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The Interview Process in so called reputed Soaltee hotel

This is a story of one energetic enthusiast who recently applied to Soaltee’s Casino Financial Assistant position and went for the interview.
First thing he noticed:
1. The current employees had to present suitable candidates for interview process. One interviewee was absent. Now the absentee’s Father/Mother/Guradian had to stay for the Ward’s interview. I have never known any references in this universe where any Relative/Guardian/parent stays for Ward’s Interview. If Father/Mother/Guardian …

can pass the Interview, the Ward can get the job. Imagine this. Guardians staying for their Ward’s exams. Great Soaltee Hotel, such a way to organize interview for Employee’s relatives!! If I had my experienced relative in all Companies of the world and everyone would have same logic, I would always be absent for such interviews all my life, as my relative/guardian/parent would pass the interview to make me earn a few bucks.
2. The Interviewers were 5 hours late.
3. They would rudely ask: do you have any powerful person here?
4. They would ask the Interviewee: “tell the result of: 113131*343” and/or many similar disgusting features not to be disclosed. So, I have put this in Sulsule Section which means “underground story”.
My Idea:
1. Is there everyhting fine in so called 5-Star Soaltee?
2. I need not do anything if my guardians/relatives would complete their Degrees, stay for Job interviews and have me enrolled.
3. if this Information is wrong, let Soaltee Management defend this, right here.

0 thoughts on “The Interview Process in so called reputed Soaltee hotel

  1. Doubting is inherent logic of human. We must doubt eevrything else we cannot develop and truthfulness is not seen. For achieving best Quality we must doubt any any thing person and manifestations. So, Although Story is doubtful, the applicant himself was to be hired but the applicant’s parent sat for the interview and did a great job explaining account theories. Actually what happened is mystery as SulSule underground reporters could not reach for further progress notifications. When that is available it will be posted.

  2. I seriously doubt the complete validity of the story here, but its hilarious to even think about such an interview. I seem to have stumbled upon this interesting story quite late but do we have any idea as to who was actually hired for the post…the applicant or his/her guardian???

  3. Yes, I agree that they are different, but, I would like to clarify you that they treated the Hotel employees and the Casiona equally well as if, same top level management controls both.

  4. Lava,

    We are aware of such kind of interviews in Nepal where it is just meant as a formalities. You should be specific when you write. Look Soaltee Hotel and Casino Nepal stationed at Soaltee premises are two different organization. They are not the same. So please be specific. I agree with the general trend in interview process prevailing here.

  5. Very sad! I think interview was just a show off. I do not why do they go through this intervew drama when they already know who gets hired. This sign of any dying organization.

    Yestai Ho

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