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Hiking from Godavari to Lamachaur via Lele

For this week, the Everest Uncensored team chose to explore around Lamachour via Godavari. The number of the hikers had increased to 19 including 2 ladies. The team disembarked at Godavari and had heavy breakfast in preparation for the tough climb ahead. Then the thrills through narrow trails in the woods began. They huffed and puffed up a hill with tales of tigers and geishas.

After an hours walk through the woods, a three pronged fork lay before them. One led towards the left (deeper into the woods), another to the right (to a village in the distance) and the next right up (to the Heavens above). The team chose the left one. After nearly half an hour’s walk, figuring out that the left path led them to nowhere, they returned to the spot.

And the team chose wonderful way to find which was the right path. Though many of the team mates didn’t agree, it was left with no options inside the dense forest and a coin was tossed to decide on the remaining two paths. The Heavens won and they commenced the steep climb. The team proceeded with the scenic view of the mountains and the valley. It was so exquisite that many would have opted to settle down on the hill-top for the rest of their lives, had they not have had worldly affairs to attend to down below. After walking through treacherous tracks, laid in frosted ferns at intervals, the team reached another hilltop where it munched biscuits and cheese and marveled at the achievement made so far.

After an hour’s steep and dusty descent, the team thought to kill two birds with a stone and decided to have picinic there. Iit reached a farmhouse at Lamachaur and negotiated the procurement for a goat and lunch. Some busied themselves in cooking rice and mustard green, while others played cards, while some slept, and others some waited eagerly for the goat and local wine to arrive.

Meanwhile, Kesar Bahadur Bista, the actual owner of the farm and a minister in the erstwhile Royal government, summoned us all and gave an oration about the place and his farm. We guessed so why he was the Minister for Agriculture. We knew that His farm had rhododendrons that range from deep red to white in color. The mustard green on his farm are the tastiest in entire Nepal; he claimed. He has grown some such unique and delicate herbs in his farm that it is better not to reveal such confidential information. He also invited the team to come again for a picnic during the time of spring when the rhododendrons are in full bloom.

Finally at 4.00 pm, a late self-cooked lunch washed down with the local wine (rakshi) did wonders and jovially hollering hikers descended to Lele in the dark after five.
After arrival, the team made a survey amongst the participants to assess the hiking experience which resulted as following:
The Question: How did you find the hiking?
The Options: (A) Excellent (B) Very Excellent (C) The Most Excellent
The Result:
(A) 21.05%
(B) 21.05%
(C) 52.64%
(D) 05.26% (No participation in the Survey)
Really, it was the most exciting hiking.

Setting out: The hikers on a van

The team is prepared for ascend

Taking breakfast

The breakfast at black and white

Sahuni: The hotel owner where the team took breakfast

The map

Micro: Taking pictures

Our game: Two small boys imitate Badminton with the materials what they are availed with

The lovely wood

Ssssh! What’s up there!

hrough the flowery bushes

Beautiful mountain range at the background

The Mountains at the north

Bravo! We are up here!

The flower

The wider view of the mountain range.( God is great, the atmosphere was so clear and the view is so vivid)

Hiking principle: the leaders can have rest while others follow

Bargaining for the goat

So innocent!

The other face: a worker at the farmhouse

Sitting beside the pond and chewing gum: favorite job for the ladies.

Too much tired

Preparing lunch: Men at work; not women

The Pullao and Vishnu


On the fire

The (scape!)goat


The nearby peak at the setting sun>

The farm house management

The pine woods at the twilight

5 thoughts on “Hiking from Godavari to Lamachaur via Lele

  1. Aafno ta khutto ghaaite bhayeko ni yug bitisakyo, niko bhayeko haina… khoi kaile jaane hola aba hike…

  2. Hey Everybody,
    Hiking is really a good stuff. I love hiking too..but these days i have no chance to go for a hike. You guys are really lucky. Would like to join you people someday if possible.. 🙂

  3. Hi Engineer, you must not scold your boss like that even if he does not cater to needs of you people who work really hard and give him benefits. Your boss should be shown this site and be asked to put comments,and if he can learn something and provide you people with more facilities set by this hiking group example. I saw that you asked for personal details somewhere, which does not matter as it is a blog,let everything remain mystified as it is. Please ask your boss who only eats profits and does not give you people chances to become healthy by hiking and trekking and merry-making(to get better ouput in software fronts), to look at this site and learn. I have heard that most foreigners working in IT enabled industries love hiking in nepal trails, because it enriches their quality effort due to the blessings of mother nature.

  4. This is great that a compnay sponsor hiking like this happens every week. I work in a software company in Kathmandu. The company sucks. The owner behaves like we are his servant. He has no respect for engineers and others. He is bloody arrogant and company events like this never occur. Guys in D2 you are lucky. Hopefully, other companies in Kathmandu get this message and change their stinky attitude.

    BTW – who owns D2 – none of us know the owner(s).

    An Engineer

  5. dherai vayeko thiyo hiking nagako..
    yaha tasbirma aago balera saag katera banvoj gareko dekhda chai malai ni saarai jau jau lagyo..

    himaal , jangali phool ani sallako tasbir chai kasle utaareko hola … saarai ramro cha.

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