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The Young Leader…

380. The Young Leader…
Photo By: SurX
Post Date: 19th June, 2009

Description: Chariot festival of White Machchendranath

Held annually, the main feature of this festival is a weeklong chariot procession of Seto (white) Machchhendranath, Buddhist deity of compassion locally known as Janma-dyo. The temple of Janma-dyo is located at, Jana Bahal in the heart of Kathmandu. The deity of compassion is enshrined in the temple courtyard and in the evening of the eighth day of bright lunar fortnight.

Other ceremonies continue for a week. The long chariot decorated with flowers and greenery, with the replica of the main deity, is taken out in procession through the streets of Kathmandu accompanied by musical bands. The procession starts at Kingsway going through the Basantapur Durbar squares and end at Lagan Tole( the southern end of the city ) where the shrine of the mother of this deity is located. At that place the chariot revolves for three times to the shrine of Machchendranath’s mother. Butter lamps are lighted in homage to the deity and is taken back to the shrine on the last day of the festival.

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  1. Congratulation!! Suresh for owning this GREAT piece of gear called DSLR and all the best for your photography voyage.

    Now you will able to see the WORLD in a very different perspective and this I guess is a great privilege of owning a DSLR. As you said you have just started exploring your DSLR and have less knowledge about photography, you may find my comment little complicated. If YES, feel free to ask this Shutterbug for further explanation or just about anything on photography.

    Hope to see more pictures from you here in LIN. Keep contribution.

  2. Thanks ShutterBug for your comment.

    I’d like to share the small story behind the pics taken in this event.

    I got my first DSLR(my first digital camera too) just couple of days before the chariot event. I live near by Lagan where this chariot stays for couple of days. As i get out to capture this festival, i have zero idea on using the gear as well as photography. The technical terms like Tv, Av, white balance, metering are purely alien terms for me.

    All the pictures captured in this event are captured by the setting (fully auto mode) set by the shopkeeper, he has convinced me its easy to operate like P&S. As, I was actually out to buy the P&S camera, thanks to the shopkeepers to change my decision to buy DSLR . Yes, now i do not regret my buying and I’m starting to enjoying using DSLR and photography.

  3. Moment captured in the right time by SurX. Expression in youth’s face is remarkable and colorful stripes of cloth give some warmth within the frame. Isolating the ecstatic youth from of festive horde is a thoughtful composition however little higher perspective would have allowed photographer to capture complete mask of ‘Bhairab’ and get rid of those distractions created by people’s heads in the foreground.

    The main ‘subject’ (youth) is also not in good focus which I guess is due to camera shake caused by slow shutter speed. I couldn’t read IPTC data of this picture’s otherwise I can explain further for the reason behind this poor focus. ‘Shutter priority’ mode could be the best option for such overcast days because we can control shutter speed calculating the movement of the youth and let camera selects a right aperture. The house in the background is of no importance so, smaller aperture setting is a better choice to attain the right amount of depth in focusing and throw the house out of focus.

    The Caption ‘The Young Leader’ is not synchronized well with the photo description. Some keen viewers may seek answers of: what is the role of this young leader in such chariot procession? Why is he shouting and what actually is he doing there?

    Anyway, SurX it’s a good attempt. Cheers.

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