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Third Day Summit talks kick off at Baluwatar: Consensus likely by this evening

The third day summit talks between the seven parties and the CPN Maoists have kicked off a short while ago at Prime Minister’s residence in Baluwatar. Top leaders of all eight political parties are participating in the meeting. Leaders have expressed hopes that today’s talks will be decisive.

In today’s talks, the Prime Minister is learnt to have been presenting a three-point new proposal in today’s talks. The new proposal shall be on interim statute, the future of monarchy and arms management.

Earlier this morning, top leaders of major four parties – Nepali Congress, NC (Democratic), CPN (UML) and Maoists met at Baluwatar to resolve the major issues such as arms management, status of monarchy, interim constitution, interim government and legislative.

PM Girija Prasad Koirala, Maoist chairman Prachanda Dr. Baburam Bhattrai, Ram Bahadur Thapa alias Badal and Krishna Bahadur Mahara; UML general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal and NC-Democratic president Sher Bahadur Deuba attended the meeting. Members of government negotiating were also present during the talks. Talks teams of the government and the Maoists also held separate meetings to find consensus in unresolved issues this morning. There are reports that those sittings also could not reach any understanding regarding aforementioned issues. A leader, however, expressed doubt that as those sittings also could not reach any understanding, Thursday talks could make any landmark decision. (Details to follow/3.25pm)
(Pics: Indra Dhoj Kshetri)

Owing to the protests by various professional bodies, civil society and political workers outside the talks venue at Prime Minister’s residence, Traffic movement comes to a standstill at Baluwatar area.

My autonomy: A man in traditional dress participating in the protests demanding racial autonomy.

Own Security: People’s Liberation Army persons give security to the talks venue.

Respect the people’s mandate: protestors

Down with Monarchy

Caught up: Janamorcha Nepal Leader Pari Thapa caught up among the protestors.

Civil Society for peace: Civil society leaders protesting with demand of immediate declaration of polls date and end to the Monarchy.

Nepal hasn’t improved much either: Heaps of garbage accumulated at the distance of 50meters from PM’s residence.

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  1. oh how i hope they reach a consensus… but i don’t see it likely. i’m sure they’ll find something to bicker about again.

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