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The Last Salute

There were times when we sang songs
Full of sadness that haunted the stars
And made them twitter in the night sky,

And claps from audiences of silver clouds
Glided their golden wings over our heads
Like dozens of song birds in spring time.

Our hearts were dynamos that powered the stars
Which hummed along the tunes of our pulses
And kept them bright & burning with our blood.

But where are those songs now, my friend?
Those sad songs that we sang so happily.
Those sad songs that we sang so merrily.

Without you the stars are dim and faded
Like remembered phrases of those forgotten songs
Found in the same spot where they were discarded.

The stars haunt me with the souls of those songs
As you become one of them in their namelessness
That gaze at me with grimful glances.

So let this be my last salute to you, my friend,
You lying in your death bed, not yet dead,
Waiting for death. The struggle for life: over!

By Sudarshan Guruacharya
28 July, 2007

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