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The Divinity


492. The Divinity
Photo By: Bishwas Bhatta
Posted Date: 24th March, 2011

Photo Description:
I am not a religious person but the atmosphere around Pashupati on the day of Shiva Ratri was truly mesmerizing. The chants, glow of the setting sun, sages and “baba-ji”s, endless crowd, smokes from marijuana and incense etc made the whole surrounding feel like something magical was happening. The setting sun provided the perfect backdrop for this shot of the Pashupatinath temple taken from a high-rise wall across Bagmati. I hope this picture has captured some of the essence of the aura I felt that day.

Camera Specification:
Model: Canon Rebel XS
ISO: 1600
Shutter Speed: 1/3200
Aperture: f/22
Focal Length: 80mm

17 thoughts on “The Divinity

  1. @ravi dai:
    noise ta ali ali chha dai but glad that it wasn’t overwhelming. n yeah i’m a big Nikon vakta but I’m starting to respect Canons too now 😛

  2. yeah a tricky n funny story there .. enjoyed reading .. lucky you for not getting noise there at the highest possible ISO. Happy Clicking with Canon (though u’re a Nikon vakta) 😉
    cheers 🙂

  3. @ravi dai:
    i wanted a silhouette so obviously i had to take the photo under-exposed….and I also wanted to bring the tree lines in the background as well as the whole picture sharply….most of the photographers select low aperture for shallow DOF but fail to realise that deep DOF also gives great results….and i was using a tele-photo lens so the sharper images are only possible in mid apertures…dat explains my choice of aperture at f/22.

    now with that the shutter speed could have been slower and ISO lower…..but the position from where I took the shot was very tricky. i was standing above a little step like ridge on a high wall( roshan or khusbu can tell u how stupid n dangerous it was climbing n jumping around the wall 😀 ), it didn’t give me any space to compose a steady shot so i had to opt for a faster shutter speed for a blur-free shot!

    now all dat remained was ISO…..i wanted the gradient of the sunset visible, lower values would’ve resulted in very dark shot…… so I took the risk of setting it to the highest available(1600) and got lucky enough to get dis pic with very negligible noise and just the way I pictured it 🙂 now when i come to think of it, ISO 800 could have been a gud choice too…but 200/400 wud’ve been a dangerous risk, specially coz it was Deerwalk’s official cam 😀

  4. @rupesh dai, sachin dai, leema: thank u 🙂
    @ashay dai: thanks dai…thats a huge compliment
    @sumit: heheheh yeah most of d ppl selected dis one 😀
    @nishant: in the poll between the two pics…..dis won, thats why hehehe i had sent d vertical one for the collective post on Shivaratri but it was not included…dont know why!
    @rudra dai: thanks dai……anyone can point a camera and shoot but a good photographer must be able to make the viewer feel what he felt while taking the photo…..in that sense, your comment means I did a nice job, thanks 🙂

  5. I see the divine power behind the temple. Like Ashay mentioned, you named the picture very wisely!

  6. Nice Silhouette Bishwas.
    I’m just an amateur photo enthusiast, though would like to add some comments here about the Camera Specification; with higher f-stop there’s already low light entering through u’re lens and again with faster shutter speed of 1/3200 u’re limiting the available light to enter u’re sensor. So, the two factors have already caused the image become dark which will make a good Silhouette. But my concern here is why choosing a higher ISO? when you can decrease some amount of your shutter to compensate the exposure …. and chose a lower ISO of 200-400.

    Just a thought would love to have your reply on this .. 🙂

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