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The Merry Making Trip of Performance Engineering Team

Trip: Ktm-Pokhara-Ktm
Team: ArvindK, BikramS, BimalK(DurgaK, AyushK), GaneshT, KrishnaB, LavaK(MenukaK, RistaS), RajuS(KabitaS), SauravT, ShivaP, ShrwanK( KshitizS), SureshG
Events: Boating, Hiking, Paragliding, Outdoor sight seeing
Day: Feb 21 – Feb 22, 2009

It was early Saturday morning but hustling bustling had started in a MicroBus with couples of Raju, Shrwan, and Bimal with his family. Saurav was 30 minutes late in picking up the microbus due to his Friday night party. The microbus stopped at Naubise so that guys could taste goat’s meat. The restaurant had no Shauni whom Shrwan searched desparately that made Kshitiz question on Shrwan’s intentions. Finally, team settled at another restaurant and took breakfast voraciously. Ayush Koirala started showing his skills there and enjoyed every bit of crackers being the youngest member in the team. He also started recognizing others by playing or by displaying quizzical looks. Not long that Suresh got into intimate relationship with Ayush with his loving and caring nature.

The trip started again and Lava got a phone call from Menuka who was already in Mugling from Chitwan. It would be a two hour wait for her as 80 kilometers was a considerable distance to cover even for a microbus. So, lava lied that he is too close to meet her soon. There was a long jam in KurinTar, the place to ride cable car to visit Manakamana. It helped Lava to get excuse for being late in reaching Mugling.:DIn Mugling, there was no sign of Menuka. Lava and Suresh started manhunt and finally found menuka with her sisters’ daughter Rista Soti. Aaditya, Lava’s son, missed the trip due to his fever.

Raju had to leave Kabita to make room for ladies. We stopped after Dumre in a Hi-Fi restaurant that was going to be too expensive. A variety of options were ordered and finally settled with whatever the place had ready to save time. Saurav even managed to buy out some discount there. Shiva, Arbind, and Krishna were enjoying every bite of meal.

The tour started again with beautiful songs from Suresh until reaching Lekhnath Chowk to pick up Bikram who was waiting there after his graduation day celebration in Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Pokhara University.We reached Monila Hotel early to have exclusive rooms waiting for us. Unpacking our suitcases we went to hire boats.

There were 4 boats each occupying 3-4 of us. Suresh displayed exemplary skills in paddling boat that the boat company decided to hire him instantly. Lava, Menuka, Rista, Raju and Kabita too started using boat pedals rowing around. Bimal and his family were detected in the boat from opposite direction combined with Shrwan couple who had delayed due to Barber’s saloon. All over the boating session, Lava was the most frightened guy who was shivering with fear and always held two sides of the boat.

In JalBarahi Temple, a lot of photography poses were taken and Saurav was lucky to meet his students whom he taught 6 years ago.



























Back to Hotel Monila, we rested a while and started evening trek. Soon, white wine was savored. The beautiful Thakali Kitchen, its beautiful lady who served us food, and the most tasty evening dinner made remarkable impression such that back to Hotel room, everybody started singing, dancing , and drinking White Horse whiskey and White wine.









It continued until a surprise package was opened by Kabita that had Shrwan+Kshitiz , and Bimal+ Durga inscribed with Happy Marriage Anniversary. The cake was happily served with couples cheeks full of cake creams. Raju and Ganesh had secretly ordered the cake in German Bakery that was instantly ready.
Paradiso Disco was not expensive but it was neither cheap. Saurav’s expensive 1 Peg of Jack Daniels started rocking. Bimal and Lava rocked for a while and then rested with other team members who were accompanied with can beers. Raju+Kabita , Shrwan+ Kshitiz rocked whole night until they were tired. Shrwan’s Duplicate too was seen in the disco but Kshitiz was 100% sure that it was our own Shrwan as we had difficulty in recognizing him in disco. Finally, we were separated after starting with another full size whiskey as two bottles of full White Horse and 3 litres of wine had vanished.










In the morning it was nice knocking doors to have super expensive breakfast in one of the restaurants in the lakeside. Meanwhile, paragliding team Raju, Kabita, Shiva, Prajwal, and Bikram decided to reach Sarangkot Height accompanied by Ayush riding on neck of Suresh while Lava, Menuka, Rista too followed. Shrwan and Kshitiz were left alone on their own.

Then, the trip to Vindabasini temple follwed with trip to KI Singh Bridge leaving paragliders on sky of Sarangkot who would jump near Phewa Lake some 1000 metres below. Bimal reiterated the story on why the bridge was named so after KI Singh who crossed the river on his horse when followed by Nepal army and Police after he declared himself King in then parliament under BP Koirala, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Nepal. The holy river was touched and photographed. The next move was to Gupteshowor Mahadev Cave where Gupte means secret or hidden. The team went further deep inside to the bottom of Devis’ Falls named after the person who was swept away by the water in the Falls some 50 years ago. The shining stones probably diamonds too were seen in dark cave that had lesser oxygen than outside. This adventurous trip was pursued by young Ayush too who did not leave Suresh for a while.

Finally we were back to Thakali restaurant to witness the trouble after the Municipality dismantled the Staircase that was obstructing public pavement and the users of the stairs had no way of coming down.
After taking the meal, the team headed to Kathmandu while couples of Raju, Bimal, and Shrwan kept enjoying the Pokhara trip. Lava was lucky to get a vehicle that would take Menuka to Chitwan. Just then, we found Himal on the way and journey to Kathmandu commenced after filling our stomach with some tidbits.





















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  3. Feb 21 – Feb 22, 2009 great article woow sweet memories @bikram lal shrestha ArvindK, BikramS, BimalK(DurgaK, AyushK), GaneshT, KrishnaB, LavaK(MenukaK, RistaS), RajuS(KabitaS), SauravT, ShivaP, ShrwanK( KshitizS), SureshG

  4. Feb 21 – Feb 22, 2009 great article woow sweet memories @bikram lal shrestha ArvindK, BikramS, BimalK(DurgaK, AyushK), GaneshT, KrishnaB, LavaK(MenukaK, RistaS), RajuS(KabitaS), SauravT, ShivaP, ShrwanK( KshitizS), SureshG

  5. Feb 21 – Feb 22, 2009 great article woow sweet memories @bikram lal shrestha ArvindK, BikramS, BimalK(DurgaK, AyushK), GaneshT, KrishnaB, LavaK(MenukaK, RistaS), RajuS(KabitaS), SauravT, ShivaP, ShrwanK( KshitizS), SureshG

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  9. Performance Engineering Team manager BimalK pushing his team.
    All the best to become a best team of the D2HawkeyeServices.

    Best of luck team Manager and all team members.

  10. Seems like this site is helping to promote paragliding in Nepal. Great work guys! Keep up your good work

  11. ex princess himani too paraglided excited by our teams experience in lakeside pokhara.

  12. See even maoist Hisila yami or Yemi did Pragaliding in Pokhara inspired by us

  13. In 39 40 nobody is drunk. As I had already reported, we were all tired and were seen as drunk. We were tired after dancing and merry making around lakeside in Pokhara.

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  15. sutra,
    Boating j ley milcha Garney ni. haat le khutTale, Rowing Garney, canoing garney. J milcha garney. kaso RAmro. Loved THat

  16. This is really a nice post. I really loved to see that you guys have enjoyed a lot in this beautifuly city of Pokhara. I was there last Summer and it reminded me of one of my friend who was overwhelmingly surprised to see the beauty and friendliness of this place and people here. Devi’s Falls was enormous. A view from Sarangkot was elegant. Chemiro Cave was creepy. In all, I really love this place and look forward to be back this Winter. I also wish you a very good luck to you all, may you win the 1000 USD prize, I found this through this thread! yuppie!

  17. Dear friend sutra,
    sabai ko aaa aafno style huncha, tyoo mero afno style hooo bhanda nai thik holaa, dherai gali pharkayara, kukur le tyoookyoo bhandai ma kukurlai tokne kam garna bhayana mitra.

    Anyway, thanks for you comments, comments are most welcome…..

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  23. 13000 hits crossed. Thanks Raju for remembering our trip.TO>>lava kafle Says:May 19th, 2009 at 4:53 pm . I am real lava see my icon here.

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  26. Dear “Promote Nepal” from facebook, best wishes for taking out some time to reply. Our Next trip will be to Mt. Everest, Lumbini, and Chitwan as you proposed. However, the beauty of the trip to Pokhara resides in heart of our boaters, hikers, paragliders, walkers, trekkers, and watchers and will remain for ever. Do not be surprised if they go to honeymoon lake pokhara, or to Sickless Pokhara, or to MBC MachhaPuchhre Base Camp , ABC, Annapurna Base Camp, or to Dhampush, or paragliding from Sarangkot to base of Mt Fishtail.

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    Let’s Promote Nepal!

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  31. Thanks to the admin group, article posting group, participants,bloggers and the organizers for this wonderful article for Pokhara. Cheers Guys !!!

  32. Thanks PET Team and Himal for making such a wonderful trip successful and posting it in such a way that people from all over the world about 100 different cities regularly visited this post from beautiful lake city pokhara residing in base of fishtail mountain.

  33. ohhh kati mitho report.. yo ta Lava le nai lakheko hunu parcha.. aha manai annanda bhayo mero ta.. ani Lava hajur. kati handsome dekhinu bha hajur ta photo haru ma..pokhara ma paragliding.. garera.. sarrraaaaa.. boating, rowing, ani k k garnu bhayo aru… sarai mitho report.. manaaai bhibor annnaanda bho mero ta.. hajur lai dekhera.. ihihihi..

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  39. यो नेपाली version को titanic pose हो क्या साथी 😛

  40. True, Romantic Shrwan posing a Titanic Styleshot, fabuluous, and romantic moodscape capture. photographer must be best in pokhara in phewa lake.

  41. @pic 18
    के हा श्रवण नी titanic pose पनि दिनुपर्ने तर बसी बसी ?
    डराउलु भए क्या ? पानि सँग ?

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  44. How could I stop to say thank you for your writeup even if it’s short but very sweet.
    The guy rowing with hands @Pic06 is your frn suresh itself.
    Definitely, individual visit and comments are precious for us, we expect same in the future as well.
    Thank you Sabita.

  45. It is Suresh Gautam, the handsome guy in handsome place pokhara in handsome boat rowing with handsome hands to reach handsome destination Taal Barahai Temple of lakes

  46. Ohhhhhh no!!!!!!!!!!!!,
    who is the person @Pic06 driving the boat?
    It’s really impressive……….

  47. @AntiPaul – Hey, i have never written such comments in this post and how dare you say i have no honor for other posts. I really appreciate good articles here in EU.

  48. Paul, why you write about your own trip only to pokhara beautiful city blah blah… dance disco, culture, nature cave, falls, davis, david, river, seti pure, sanrangkot…paragliding.. only? you have no honor for other postes here?

  49. Well i didn’t know this article would go this far when posting this blog. Each day Lava dai would ask me when the post would be ready, and that kept me reminding i had to to post the article about our memorable merry making trip to Pokhara. Every member in the team was excited. As an intiation, Lava dai quickly prepared the report and gave it to me. Selection of photographs, editing the report and final review was done by the whole team and it was published.

    Now, this merry making trip to Pokhara has set a different momentum in the team. The trip was all about fun and enjoyment but at the same time it was all about knowing ourselves better. Feeling comfortable in the team, opening our thoughts without any fear, gossiping as friends and truly respecting each other in the team sets a different and better working atmosphere and we have all been able to achieve this.

    I would like to thank our manager and all the team members for keeping the work environment so enchanting.

  50. i also enjoyed in the trip. i love paraglidIng, and visiting barahi temple, with lava dai and other friends. another trip will be nice.

  51. hey guys lava is very much in KTM and what he says is right. Thanks to all readers. Lave were sleeping on d floor? thats cant be u, may be poor lights they have mistaken heheh. What you say? With so much of noise music and ppl dancing around u cannt be sleeping yup.

    ONe more time say thanks to all.

    Keep posting all and its fun reading them all. post something that everyone loves reading, whats happeing in and aournd KTM ur work place or some new happening. if not ne one I love reading them. That brings me close to home.

    Have a nice weekend and keep loving Nepal (heaven on earth) and pokhara as well.


  52. I would like to disclose one situation happened in a trip here even it might be surprising for you all.
    The person was sleeping on the disco floor was Lava Kafle in the trip.
    Just imagine, all were rocking with disco track on the music of dx1022 800 watt power speaker
    around the crowd about 100 but he was standing on the floor and taking nap.

  53. lava kafle with caps lock and without , Mukti, Subha, No One is lava kafle, new visitor, See me If I am not real. they are lairs. they never beent o pokhara beautiful city in nepal, best hotels, best resorts, best boats, best paragliding, best hiking, best trekking, best lakes, best mountains.. and all the best

  54. All of them are lying. Lava kafle is in out of ktm today.

  55. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, don’t you think that most of the concern being shown to Lava in the comments.

  56. plz i am also lava kafle, thank you to all, pokhara is beutiful, love you all. thanks. pls take care. i am real lava kafle.

  57. I am real lava kafle and i don’t want to thanks any one else.
    The person claming lave kafle is not REAL

  58. Anti-Members, I am extremely sorry for that and I kneel before God, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Rama, Krsna, Goddess, Angel, Virgin Mary, Oracle, Aphrodite, Cleopatra to swear for my mistake.

  59. See guys i am real lava kafle who was in the pokhara merry making trip , beautiful city, lakes, mountain, fishtail, sanagkot, cave , davis falls, paragliding place, boating, walking, and eating, drinking, dancing. thanks too ALL visitors who are making our day.

  60. Mr. Kafle, enough is enough, how could you thanks only for Purnima, Saurav and Ganesh, don’t you have any value for the comments posted by others. Hope you will correct yourself and value for all.

  61. Gazzab Trip it was all due to u friends.
    i enjoy alot.
    thanks u Purnima, Saurv and ganesh for putting comments

  62. I think members of the team are being lazy, they could share at least one situation here that was happened with them.

  63. Thanks a lot Purnima for such elaborate answer to queries. We are proud that you joined your team here in Everestuncensored team amid your busy schedule and for writing till exhaustion.
    GaneshTFan, whoever you are, dont make too much of jokes.
    Nepal’s Pokhara was is and will remain the most beautiful city in world.

  64. GaneshT means Gana group Tauko so tauko of team work collaboration effort combined into major output.
    Purnima means full moon so she shines like a star on this most beautiful city pokhara in nepal analogy , story and a reality show

  65. Ganesh

    Thanks to you for appreciating. I am indeed more than concern. Sorry for my ignorance i am getting this 11k hit what does that exactly mean. Lava please dont laugh. IT terminology i am almost nowhere near eheheh. But you guys are there to educate me what you say right.

    Team work is the correct word and yes i am more than willing to participate. We did discussed about it couple time thats lave and myself. He can take you thru the discussion when you guys some furshad to talk about. WE felt its the brilliant idea but we are lacking in man power yup.

    If we have right mission/vision/ values to achieve our goal surely we all can join hands together and make a difference right. Even if i have to come down i can do that, but that would be sometime in later november early december. I have exhausted all my AL. I dont mind taking unpaid if i need to.

    Lava you have good set of ppl around you. Lucky you. Keep the good work going.


  66. a genuine thanks to you Purnima for your continuous support in taking this post an extra mile, in achiving its 11k hits score. Well i felt really good to know that you’re so concerned about the nation’s current crisis. We all do care. And also, what is even more important is we should all contribute towards its development, one way or the other, whichever way, possible. It is also about team work, if we all come together, then certainly a New Developed, Propering Nepal is not something we can’t achieve. Thanks once again for all those posts. We appreciate your continuous support.

  67. Dear Anti Lava & Dear Lave

    Lava is off course very dear to me, though we have not met as yet, but he is special and ppl associated with him are special to me including you anti lava. I am hoping to meet him this winter provided time permits. Pokhara is one of fav place for me all time fav and trip to sarangkot ta i can never forget and dal rice and saag ko sabji i still have that taste with me. Another place i love is palpa and also saurah thats too cool to go around d jungle. There are many more places in ktm and in and around plently of them.

    I am so suprise that ur scare of boating and flight. Oh when i went to pokhare in 2003 i was in fewa lake for 1/2 a day boating, they used to give boat on hire i dont know whether it still on or not. oh i love walking on lake side road and food at thakali restaurants its awesome. Breakfast at boonrang by lake side is too good as well.

    i am not sure i cud make all these comments here or not, but i am loving reading all the messages. U guys rock and lets getogether and lets build new nepal what u say guys.

    Take good care of urselves and have fun.

    Yah lava i can C the changes hopefully this time in right direction but i still cannot digest for the fact that we dont have any more monarch. That really hurts me. When i walk thru that road many times my eyes filled with tears and i doubt how many of our ppl would have that with them, thats the question keeps coming in my mind how many of us are truely in love with our country.

    One person can make a difference and we have witnessed that already but now we still need do more to real new nepal right guys. oops its too political hai, excuse me if i am too political by saying this.

    Best regards to all of u

  68. hunchha madalfan, pokhara ko akash ko dobato maa paragliding gardai madal baajula, fewa taal tal ko bich pani maa dubulki laaudai swimming gardai ra boating garda maddal maadal bajaaula, ani paradsish, parafish ko dance maa maadal bajaaudai jhumula, ani sarnagkot ko ukalo maa chiso hawa khadai, madal thokula, ani guptesore ra davis falls ko phedi maa jharana ko maja lidai maadal thataula, no worry friend thanks.

  69. hehehe Thanks Purnima/AntiLava for your exclusive writeup. I always fear water and the boat naturally. When going from the Bay Park to Stanton Island in Ferry , I was too excited and still feared if it would go down. When in Lufthansa over the Atlantic , i feared it would burst. So, when in boat from Taal Chowk to Jal Barahi in the beautiful city of lakes Pokhara in Nepal, I feared the water and the boat although I know I can drown there easily and I would be rescued.
    I fear air also, so avoided Paragliding although my wife was ready for one jump, she could not get on-site ticket however, as all tickets had been booked from all vendors.
    Purnima, if you feel homesick, its great. Please come back.
    Nepal now has multiple opportunities like in US, Europe, or Middle East.
    Everyone, Trust Nepal, enjoy Pokhara trip, be merry, happy, and enthusiast.

  70. Kasto hola purnima bhane
    Khattam lava lai DEAR lava ree
    Aba bho……
    Lava Dear hai na khattam manche po ho

  71. Dear lave

    It was so enchanting to go thru. Infact i have walk thru the places while i was reading. Wow that was really a great trip, this is making me home sick but at the same time refresing my memories. Photos are excellent especially d one para gliding. i was surprise to know ur boat trip, was it a joke or serious. are u scare of water or boat?

    Have fun and thanks for posting.

    best regards

  72. Best of luck Guys for your US Dollar $1000 journey. May pokhara nepal God make you successful. visit my trip report below:

    Nepal – Kathmandu to PokharaAuthor: Darren LambertNepal is a beautiful country and a cheap place to visit. With so much on offer, from some of the worlds oldest temples, trekking in the Himalayas, rafting, kayaking, horse riding, cycling, or just lounging around lakes. Now is the best time to visit, before tourism takes over the country.

    Landlocked between Tibet, China and India, Nepal is a country with it’s own culture and offerings. The people are a diverse mix of local hill tribes, such as the Sherpas, refugees from Tibet and migrants from India. Buddhism was once the dominant religion, and has left some of the worlds finest temples. Hinduism is now the major religion, which has lead to amazing re-use of temples and religions sites, as well as one of the world’s most religious tolerant countries.

    Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is a hectic place, but the home to some of the worlds oldest and finest temples. The Durbur squares of Kathmandu, and the nearby city of Patan are full of palaces and temples. Kathmandu has the worlds oldest Pagodas, and all of Asia’s Pagodas are derived from these original designs. The stupas (temples) of Swayambhunath and Bodnath are perhaps Nepal’s most famous images. Beautiful, grand whitewashed buildings topped with a tower with Buddha’s all seeing eyes.

    Pokhara is Nepal’s second city, at least in terms of tourism. The grand lake of Phewa Tal, surrounded by beautiful green mountains is an idyllic spot to spend a few days, or the remainder of your visa! As if that wasn’t enough, the mighty Fish Tail mountain sits in the Himalaya range that is impossible to lose in this region. Pokhara offers so much, with some of Nepal’s best trekking, cycling, paragliding, some of the worlds best rafting & kayaking on various rivers, various temples, outrageous views and a beautiful lake to spend time floating around. It might be a bumpy 8 hour bus ride from Kathmandu, but it is definitely worth it.

    Chitwan National Park, south of Kathmandu, is a incredible national park. Now well managed, ensuring great breeding problems for the animals, but also correct management of the forests and surrounding area. In particular the tigers, elephants and fresh water dolphins make Chitwan a great visitor experience.

    Nepal is not only home to Mount Everest, but also 8 of the worlds 10 tallest peaks. Nepal is regarded as the ultimate trekking destination, with endless routes across the country, ranging from 1 hour to 28 days. The Everest Base Camp Trek offers some of the finest views of the worlds tallest peaks. But if the 2 week trek isn’t your thing, then take the bus to the village of Nagarkot. From here you can see Mount Everest, although it’s not much more than a dot in the distance, as well as some of the worlds other tallest peaks.

    About the Author:Read more in my travel guide to Nepal and my experiences in my Nepal travel blog. I am a travel writer, journalist and photographer.Article Source: ArticlesBase.comNepal – Kathmandu to Pokhara

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