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The dark side of urban life

313. The dark side of urban life
Photo By: Digital Monk
Date: 22nd Dec,08

Load shedding has been a part of life in Kathmandu valley and rest of Nepal for months. Power cuts happen here every single day and range from 3-6 hours. It was really difficult to adjust to this kind of of blackouts when I came here about 3 months back, but now it has become part of the daily routine.

This shot was clicked during one of those power cuts. This elderly lady was in the dark, waiting for the electricity. The candle was the only source of light around her. I requested her to hold the candle high and to look at the camera. She kindly did so, which resulted in this image.

0 thoughts on “The dark side of urban life

  1. Could you believe, there is more than a light and an old man. Stare few seconds at the man’s eyes(looks blind from right eye),forehead and ear. Really Frightening.

  2. Well captured picture that glimpse into ongoing woes of people due to heavy load shedding.

    Besides the theme, low light photography is daunting task for many photographers and if conquered, you can cash interesting picture like this one by Digital Monk.

  3. Great capture indeed. Around 50 years from now, this picture will turn to a piece of gold when electricity supply becomes abundant in Nepal. This is today’s “Life in Nepal.” The lady’s expression tells “get out of here you little guy!”

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