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That One Road

That One Road

You have one life to live
That one chance to survive
To accomplish your goals
How do you wanna roll?

To spend it in joy, work, or love?
Or all the above
That one road you may want to take
Hope your desire isn’t fake

For if you do follow that road
Pray that your road won’t explode
It could change more then you can dream
It’s a horrible scheme, everyone wants to be supreme

Our ambitions take action
And all we desire is that satisfaction
We forgot if we could be hurting someone, or something
After it’s too late, the guilt begins to ring

No matter how deep the wound goes
It’ll always be deep inside our clothes
Filling out hearts with tears and coil
Until our hearts begin to spoil

Yet, we know if we try hard
To never go down that path we won’t feel like a retard
Forgiveness is rightness
Then the sun will be shining in brightness

Think before you commit to your act
Be sure you can run with the impact
If it’s worth it, then go
If you know it’s not then you should know

What do you really want to do then? And when?
It’s your choose but remember that
Your road you took may take may not be flat
Take a chance and hope it won’t go splat

For you will be forgiven, it’s in the given

♥Akriti Panthi♥♥

3 thoughts on “That One Road

  1. what a deep meaning the poem has……… are you also?

    I know ur face, heart, soul (aatma) are same as the meaning of the poem.

    Your Ac

  2. hey akriti? please post your photograph. If Akriti itself is so sweet and full living reality, how would your face look like? your fan.

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