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Rajendra Keshari Pandey


The Political Bar Man

This is the 21st century, and the world is progressing at its own pace, which varies globally. However, if we visit anywhere around 30 km from our capital city we will find villages where even the basic infrastructure required for a citizen does not exist. To my knowledge this situation has not happed spontaneously. It has been fabricated to benefit some of the so-called “ruling” people of this country, whose purpose is served by keeping the majority ignorant, uneducated, unskilled and poor. This type of dependent, mass is necessary for our rulers and politicians to fulfil their goals. They are the charmers and dream merchants and are so successful in selling those fantasies that the buyer doesn’t realise they are being fooled and will never receive what they were promised. In a systematic and tactful way they are hypnotised and put in a state of helplessness, just like in the opium war once introduced in China. Put the public in intoxication, rule them, and enjoy the cream of the country is their crafty game.

One example I have observed is that many of the leaders have sent their children to the western world for their education. I wonder why, if they have so much belief in their own propaganda and philosophy, they don’t send their sons and daughters to China, Cuba, North Korea or Russia for their education? They would not do it, because they know the quality of education is sub standard there and they want their own child to obtain the best education. They know perfectly well that in the western world there is a keyword called freedom. To be free, to feel free and to be in a state of freedom is a basic human desire. They are free to send their offspring to benefit from the best that the world has to offer, but the ideology, which they support and preach to the masses, does not have this word in its lexicon. So, our leaders’ children are sent towards the west, not east. There the educational institutions are rarely closed due to petty political ideologies and slogans. Students are there to study and obtain a degree/diploma to lead their life successfully. Our politicians appear satisfied when Nepal’s institutions are frequently closed, and weak students are produced. In this competitive world, these groups of sub educated, unemployed graduates are the best cadres of our political parties. They are outclassed for the best opportunities and therefore are good followers, often blindly accepting any propaganda and political design. They are mobilised in such a way they never realise that they are misguided, as often they have not yet identified their purpose in life. But simultaneously, the politician’s sons and daughters, educated in the western world, obtain a first class education because tomorrow they will have to replace their parents and continue the system.

In my opinion, this is like a Bar Man’s technique. The Political Bar Man becomes very happy in this situation. I have noticed in many places, a good Bartender (bar worker) never takes alcoholic drinks; he sells and serves drinks, benefiting from the proceeds but never imbibes him/herself. So are the crafty political Bartenders doing the same with this country? They support and sell a cocktail of philosophies but they do not partake of them themselves. As they know the consequences of this type of liquor. They shake and stir the mix of turmoil here, closing down the schools and colleges and even the highways to the “bars” but their children are away in the first class lounges of overseas institutions. This is a paradox here and it is very unfortunate to have such brilliant bar men in this country, who are wise enough to act like politicians.

My daughter’s schooling and junior college education was in Nepal, but when the time came for her further education, I had to seriously think twice. With many hardships and obstacles, I managed to send her to Europe to study where she got an excellent diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management. With that education and exposure she is now a successful lady. Had she obtained a college degree here, it would have been hard for her to earn her own living. She would have had a weak education and in this competitive world how can you expect a first class position with a second-class education? A quality education system for our children is a must and it is critical for their further development and success in life. But here the case is reverse. Our education system is made so weak, that does not serve the student’s purpose, and instead it perfectly serves the politicians’ wishes. I had to be practical and I wanted to see my daughter become financially independent and a free person, which was not possible here. I was not prepared to allow The Political Bar People of this country to affect my daughter’s life; their claws could not prey on my daughter. I am fortunate enough to be able to make this choice, as I had a good education and opportunities but what about those who do not? Don’t they deserve the right of a good education in Nepal? It seems not. One more drink for them to keep them quiet, keep shaking up the cocktails and they will stay compliant and fuel the ambitions of the Bar People.

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