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Transportation of Highland

385. Transportation of Highland
Photo By: Shutterbug
Posted Date: 7th July 2009

This local mean of transportation which still is in use are getting extinct because of trek route being transformed into motorable road. Vehicles that cruise polluting the pure environment of our highland immensely robbed the charm of trekking from Muktinatha to Jomsom. It seriously disturbs the tourism industry in Annapurna Circuit.

The deep valleys and high mountains encircling the giant Annapurna Himal embrace a wide range of peoples and terrain, from subtropical jungle to a high, dry landscape resembling the Tibetan Plateau. This route is an exceptional way to discover all aspects of the Himalayas, and is the only low altitude passage between the northern and southern Himalayas.

This trek route within Annapurna region follow the old trade route of Nepal Tibet along the bank of the Kali Gandaki and reaches the Mustang border, via Kag Beni.

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  1. It’s always good to have comments which help us to explore new approaches and experiment further for better outcome. Thank you all for creating such opportunities.

    I have intentionally excluded ‘donkey ears’ from the frame as I wanted to express my individual style and identity. I am not sure including donkey ears could enhance my composition or not. May be or may be not. Yes, I didn’t mention about these donkey ‘Transportation of Highland’ because it itself is obvious in the picture. So I let the picture speak and interact.

    Thank you Lenscape for scrutinizing my English all the time and being so keen on how I write my photo caption. I hope you will keep on doing so in the future too. Your suggestions are appreciated.

    Let me share one story:
    While I was in Berlin few months back, I met this very humble photographer called Mr. Kraemer who is in his 80s and has devoted huge chunk of his life photographing a single subject ‘TV Tower of Berlin’. His collection of photographs of this TV Tower is simply beyond imagination. He has been photographing the tower since its construction between year 1965 and 1969. And by now Mr. Kraemer has photographed the TV tower from every possible perspective with Berlin in foreground. I was very fortunate to have him along with me during my second visit to TV Tower.

    After visiting the tower he asked me to show all the pictures that I have taken of this TV Tower. I was surprised to know his interest and at the same time I got bit reluctant to show my pictures because this great photographer must have seen this TV Tower from all possible angles. And it is simply because, ‘every photographer is a unique artist, with a distinctive style, approach and perception’. So, it’s always a learning experience to view other’s work and be interested to comment.

  2. WOW! wonderful capture with perfect backdrop of Himalayan Highland. Wide angle shot most of the time makes me go wow – subjective though 🙂

    The mark of tyres and the electric poles are saying something about the development in rural Nepal. I think its perfectly righteous to build roads to connect to those part of Nepal isolating pure trekking route from it. Environmental impact is yet another topic of discussion.

  3. Pushpa, here is an eye contact. I think you bulls eye. Let’s bicycle for future of the nation and everybody well beings.


  4. Beautiful photograph from Annapurna Trek. Your photography rocks.. man!! keep it up and share more.

  5. Nice shot. As everyone pointed on the the missing ear of donkey that surely distract. And I surely agree with shutterbug view about vehicles polluting our environment. We are paying the price of development.

  6. My eye went straight to the upper right hand coner, may be because of the red color, which is pretty distinct from other parts. The missing part of the donkey has added impact but in a negative way.

  7. Superb shot Shutterbug. Low angle makes the composition very creative and diagonal line created by this high valley Muktinath is very interesting. I agree with Kishor, missing ears of this well decorated donkey has triggered some curiosity within the picture and makes it a unique composition. Hope to see more of your creative shots ahead.

  8. Nice Picture, I like the angle of this shot, contrary to above comments, I think the missing ear of first pony or donkey has added more impact on this shot …. Keep it up

  9. Nice Picture overall. The backdrop has added to the beauty. As suresh said above, I too miss the ear of the first Donkey.

    About the description:

    The first para is sluggish. I know you wrote it. The second para is moving. And I know you have borrowed that from other site. No problem about borrowing. But you should polish the first para so that it is coherent with the second para.

    You should have pointed out something about the animal (Pony or Donkey – or other, as suresh also pointed above).

    Keep sharing…

  10. Nice and Sharp Pic, What i loved about this pic is the angle, and yes i missed the ear of the first “Pony”. I feel the description lacks the details about the subject Transportaion. I,m now sure is it Pony or donkey being used for the transportation.

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