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The voice of equity

The voice of equity has been on high these days in Nepal. All the leaders and those who are invited to speak infront of a bunch of people are chanting the slogan of “Samabeshi Nepal” and new Nepal. The song of reservation for the backward community is also being sung in the same stage. But, in my opinion, the grassroot level (Schooling) should be reserved for every child born in our territory not the higher education should be reserved. This will degrade our educational system while on the …

other hand the grass root level remains at the same level. The reservation is not targetted for the people who can study on their own till 10+2 and can’t fight in engineering or medical entrance exam. The colleges like IOM and IOE has myriad of possibilities for almost free education for the competitive students. The government can open up few more colleges for the competitive students or can jointly work with the private educational institutions to enable competitive students get the opportunity.

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