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The Year in Style – Fashion Bloggers Horn In on Elle and Vogue – NYTimes.com

Her feet, in designer stockings, did not quite touch the ground.

Sure, magazines and newspapers have started their own blogs and tweets, but reading them, you often sense a generational disconnect, something like the queasy feeling of getting a “friend” request from your mother on Facebook. (From Glamour.com: “Dating Tips: Why It’s Important to Get That Number.”)

Oh now, don’t misunderstand. She was totally adorable. You could have gobbled her up, with her goofy spark plug style — a Peggy Guggenheim for the Tweeting tween set.

The Year in Style – Fashion Bloggers Horn In on Elle and Vogue – NYTimes.com

Because once they write something on the Internet, it’s never coming down. And it’s the first thing a designer is going to see.

The Year in Style

Bloggers Crash Fashion’s Front Row

Fashion Bloggers take Front Row

Other sites have gained credibility along with traffic. Fashionista.com had 103,512 unique visitors in November, and Fashionologie.com had 27,125, according to the online tracking agency Compete. Jezebel.com (a saucy blog that includes coverage of fashion) shot ahead of Style.com (the Condé Nast fashion site) for the first time this fall with more than a half-million visitors. These are considered large audiences for dispatches on such trivial developments as models refusing to wear Alexander McQueen’s crazy shoes or that such-and-such designer is looking for an intern.

NOT everyone thought it was adorable in September when a 13-year-old wunderkind blogger named Tavi was given a front-row seat at the fashion shows of Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and others.

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The Year in Style – Fashion Bloggers Horn In on Elle and Vogue – NYTimes.com.

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