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The Orphan

On a sunny June afternoon what would you be doing? I don’t know. Maybe swimming, eating ice cream, selling lemonade or be freely frolicking outside in a huge field with your friends. Well, for Mary Aligus is was different. On sunny summer afternoons she might be doing the laundry, dishes or making beds. Not at her own home. (Even though she would be happier doing all of this in a home of her own.) Instead this happened in, “The Little Home of Unfortunate Angels.”? Oh how she wished she had, …

parents who loved her, a beautiful home and maybe a puppy or sibling. But, she was stuck at, “The Little Home for Unfortunate Angels.”? Mary’s parents had died on, September 12, 2001. The same day as her 8th birthday. I think you may know how her parents died. Well, Mary was staying with her aunt’s home and on September 11, 2001 her parents were coming back from a meeting in Virginia. The only reason they came early was because, the next day was Mary’s birthday. Her parents were on the 2nd flight to be high jacked on 9/11. It was terrible. Her parents were rushed to the hospital. All Mary wanted for her birthday was her parents to stay alive. On the day of her birthday she went to the hospital with her aunt. Devastated, Mary cried her eyes out. Her eyes looked like soaked scrawny looking cherries from all the crying. Her father had died an hour after they had gotten to the hospital. His last words were, “I love you.”? Right in to Mary’s scrawny cherry looking eyes. As she knew there was no hope for her father she went t her mother’s bed. Mary waited next to her mother for five hours. Mary’s mother couldn’t take it. She refused to live any longer like this. It seemed all her power and energy was taken away after, she had kissed Mary and with her every bit of strength left of her, she said very weakly, “Mary, Happy 8th birthday. I love you very much.”? She opened up her hand and died. What she found in her mother’s hand made her cry more. But, with a hint of joy in the cry. There was a small gold necklace in her arm. It was a solid gold heart with a tiny diamond on it. She opened the beautiful locket with quite good ease; there was a picture of her mother father and her. Mary’s aunt hugged and kissed her so much. She put the necklace on and vowed deeply not to ever take it off. Mary lived with her aunt until she was 10. Celebrating each holiday, special day, beautiful day or birthday only for Mary’s parents. It was a great life for a 10-year-old girl who was living with her aunt because, her parents died in the 9/11 plane crash. But, her aunt one day came home all confused, unbalanced and she looked like a mess. As 2 months passed, Mary’s aunt became weak and poor. They had to move to an apartment. After a work at her office, Mary’s aunt told her that she was growing old and weak and just couldn’t support Mary. A week later Mary was moved to the orphanage. Today was Mary’s 14th birthday. She peered down looking at the locket her parents had given her 1 day away from 6 years ago. Sad times filled her mind as fast as tears were filling her eyes. “Get to work!”? Miss Din roared at her. Mary jumped up as quickly as she could from the bed that she was sitting. She started smoothing out the sheets to her bed and pulled over the white sheet and fluffed the pillow on the head of the pillow. So on and so on she fixed beds. She had bed duty today. There were at least 60 children in the orphanage. But to Mary it seemed like zero because, she never socialized or made and effort to make friends. But she said that she would make an effort to make friends. Hopefully the other girls wanted to talk to her because; she had never said anything to anyone since she got h Hear besides a small soft greeting or something that Miss Din ordered them to do. It was a fresh new start for Mary this year. “KEEP IT MOVING MARY!”? Screamed Miss Din. Oh how she wished that the owner of the orphanage actually treated them like angels. Now Mary was making beds as swift and fast as possible, but she didn’t try to look too desperate to finish making the white hard mattresses that they had to sleep on. Then when Mary was done she stopped at the table finished a small bowl of porridge. Then rushed up to Miss Din’s Room and Fluffed her big white fluffy and comfy tempedix bed. Then she walked down for next chore to do. “Hello. Rosan, right?”? Mary cautiously asked this very king-looking girl. “Yes it is Rosan. How are you Mary? You seem a bit down, why? You can tell me. I have noticed that you don’t have many friends around here. Neither do I. I would be pleased to get to know and become your friend.”? Rosan asked very quietly but sweetly. “Me too. Actually”¦”? Mary started sadly. She didn’t know if she should tell Rosan. She seemed like a very sweet girl. Mary told the story and started crying half way in to the story. She told the story fully and emotionally. “Oh my gosh! I am so sorry Mary. My parents just couldn’t support me. Kind of like why your aunt’s reason she couldn’t keep you. Oh my god! Your birthday is on September 12th.”? Rosan looked at the calendar slowly. Her jaw dropped. “Today is your birthday! How old are you? I want to make your birthday as awesome as possible! I will do all of your chores for you today! I will do your chores all your birthdays! And you can do my chores on my birthday!!”? Rosan said, she took a deep breathe and gasped. “Wow! I have never said that much at once with that much energy since forever!”? Rosan said relieved with a smile. “Wow. You sure had a mouthful to say! And don’t feel bad for me. I have spent my birthday like this for six years. But”¦ I guess we could have that deal for those chores. I think that present sounds fair. I’m 14-years-old. How old are you? Oh! When is your birthday?”? Mary broke out all of the sudden. She felt like she could trust and talk to Rosan because, she comforted her and offered a great present. (A great present compared to the other birthdays she had in the orphanage.) “I am 15-years-old my birthday passed 5 months ago. April 23rd. So I am go start on those chores you have.”? Rosan calmly said and stood up to do the dishes that were left over from breakfast. “I want to help you Rosan.”? Stood up Mary and followed Rosan. “Thanks.”? Rosan said with warm heart-filling smile. Rosan was like an angel that came into Mary’s life. She was the best thing that came into her life ever since she was in this terrible rotten orphanage. Mary and Rosan reached the sink and started washing the dishes. They stayed silent then they started talking about everything Mary was interested in, animals, tennis and just average life at the orphanage. Mary was so happy to have a friend. She could finally have nice life in the way orphanage things were going!

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  1. Why call her “orphan?”

    I sympathize with her, but death of parents doesn’t make her an orphan. Only abandonment by parents can make her one. They must have done what my sweet former parents did: leave me a victim to stray dogs, to sleet and wind and dirt, to hunger and thirst, and to abusive strangers.

    That’s REAL orphanhood.


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