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The All-Hands Meeting – September 13, 2007

The All Hands Meeting (AHM) started from 4pm in the afternoon of September 13, 2007. Amidst almost D2ians and heavy rain, Raj Bhushan Thakuri kicked off the meeting by highlighting points from the Products side. He explained some of the new projects under Products side and praised everyone for their hard work and support.

After his encouraging words, Mohana Lohani shared her points related to Administration and Finance. She informed that D2 was soon going to have another building in its repertoire. She also focused on the growth rate of D2. In 2007 alone the D2 had registered an impressive growth. This added to the delight of all the D2ians present in the meeting. Everyone cheered the results with big round of applause and sense of pride.

Nilesh Shrestha followed Mohana’s speech and focused on the topics related to Services’ side. He shared the information on the new projects for Services and talked about other aspects related to Services. Then came the new Director in charge, Thakur Gyawali. He started his speech by thanking everyone in the meeting and went on to explain why a need was felt to have a separate and focused QA department as such. He presented some powerful points during his speech.

Last but not the least stepped in Himal Karmacharya. It was by far the most anticipated speech as everyone was aware that he was going to talk on D2 work and study program. D2 from the fall of 2008 is planning to send its deserving staffs to study and work in some of the reputed universities like Harvard and MIT in Boston area. This was another benefit pushed by D2 for its invaluable employees.

Finally the meeting ended with refreshments and even while sipping beverages, D2 staffs were gathered in small bunches and were excitingly talking about the new employee benefit added in the list.

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  1. Thrilled to see these engineers. They all will start dozens of D2 in Nepal. This is called “spill-over” effect. Good things bring better things. And D2 seems to be promoting corporate culture. Good job guys!

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

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