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DSS Grade 11 Hike from Budhanilkantha to Tarebhir – Nagi Gumba

RouteBudhanilkantha – Tarebhir – Nagi Gumba
Date27th November, 2022 (Sunday)
Hiking Duration5 hrs 35 mins
CoordinatorSarak Dangol, Madhu Sudhan Bhusal, Sagina Maharjan, Rasmita Timalsina, Santosh Shah
ParticipantsAarya Chhetry, Aditya Uprety, Anushree Rajbhandari, Bidhan Sen Oli, Bipan Sajwal, Deena Thapa, Dikshanta Sapkota, Himani Bhattarai, Muskan Singh, Neshan Shrestha, Saurav Phuyal, Shreejan Ghimire, Shubhashish Uprety, Soyuz Shrestha, Yog Raj Pokharel, Yunil Ghimire, Ambira Pradhan, Kriti Nepal, Lokesh Shrestha, Pranisha Dhital, Pratyush Sapkota, Pusparaj Dhungana, Raghav Vaidya, Sheetal Mulmi, Shreejal Khanal, Shreyansh Pokharel, Siddhant Regmi, Simple Shrestha, Stup Bhattarai, Sukrit Jung Basnet, Suprim Shrestha, Swodhin Bhandari, Yawat Malla, Aashrik Pathak, Aditya Uprety, Anmol Prajapati, Anuj Puri, Aryan Chaudhary, Bipana Shrestha, Nupur Lamichhane, Ojaswi Pathak, Prijom Khadka, Salon Rai, Samriddha Raj Satyal, Samriddha Sapkota, Subir Acharya, Suravi Niraula, Suyog Karki, Anshu Thapa, Anushka Basnet, Muskan Manandhar, Nigam Ghimire, Prasansha Pandey, Prayash Shrestha, Raj Dhakal, Remoon Gorkhali, Sarjan Waiba Tamang, Shine Pathak, Siddika Dahal, Simone Shree Pathak, Soyush Gautam, Suzane Karmacharya, Madhu Sudhan Bhusal, Sarak Dangol, Sagina Maharjan, Rasmita Timalsina, Santosh Shah  
Report ByAmbira Pradhan, Samriddha Raj Satyal
Photos ByBipan Sajwal, Saurav Phuyal, Neshan Shrestha
Creative SupportAdhit Upadhyay

On chilly morning of 11th Mangsir, the students of Grade XI assembled in the high school block, most of us talking about how exciting the hike was going to be. All the students arrived by 7:30 am. Some of us ate boiled eggs for breakfast and then at 8:30 AM, we got into the bus and proceeded on our journey to Budhanilkantha. On our way to Budhanilkantha, some of the students decided to play some music and dance which was quite entertaining. It was around 9 AM when we reached the starting point, it did not take as much time as anticipated. Upon reaching there we grabbed some snacks and began our hike to Tarebhir. We started our hike with zeal and for most of us we thought, “How hard is it going to be?”

After we officially started our hike, all of us had lots of energy and will power, however as we proceeded further we realized it was harder than we had imagined. The trail was narrow and a bit steep. We faced various obstacles and difficulties throughout the hike but our motto to just reach the destination was unwavering and it continuously motivated us to keep moving forward. We walked in groups, some ahead, some in the middle and some far behind. We played games, listened to music which made our trip more enjoyable and memorable. We supported each other every time we got into trouble, nobody hesitated to lend a hand. 

We then took a break at a place and got some rest and played for a while and started our journey again. Finally, after all those difficulties, we reached our destination which was the Nagi Gumba located on the peak of Tarebhir hill. Yes, the view was worth all the difficulties we faced in the hike. The Gumba was serene. It felt like we were in Heaven. 

Slowly, we descended. It was chilly while we went down. The returning journey was scary and a lot of people fell and tripped. We walked for about 5 hours and some of us didn’t even have our breakfast in the morning so we were famished. I bet nobody will skip breakfast the next time. After about an hour of ascending, we finally reached the bus stop. Straight away, we got on the bus and headed to Lete Thakali. But of course, even though our legs were hurting and we were tired, music and dancing never came to a halt. Some were already sleeping in the bus as they were tired. After finally reaching the restaurant, we couldn’t wait for Nepalese power packed, Dal Bhat and Tarkari. You all can’t imagine how fast and how much everyone ate. We finally regained our energy after that delicious meal. It was around 5pm when we started eating our late lunch. The day was tiring yet fun. After an hour around there, some of us went home directly from Lete and some of us took our bus and headed for our school  premises once again to then go to our respective homes. This marked the official end of our memorable hike.