not to speak the truth, they hesitate to do so. Only a daring person speaks the truth as this man did, risking his job and career. In my personal opinion he had been penalised for speaking the truth. But let us remember, truth is like a fire, it burns you. In this world only truth is, lies you have to invent. Truth will eventually always triumph.

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