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The Drama Continues in Nepal

Nepal is declared a Federal Republic. The way the declaration has come is a complete non-sense. This is the only move to allow the Maoists to rejoin the coalition government. The King’s status has not changed a bit since the last declaration we had when the interim parliament stamped the interim constitution. Gyanendra is still in the Narayanhiti palace under a heavy protection of the Nepal Army which is still loyal to him. That is, the government has not been bold enough to throw him out of the palace. The question now is – can the first sitting of the CA body re-institute the monarchy? I do not see a reason that they can’t as everything is on the table for the CA representatives. Therefore, the current declaration does not make sense. It would have made better sense if they had exhibited the courage to expel Gyanendra out of the palace.

If Gyanendra is no more the King and every party is 100% behind the republic setup, who is stopping us from asking the royal family to move out of the palace? Why is this drama? Is the Nepal Army against this? Is India interfering? We do not need to follow any law and norm to depose a dictator? Dictators are thrown by people’s will. Whole country is against the monarchy. Enough is enough. It is time convert Narayanhiti palace to a national museum.

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  1. Who the hell are you to make a comment such as “Whole country is against the monarchy.” . Well, a piece of advice to you, you are writing more non-sensical things that what the political parties are doing right now, you aint know what non sense is, so don’t bother to comment if a thing is non sense or not.

  2. ये तीन गिरिजा माकुने प्रचण्ड GMP ले पुरूष लाई स्त्री र स्त्री लाई पुरूष बनाए अचम्म मान्नु नपर्ला | सही अर्थ मा GMP संसद भन्दा बलियो र सक्तिशाली | तर कसरी र कसले बनायो खोई ?

  3. अब सबै थोक गिरिजा, माकुने, र प्रचंड ले नै लेख्ने भए सम्बिधान सभा र जनता को भोत किन चाहियो हा?

  4. ho ho Narayanhiti lai museum banam ..vitra gayera kasto herna man lagi ra cha durbar kasto raicha vanera

  5. Yes I do agree.. what is this popet game, a hand is raised, the moaists join the club, again he goes out.. again joins… seems like a soap opera.. and the output. it’s just Nill as before.

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