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The crown and the Rayamajhi Commission

If the rayamajhi Commission fails to recommend appropriate action against all the perpetrators inclusing King Gyanendra; history will not forgive them

Rayamajhi Commission seems to failThe same happened what people didn’t want but expected. Ever in the history of Nepal, the Rayamajhi Commission formed to investigate the atrocities of the erstwhile Royal government was supposed to address people’s aspirations and recommend proper punishment against the perpetrators. Upon its formation, the commission members also made roars that anybody found guilty on suppressing the popular movement is brought to the book. The Commission Chairman Krishna Jung Rayamajhi himself said they will not spare even the King if found involved on suppressing popular movement and embezzling nation’s fund. King’s involvement was crystal clear as he was the chairman of the then Council of Ministers. And even a layman could not believe that any move of the then government was taken without his consent.

With those voices of the Commission members, people thought the history may alter this time. Plus the image of the Commission Chairman was clean and bold. Thus many people took the choice of Rayamajhi at the Commission as appropriate. They thought everything will be made public and appropriate punishment sought. In its preliminary effort to reach the media and assess public sentiment, the Commission said it will recommend tough action against those perpetrators including King Gyanendra. The reports were widely covered by national and international media. (See: Rayamajhi Commission indicts King Gyanendra; will he be prosecuted?)

However now, the situation has taken the ‘U’ turn. The Commission members seem to have changed their stances. They have been divided on recommending punishments against those perpetrators. The Commission was scheduled to submit its report to the Prime Minister Friday. Owing to same dispute, it could not. Two Commission members have alleged other three including Chairman of being milder towards the perpetrators. In a bid to finalize the report, the Commission met Thursday but could not when two members Ram Kumar Shrestha and Dr. Kiran Shrestha expressed differences. Ram Kumar Shrestha alleged commission Chairman Krishna Jung Rayamajhi didn’t agree to recommend the government to formulate necessary laws to punish the king for his role in the April atrocities. He also said Rayamajhi asked the members to recommend only corruption charges against then home minister Kamal Thapa for misusing state funds during the April movement. Earlier, there were reports that the Commission will recommend murder charges against them. The Commission hasn’t even taken a very ordinary point into account what shall the basis be on taking action against the shooters but not the commanders.
A month ago, a commentator at this blog criticized the Commission for just sending the questionnaire. He was of the view that the King also should be brought to the commission and grilled. (See: राजाद्वारा रायमाझी आयोगलाई बयान दिन अस्वीकार)

As soon as he heard the news, one of my friends said it’s again time to step on the street to give pressure for the action against the King. People haven’t forgotten the atrocities yet. The blood stains on the streets are still fresh. The injured haven’t recovered yet. The country’s economy is yet to recover the loss of the fifteen months of Royal regime. All the people are with the commission. But still, very unfortunately, the Commission could not meet people’s expectations. It could not “dare” to do so.

Had it been formed just to recommend the Corruption cases, more experienced CIAA would have done it better. Still there are hopes. But whenever Rayamajhi submits the report without proper recommendation of the action, his life earned image of clean and bold will no longer exist. May be the history will never forgive him as it still pinches those who failed to implement the recommendations of Mallik Commission.

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  1. Dear Indra
    whenever the sites of people covered with blood comes to my mind, the disturbance it gives is compared to nothing. Yes you are right, now if anyone tries dilly-dallying with people’s aspiration they are bound to be eliminated from the history of Nepal.

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