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The Living Goddess In Indra Jatra

402.The Living Goddess In Indra Jatra
Photo By: Bipin Bajracharya
Posted Date: 8th September 2009

Indra Jatra is named after King of God ‘ Indra’ , who is also the god of rain. All Hindus and Buddhist celebrate Indra Jatra to thank God Indra for his kindness . The festival lasts for eight days .
On the third day of the festival of Indra Jatra, the living goddess Kumari is taken out in a procession in a chariot. “Kumari”, the “living goddess”, is considered to be an incarnation of the goddess “Taleju”. Chariots of Kumari, Ganesha and Bhairav are taken around the city for three days.
Varieties of traditional dance, people with different masks and Lakhe are the other attraction of this festival.

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