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372. Threshing
Photo By: PIXS Angela Coles
Posted Date: 1st June 2009

Interesting , they lay down the sheaves on the road so that the buses and motorbikes have to ride over the grain and do the threshing for them. Such threshing can be seen in many places in Bhaktapur.

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  1. Thanks pawan and suresh for your opinion on HDR effect on this picture. As far as I know, you can produce HDR effect on any picutre (better for high contrasting pictures), not necessarily to be raw or bracketed set of pictures. Just take its underexposed and overexposed pictures (you can do it in photo editing tool) and use them to get HDR images. This is what I\’ve done few times and I was pleased with the result. Anyway, just my thoughts. I\’m also a beginner in photography. Keep sharing.

  2. I think, Threshing word with an e should still remain in the title, and could be extended to “Threshing – Modernized” or other options…., but yes the description should be good for that, describing the traditional way of Threshing. Whatever the picture turned out, the main theme tried to be presented is Threshing here…

  3. yep, Pawan i,m also new and I do agree your comment.
    “The key to HDR is knowing when not to use it.”………………. Nice one..

  4. I disagree with HDR.
    To form an HDR image, you need at least 3 images with different exposures, or a single RAW file for sudo-HDR.
    The above picture is dynamic, meaning most of the subject are in motion – the boy with the cycle tyre, the cyclist other people walking by… Suppose you did take 3 pictures, then when you blend those pictures you will get a ghost effect of all the moving people.

    The key to HDR is knowing when not to use it.

    But again, i m new to photography and might be missing some things. feel free to disagree!

  5. One can only guess this act of thrashing (being done by these two village women) just because caption and description says so. Besides ‘Subject’ is overexposed and has less information to support its caption and description. So, viewers get confuse identifying its main theme. Boy with a rubber wheel, a man on his cycle and pile of bricks behind are some huge distraction of this picture.

    May be view from the opposite side (view from front of these two women) could be a better view-point to click this picture or simply change photo text from ‘Threshing’ to different captions like ‘Way of Rural Life’, ‘simplicity in Rural Life’ .. so on. And if photographer really wants to stick to its main theme as stated in caption then she should have endured little patience waiting for some vehicles or motorbikes to come rolling over those harvest and click shots.

  6. I agree to Lenscape. In addition, HDR effect can revive this picture. Also in description, st should written about boy as he is in unavoidable position in the frame. Still, it’s a good picture.

  7. Sometimes too much light is bad for a picture, which happened here. The texture of the sheaf is lacking. It may be the only option for the photographer (as one can’t wait always for a perfect light).

    The boy with the cycle tire has added life to the picture, but the description could have been improved.

    This picture carries an interesting theme though!! keep clicking and keep sharing…

  8. What i really liked is the “fucche” … playing with the cycle wheel…………
    Pic and Description, not much related……
    check this pic “http://www.flickr.com/photos/7218113@N05/3588072704/” taken in “BandeGaun”

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