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The Sacrifice

376. The Sacrifice
Photo By: PIXS Angela Coles
Post Date: 8th June, 2009

Thankfully unaware of its fate as was I when I took this photo. Someone explained that later it’s throat would be cut as an offering to the Gods. Part of the rites of supplication . It sounds like something out of the Old testament. My thoughts are confused. I am after all a meat-eater.

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  1. Nice picture, when i looked it my eyes were on the bells. To make the composition more interesting you should have included more foreground and out framed the top part to remove the distraction that samir pointed as well as peoples in the top area.

    @LIN Editor, Again the picture has been posted in the distorted form, so can you please correct it.

  2. PIXS Angela Coles, you could have made this snap even meaningful had you composed it well. The extra part in the right side (white wall including Red cloth) is distracting the concentration of the picture. Firstly, we need to compose correctly & then to an extent we may crop the unwanted part/portion in the picture.

    Regarding your description, it is obviously an old testament that we people are blindly following. In the name of God, too many animals, chicks & birds are massacred in our different feasts & ritutals. I wonder, why we are following such silly & meaningless stuffs. No matters, even I am a Non-Vegi. For me, atleast I won’t kill or will be killing any Birds & Animals to feed myself. OMG, I am turning into wrong direction. I am quite impressed with the Sharpness of the Snap. Keep it up.

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