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Top 10 Backpacking Tips for Hikers

Top 10 Bagpacking Tips for Hikers

It’s time for fun, right? If you have decided to go hiking or made travel plans, you have actually started to live. Life is not a destiny to be met, it is the journey to be lived. The world and nature around you is really marvelous, always be ready to hike. You might be excited, nervous and confused for packing your bag, isn’t it?

Never start packing your bag without having deep information about the destination you are going to hike. The place might be glorious, but your hike will be unpleasing, what would be more distressing than this. Here are some bag packing tips for hikers which would help you a lot.

1. Clothes Selection:

If the weather is cold there, keep jackets, trousers, socks, gloves, etc. If there is hot weather, pack light clothes like shorts, loose pants, comfortable T-shirts. If the clothes are comfortable, the whole journey will be entertaining. Also pack clothes according to the hike distance. If you are going for a day hike, you will need less things. But if you have decided to hike for more days, you have to pack the important items accordingly.

2. Navigation:

You might get lost while hiking. Whom will you ask for help in that condition? You will actually know the importance of maps, GPS apps at that time. It is better to install GPS in your cell phone or carry map with you.

3. First Aid Kit:

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Who knows, anything might happen on the way. You may fall. And finding hospitals or medicals in the jungle, is really miraculous. So, be well prepared before and keep medicines, first aid kit in your bag.

4. Sun and Skin Protection:

You have to take care about your own body and health. Take sunglasses, hats and sunscreen with you. Sunglasses and hats will protect your eyes and head from the scorching sun. Before you hike, always keep sunscreen with you. Otherwise, you are lightly to get sun burn. Also, keep moisturizer for your skin protection.

5. Basic Packing hacks:

Prioritize items and manage your items accordingly in the bag. You will find many spaces in your bag. Always divide the items. In this way, weight will be shared and you will feel quite comfortable while carrying the bag.

6. Shelter:

Always keep tents, sleeping bags in your bag. You may need them during your hike.

7. Insect Repellent:

If you have to hike through the forest, you might be attacked by insects. This can also lead to infection. What will you do in such situation? Either you have to stop your tour or continue the painful journey. So, it’s better not to let such situation arise. Carry insect repellent in your bag. It will protect you from insects.

8. Camera for Memory:

Pictures will always refresh your memory and you can memorize your hiking journey forever. Memories can be captured. So, never forget to carry a camera in your bag.

9. Sufficient Water and food:

Forgetting some food items can be considered, but not carrying sufficient water is inconsiderable during hiking or travelling. You can carry fewer water filled bottles with you. You might feel dizziness, nausea and cramps if you eat less during hiking. Keep candy bars, fresh fruits, and peanuts, etc. in your bag. These foods will always make you energetic throughout your journey.

10. Case of emergency:

Carry umbrella, raincoats, and lighters with you before going for a hike or a long tour. The situation might not always favor your journey. So, always be prepared.

Backpacking is certainly a difficult task. We hope, these bags packing tips would make your job a bit easier. Once read it carefully and follow the above mentioned tips. You will easily get your bag packed.

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