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The first president of Nepal

After much dilemma and Shakti Sangharsha, the new President of Republic of Nepal has been elected. It was a huge round of rumble where political parties showed their true color to the Nepali people. It seems like the thrust of self-power, self-orientation and self-being have deep rooted in all of the parties. The hunger of power has surpassed the people’s mandate. It was quite interesting sitting in home and watching the power hungry vultures mingling with each other.
Let’s not be pessimistic, this country has long way to go. Albeit of political turmoil, we should have faith. We should warn our so called leaders what need to be done, what are our focus, where we have to go.
With the erg of new Nepal, we wanted to know who will best fit for the post of First President. Lots of name popped up which we presented as EU Poll. The renowned names like Girija, Prachanda, BabuRam were presented as the possible candidates. But to our great surprise none of them were nominated. They might be too big for the post of President. Any ways, our friends also supported the fact that they don’t deserve to be the President. With 38 % EU majority, figure from civic society was the highest ranking candidate for the presidency.
Congratulations to Dr Ram Baran Yadav for being the first president of Nepal. And to Mr. Parmananda Jha, who is now been sworn to the president as the vice president.Let’s hope under the supervision of these personals, peace will prevail in Nepal and Nepal will start journey towards the prosperity.

Poll Outcome:

New President of Republic of Nepal

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